How to 4x (Or More!) Your Income… Even as a New Coach

Lexi D'Angelo





“I made the leap from $5k to $20k months in two weeks!”

“I scaled to multiple six figures my first 6 months in biz!”

“My client signed her first 5-figure client deal in the first week of working with me!”


Sound familiar? Uh huh, thought so witches… our industry is FILLED with these types of success stories.


And while you know these messages are meant to empower you, they’ve left you wondering (speaking from personal experience here lolz); “What the HECK do these people know that I don’t?! I’m starting at zero, where do I go from here?”


Messaging in the coaching world is often all about that shiny “six figure” mark or those big  $10k months.


But what about if you’re starting at ground zero in your biz?


It might not be as sexy to talk about unicorns, but it’s even MORE important to be celebrating that first 4k month or that first sale.


These are all HUGE freakin’ achievements. Truth is, getting to $4k from zero income is a LOT harder than getting from $5k to $10k months, or even $5k to $20k. 


And if you’re still sitting at zero thinking; “Lexi, even making a single dollar in my biz would be amazing…” then this is for you. Because I’m about to share a witchy brew of secrets from someone who 4x’d their income from zero to $4k in a matter of weeks (how witchy is that?!). 


In my latest episode of The Lexi Show, I caught up with a past Quantum $hift student (now Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification student), Caroline Van Natta. She made the shift from zero to $4k months as a brand new coach with NO list, NO audience and NO experience in the coaching world. 


We discussed the ways in which Quantum $hift impacted her life and allowed her to manifest her vision of success. To her, this dream life looked like:


  • Getting childcare support with her daughter
  • Working only 2.5 days a week
  • Spending a majority of her time hanging out in the sacred space of her home,  living like a Queen
  • Showing up inside her business when she feels like it 


Caroline shared that – above anything else – it was the consistent mindset work and reprogramming on an identity level that got her these magic results.


In fact, it was an act of reprogramming her beliefs for something completely non-biz related that got her interested in building a coaching business in the first place. 


She integrated the belief that natural childbirth would be easy through self-hypnosis. Say whaaaaa?!


It was then that Caroline realized the real potency of this witchcraft… Her A-HA! moment came when she understood that if she could change her beliefs about childbirth, she could change her belief about anything.


(Cause you know, if you can push something almost the size of a watermelon out of your hoo ha, then you can definitely build a successful biz and life of freedom, am-I-right? 😉


Shortly after, she decided to take the leap and tell her husband she wanted to become a coach. But the first six months was not the magical journey she expected it would be. Here’s what she learned and how you can use these lessons to Quantum $hift your reality, too.


Recoding On an Identity Level is EVERYTHING


Like a lot of you starting out, Caroline planned to show up for her business every single day. But in reality, she would post or go live very, very sporadically. And then, she was left hoping that someone would just *POOF* show up out of nowhere dying to work with her.


She’d read about all the ‘right’ ways to do it…


“Show up on IG stories 18 times a day!”

“Post at least twice a day in your group, other groups, on your personal page, yada yada…”

“Email your list at least 4 time a week!”


When we operate from the energy of, “I NEED to show up consistently X times a day or else I’ll fail!” it feels soooo heavy. And guess what? It’s not going to be sustainable. You might do it for a little while, but you’ll grow to dislike it because it feels so hard and icky… And eventually, you’ll self-sabotage your way into not showing up at all (speaking from my own hard lessons here, unicorns).


Good news! The truth is, it can feel natural, fun, and like second nature to show up for you biz every day… 


But you have to recode on an identity level to be the person who would show up every day with ease. 


The real secret to mastering ease in biz is embodying the next level version of yourself. Tapping into the multiple 6-figure earner you who has aaaaaall the things it is you want. The energy of your Quantum Co-Creatrix has to be running the show.


Shortly after signing up for Quantum $hift, Caroline shared in our private FB group that she’d used the spells inside and found herself magically DESIRING to show up on Instagram constantly. A huuuuuge shift from when she’d started (when she actually kinda despised being on IG every day).

Ok. So… What changed?


