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Soul Work

Recently I came full circle and accomplished something I’ve been dreaming about for over one year. I hosted the first live Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioners Certification event. *Pause for applause* lolz Ohhhh, stop it, you’re too kind. But in all seriousness, I’ve been waiting for a very long time to be able to hold this event. […]

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The Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From Running the Certification Live Event

If you knew there was limitless, infinite potential… And that you could have anything that you desire in this life… What would you be doing? Yes, I’m talking about having the worldwide impact, the freedom to travel the world, the money in the bank, the dream clients, the swoon-worthy soulmate, the dream bod.  Whatever you […]

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Vortex Visioning and Stepping Into Alignment With Your Soul’s Calling

Sometimes as coaches, masters of our craft, and magical beings, the hardest part of our job can be… Walking our talk. What do I mean by that? Well, yesterday I turned down $10,000 (or possibly more). Are you staring at your computer screen thinking “Umm…LEXI, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” I had a seemingly ideal […]

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Walking Your Talk (Even if it Means Turning Down 10K)

What does it mean for you to live your best life? For me, I’ve always wanted to experience true magic, dive into the depths of potent transformation, spend time with epic humans who streeeetch me, and explore the world—all while creating a deeper connection with my Quantum Co-Creatrix. Why? So I can continue to change […]

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The 5 Levels of Change

I know that YOU know you’re a magical creature capable of potent witchcraft.  (Because you’re here reading this which means you’re one of my people lolz) And one of the ways you wanna use that potency is to sell out all your shiz. Cus you’re here to leave a legacy and people need the amazing […]

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Top Tips for Selling Out Your Shiz through Manifestation

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