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Soul Work

This week I’m sharing one of my fave magical potions for turning words into dolla bills in the bank. I’ve got a potent way of turning one piece of content into many like witchcraft. Every single week, with no extra effort, nooo wasted time, and nooooo worrying about coming up with anything new! Best part? […]

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Create a Content Cauldron That Brews Cash Money

If you haven’t seen it on Facebook or Instagram yet… MY BOOTY IS ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA! Lolz.  I was at my Grandfather’s 90th birthday in New Orleans and as I sat in the airport, waiting for my flight back to Bermuda, scrolling the ol’ FB – BAM – there was a booty. And not […]

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Booty Pics + Thought Catching

I’ll make this short and sweet 😉 I just created a training about High Converting Sales Strategies where I walked peeps step-by-step through… How to make the sale on your first call (without being a sleazeball). How to guide someone off the fence and make a decision. And how to offer powerful incentives that make ’em say […]

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High Converting Sales Strategies to Sell with Soul—NOT Sleaze

These are the 8 purchases I’ve made in the past week to support my life and biz: ⋆ Essential oils ⋆ Home decor ⋆ Ukulele ⋆ Art supplies ⋆ Crystals ⋆ Glass dildos ⋆ Black Mage trilogy ⋆ Manicure + eyelash extensions   “Sayyyyyy whaaaa? How do these things support your life…especially your biz?” Sooo […]

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8 Key Purchases That Support My Life + Biz

I want to talk to you about SUCH a common mistake I see women making in business. One that I’ve been guilty of myself! What is it?? Wanting to get ahead in business so badly, having such huge dreams and being so excited to achieve them, that we focus too much on strategy. We obsess […]

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True Transformation and Doing the Work

Get access to the                  that has helped my clients 2-10x their income and work 1/2 the hours.

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