In doing the identity work with me and the other witches, Caroline started to assume the identity of someone who was super successful in her business. But also had freedom and life balance.


That meant showing up every day as her Quantum Co-Creatrix would… rather than the way everyone around her said she “should” out of obligation.


She now had complete belief that she could show up as her badass witch self all the time, and that she was always doing more than enough. And the result was a 4x increase in her income with the wave of her wand.


You might be thinking; “Oh yeah Lexi, sure, sure whateverrrr it’s just a fluke and you picked the one person who would be an example of what you wanna sell us…”


I used to think the same when people would go on about this identity shifting stuff. “What a load of woo woo BS” old (and fixed mindset) version of Lexi used to say.


Even Caroline admits that she was suuuuper skeptical about this identity stuff to begin with. She talks about trying to assume the identity of a ‘healthy’ person with her husband and making fun of it to begin with. They’d wander around the kitchen holding an apple, saying, “Oooh if I was a ‘healthy’ person I’d eat this apple…” lolz. 


(And sidenote: That’s totally cool! If you wanna have fun with this stuff and make it a joke, amaze tits! It STILL works).


The thing is, until you’ve actually experienced a shift on an identity level like this, it’s kinda hard to believe it’s possible. 


But then it happens… And you, too, realize that it’s the identity level work that quantum shifts EVERYTHING.


I mean, yeah, of course, you still have to show up and take action in your business… it’s not gonna run itself. Buuuut when you take the action from this space of BEING your Quantum Co-Creatrix self f first… potent magic happens. (P.S. You can read all about the ‘Be, Do, Have’ model and how it works here!)


This magic is so potent, you’ll be able to go from zero to $4k like Caroline did in a matter of weeks. Or go from $4k to $10k. Or $10k to $50k. The possibilities are as infinite as you are. Here’s how.


(Pssst—you can also just head to our Instagram account and check out our “story highlights” to see  the zillions of rave reviews and results our Quantum $hift and Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification students have experienced!)


Get Clear(er) On Your Vision 


When I asked Caroline what her day-to-day looked like at the start of Quantum $hift, she told me that it was really just about getting back to basics like crafting her morning routine, clarity exercises, and doing a lot of self-enquiry.


Every day, she asked herself questions like:



  • What do I really want out of my life and how am I going to create that?
  • Who am I at an identity level?
  • What does success mean for me?



Remember witches, success looks and feels different to everyone


In a world still ruled by the ‘hustle method’, it’s easy to think eight hours of grinding every day is the path to success. That hundred hour work weeks are necessary to achieve your goals.


But is that really what success means to you? I’d bet my witch hat your answer is a big NO.


So, like Caroline, get crystal clear on YOUR version of success. For her, she knew she only wanted to hire childcare 2.5 days a week and that those days would be dedicated to resting, chilling, acting like a Queen and spending the rest of the time showing for clients and on social media. 


^^THAT^^ is the lifestyle she really wanted to create as a result of her business. That was her idea of success.


If she’d been trying to build a business that looked like what other people said she should be doing, she was bound to self-sabotage like a MOFO or build a biz she resented because it didn’t give her a life she loved. On a soul level, we all want our own version of freedom.


So ask yourself:


“What does MY version of success look and feel like? What does freedom mean to me?”


Tell me you answers over here in our free Facebook coven so us other witches can support and empower you!


Your Intuition is Your Best Advisor


As someone who made the amazing quantum leap from zero to $4k, there’s one last ingredient Caroline shared is part of her Quantum Leaping magic spell:


Your intuition is always guiding you towards what it is you need the most, right now, to have everything you desire.


Everything that you come up against in your business that’s hard, sticky, and feels in resistance… is a reflection of an identity you’re currently assuming that isn’t in alignment with your Quantum Co-Creatrix.


And the fact that you’re reading this right now means that there’s a big part of you that already knows that. 


If that intuition keeps tugging you back to this content, to the magical messages of my blog or podcast or livestreams…


Know that now is your time. 

And I’m SO here for it, boo! Message me on IG to tell me what’s currently holding you back from your dream life so we can *POOF* you into your own life of success and freedom.



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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