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Mindset + Magic

I know, if you’re here reading this, you’re a high achiever who is on a radical mission to change the world (holla!!). And you have created success in your business and life. Epic magic. And even if you don’t see that because you’re focused on all the things you still want to create… the fact […]

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Break Through Your Next Level Income Ceiling

You know you’re destined for success. And beyond that you know, in the depths of that beautiful soul, that you’re infinite, cosmic, and unstoppable. But some days, the human experience makes it a little hard to feel that way. Such as days when… The money doesn’t come in Somebody ghosts you You feel uninspired to […]

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The Real Secret to Mastery

So the other day, a client came to me suuuuuper frustrated over something I’ve been hearing about more and more lately:    COPYCATS.  *dun dun duuuuun* That’s right, unicorns, someone literally copied one of her posts word-for-word.   And now they were taking alllll the credit for it.  #PartyFoulNumeroUno  So I told her, “Listen, boo — at […]

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How to Deal with Copycats + NOT Be One Yourself

This week I’m sharing one of my fave magical potions for turning words into dolla bills in the bank. I’ve got a potent way of turning one piece of content into many like witchcraft. Every single week, with no extra effort, nooo wasted time, and nooooo worrying about coming up with anything new! Best part? […]

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Create a Content Cauldron That Brews Cash Money

If you haven’t seen it on Facebook or Instagram yet… MY BOOTY IS ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA! Lolz.  I was at my Grandfather’s 90th birthday in New Orleans and as I sat in the airport, waiting for my flight back to Bermuda, scrolling the ol’ FB – BAM – there was a booty. And not […]

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Booty Pics + Thought Catching

Get access to the                  that has helped my clients 2-10x their income and work 1/2 the hours.

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