Overcoming Mind$et Blocks to Price Your Offers

Lexi D'Angelo




Pricing your offers.

Did your stomach just do a little plummet? I feel you, honey boo child.


I see my peeps get lit TF up aaaaall the time to create new offers. They outline all the deets, think about who it’s for, imagine how it’s gonna change people’s lives…


Then it comes time to price that shiz and all kinds of thoughts start to creep in.


No one will sign up if I price it at that price…


I’ve never sold anything that expensive before, how will I this time?


I dunno if I’m at that level yet… Maybe I should lower the price even though it’s worth more.


Sound familiar? Ya, thought so witches lolz.


Here’s what to do with the most common mind$et blocks when it comes to aligned pricing and how to shift fast AF to find your perfectly priced offer.

Pricing is Personal, Here’s Why

What I’ve seen to be true for myself, again and again, is that when I’m financially supported I’m able to show up and serve my people on a much higher level, in a much broader capacity.


When I’m struggling, aka in that #nastylack, I find myself entering hustle mode where all stress hell breaks loose. My energy gets depleted. Work starts to feel work-y. 


And ultimately, I’m not able to show up for my clients because I’m a scatter-brain Jane.


So, what does this mean for pricing your offers? It means this: YOU have to decide what it means to be supported. How much do you need to be making to be living the lifestyle that lights you up?


I can hear you now… “Well, Lexi, it’d be nice to have a million dollars ha… haaa…”


But WHY do you want a million dollars? What would you be doing? What life would you be living? How would you be giving back?


Personally, every time I increase my income to the next level, I give back and show up in even more ways for the causes I’m passionate about. You get to do this, too.


So rather than looking at your pricing making your offers ‘inaccessible’ to the people who need you… Think about the impact you can have when you’re making bank and how it’s going to change the world.


That being said, there are also so many ways to have an impact that are outside of your priced offers.


Having an Epic Impact While Making $$ Bank

I recently had a client in the Tabwoo™ Practitioner Certification say she had this niggling thought keep coming up when she played with raising her prices.


“It feels bad for me to raise my prices because it means it won’t be accessible to everyone. I feel like people who keep their prices lower, they’re more focused on making an impact… and that’s what I want to be.”


Here’s the thing: You’re making an impact simply by showing the heck up regularly for your audience.


I know I do! I give soooooo much away. On my podcast, in my Facebook group, on my IG stories, on lives… People message me all the time telling me that they’ve changed their life or got epic results from my free content.


In fact, I give away (nearly) everything. Now, it’s not all neatly laid out with step-by-step guides and sequential videos. Buuuut you can find a lot of my materials scattered throughout various nooks and crannies of the interwebs. Let me cut to the chase—sorting through alllll my content and piecing it together in the most potent and powerful sequential order will take you TIME.


Time is another form of currency. Money ain’t the only one. Some people are willing to invest more time and some people have to invest money in order to show up and really do the work. 


My paid containers are more transcendental than my free content because it gives people more skin in the game. So they truly show up. They commit to the work. And they get better results with that type of commitment and accountability in place.


So really, you’re having MORE of an impact by sharing all your free shiz and showing up on the reg…AND providing people with the ultimate accountability tool by creating paid containers.


Creative Ways to Make Your High-End Offers More Accessible

All the above being said, it can sometimes feel like we want to serve a wider audience or give back a little more than we are able to with our normal-priced stuff. And that’s totally fine if you have this impulse to serve and do good in the world, as long as you’re not doing it from a place of ‘fear’, avoiding selling, or ‘nobody’s gonna buy my shit if it’s more expensive’. 


So if you’ve checked yourself (before you wrecked yourself) and you still feel like you want to make your high-end offer more accessible from the good of your heart, there are loads of different ways you can do this while still honoring your own worth. 


Scholarships are one way you can do this; by making candidates apply and go through a process you can separate those who ‘reeeeeally need this but literally just can’t afford it right now’ from those who ‘say they can’t afford it because they’re just too scared to invest and therefore not willing to put the energy in’ and offer a spot to someone who will likely come back and invest in you down the line cause you did them this solid. 


Another way to make your high-end offers more accessible is to give your existing clients incentives or discounts when they apply. I never take my clients’ trust lightly and I always love to treat ‘em to a sweet deal. Plus, you know that they’re the kinda of person who values investing in themselves and they’ve already seen how effective your work is. You’ve also probably formed pretty good rapport with them by now, so it’s not gonna be as terrifying to invite them to join you inside of your next epic experience!


On the other hand, if you aren’t 100% confident that your high-end offer is going to cause the massive transformations you think it might (which is holding you back from pricing it high) then Beta Experiences are a great option. Having Beta Experiences that allow peeps to join at a discounted rate (or even offering it for free in exchange for testimonials) are a great way to build the confidence that your program IS the #BeesKnees and will get your clients the results they desire. It’s also a super helpful way to do market research and figure out what your audience is going to loooove and resonate with so your next high-end offer hits the nail on the head – baaaaiii excuses for why you can’t price it so high!


In any case, there is always some way you can both satisfy your need to ‘give back’ (if that genuinely is what it is, and not total avoidance of selling your programs) and also to get yourself to a point of being aligned and excited when it comes to pricing your offers.

Embodying Your Quantum Co-Creatrix for Pricing & More

If you’ve gotten all the way down here but still feel your stomach doing somersaults at the thought of pricing your offers, then don’t worry witch, I got you… I’ve been there and I know how daunting it can be to charge your worth. But with a lil bit of seriously potent self-enquiry work – say hellooooo to your Quantum Co-Creatrix – all of that can $hift forever. 


Inside Quantum $hift, that’s exactly the kinda work we do. Using the potent practices of the Tabwoo Method™ to bust through the bullshit beliefs, limiting programming, and self-sabotaging tendencies that have been holding you back from your next big income leap, and instead, re-code to collapse timelines and experience Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even minutes (instead of years).


Yes, this means no more feeling queasy at the thought at setting your prices.

It also means:


  • No more bumping up against that income ceiling that never seems to allow you to break through – even though it seems soooo easy for everyone else in your industry to 
  • No more burning the F out trying to deal with the never-ending shit hitting the fan every time you experience rapid financial growth or an up-level
  • No more pouring your heart and soul into offers that don’t equate to income in the bank and impact in the world 
  • No more investing any more of your precious time, resources and energy into doing tasks that don’t matter or move the needle

Enroll here now. 



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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