AstroVibeology 101™: Self-Exploration and Healing With The Support Of Our Celestial Allies

Lexi D'Angelo



AstroVibeology 101™: Self-Exploration and Healing With The Support Of Our Celestial Allies

Astrological thinking was born out of human curiosity for why the objects in the visible sky moved. 

For if something moves, then surely it must have a purpose right? 

And if they indeed have a purpose, we must also consider the aliveness and the influential connection that we have with all celestial energy—not only the planets near and far but also the Sun and Moon too.

Every day the Sun, Moon, and Planets of our Solar System act as collaborators and guides in our human quest for self-discovery and self-actualization. 

What if you didn’t have to rely on Astrology textbooks or know how to read a natal chart to access the potent medicine, insight, and messages that our celestial allies have to offer us on our journeys? 

This is what the magic of AstroVibeology™ is all about.

In this blog post, we share:

  • What AstroVibeology™ is and why it’s a powerful tool on your self-exploration and healing journey
  • The vibrational medicine of each Celestial Character and how they influence us in our everyday lives + their Tarot representatives to help you tap into how their archetypal energy shows up in our lives
  • How you can infuse AstroVibeology™ into your work with your clients for powerful next-level transformation


What is AstroVibeology™?

AstroVibeology™ is the practice of using the vibrational frequency of celestial energy to heal, transform, maximize, and optimize the human experience.

This isn’t about learning how to read an astrological natal chart. 

You don’t need to know what the Astrology textbooks teach you to benefit from the vibrational medicine, guidance, and support that our Planetary Allies offer us.

If you are new to astrology and/or this sounds like a stretch, just know that all matter, everything in the universe gives off a vibrational frequency. We won’t go into the physics of that here, but if we can be influenced by the vibrations on Earth, isn’t it possible to think we can be influenced by those in the cosmos?

AstroVibeology™ is about directly connecting with the archetypal energies of celestial bodies and understanding how they influence and compel us to embody and express our most authentic selves so that we can be agents of change, muses for creative inspiration, and facilitate incredible transformations for others.


The Celestial Characters + Their Tarot Representatives 

To understand how AstroVibeology™ supports us with self-exploration, self-expression, healing, and embodying our highest truth, we first have to understand how these celestial characters influence us in our everyday lives and why it’s important to have a nurturing and harmonious relationship with them.

Below, we share a glimpse into the vibrational medicine that these celestial bodies have to offer us and their Tarot representatives so that we can understand the symbolism and archetypal energy of these Celestial Characters. 

Sun + The Sun

Sustaining all life on Earth, the Sun is our source of energy and light. In Astrology, it represents the way in which we experience ourselves. 

The yang energy of our Sun inspires our hearts to create and motivates our will to do what needs to be done to honor and express the light within each of us. 

This Celestial Character inspires us to discover who we are and strengthen our sense of spirit-self and master the ego-self.

The Sun card in Tarot naturally represents the Sun and invites us to shine, to say “Yes” to life and all the possibilities under the sun.

Moon + The High Priestess

Our source of comfort and security, our light of the night—the Moon reminds us to reflect, to intuit, and to flow with our bodies natural rhythms.

Possessing highly attuned psychic magic and ancient wisdom, The High Priestess of the Tarot represents the Moon. 

The Moon helps us to understand and trust our intuitive intelligence as we navigate the cycles of life and the fears that come up in the shadows of our own insecurities.

Mercury + The Magician

Mercury is associated with all things communication and is also related to the mind.

Exploring the magic of Mercurial energy helps us see just how deeply it influences us beyond the mainstream portrayal of its retrograde cycle and into the depths of our imagination.

Mercury’s Tarot representation, the Magician, allows us to discover how we tap into (knowingly or unknowingly) the energy of creation, transformation, and potential!

Venus + The Empress

Venus enchants all that is pleasurable in this Earthly life and drives our creativity, relationships (of all sorts), and our desire to make the world around us a more beautiful place. 

Venus grounds us solidly between the Earth + the Air, the physical and mental dimensions.

Its influence stretches far beyond the trivial “love, beauty, and money” ideal and reaches down into where we find our internal balance, how we can confront and reframe shame and evaluate our most important relationship in life…the one we have with ourselves.

Venus’ Tarot representative, The Empress, allows you to discover what excites + delights you and your connection to yin energy and how you express it.

Mars + The Tower

Many know Mars as the ruler of war, but actually, Mars also represents vitality, desire, and taking direct action. 

Mars doesn’t play half-in, half-out games and it definitely doesn’t tip-toe around going for what it wants (subtlety isn’t really what Mars does). 

Sure, it’s easy to oversimplify and interpret Mars’ directness and intensity for aggression (not necessarily a bad trait), but Mars plays deeper than that and encourages us to explore what fierce actions we take, how to advocate for and empower ourselves, and what it really means to stand up for ourselves.

Mars’ Tarot representative is The Tower, and it shows us just how immensely powerful it can be to relinquish perceived control of the outside world in favor of harnessing the TRUE power that lies within us.

Jupiter + The Wheel Of Fortune

Expansive is usually the word that comes to mind when faced with Jupiter. 

Jupiter isn’t just physically massive, it also invites us to tap deeply into our innate optimism, generosity, and compassion. 

This Celestial Character is our cheerleader, the one who encourages us to take the leap, see the good in ourselves and those around us—ESPECIALLY when it feels most challenging—and helps us recognize that service to others is a form of self-care.

The Wheel of Fortune, the Tarot representative of Jupiter, helps us explore our relationship to our aspirations, how we receive + perceive change (and our flexibility towards it), and uncover the beliefs we attach to or hide from when it comes to all things related to abundance.

Saturn + The World

The ringed planet Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, limitations, restrictions, and structure. 

This Celestial Character is a rule keeper with a strong disciplinary manner, valuing tradition, practicality, and scientific and karmic law. 

Saturn is well aware of the work we each need to do in the world and urges (pushes) us in a tough-love, authoritative way to do it. 

The World, the tarot representative of Saturn, also values the Universal Law and the practicalities of being down to Earth. 

The World helps us to define our boundaries and limitations by stretching to the ends of them without losing ourselves in the process.

Uranus + The Fool

We’ll never get bored when Uranus is around; revolution, innovation, and change are the things that this Celestial character lives for, and with good reason! 

Uranus isn’t interested in doing anything in any way but its own damn way, thank you VERY much. 

To some, this might seem like utter chaos, to others, it feels exactly like freedom. 

No matter which way you slice it, Uranus’ influence touches not only the “rebel with (or without) a cause” cliche, but also it drops into the depths of genuine soul expression.

The Fool, Uranus’ Tarot representative, helps us tap into, embody, and utilize this character’s energy of discovery, exploration, and curiosity!

Neptune + The Hanged Man

The planet of etheric mist and gases, Neptune seems to escape reality and defy all limitations of the physical world. 

This Celestial Character is our best ally for establishing altered states of consciousness, surrendering to and merging with the great mysteries, healing, and developing our creativity, imagination, and psychic sensibilities.

Suspended in an alternate reality, with one’s consciousness transcending the physical world and daily Earthly concerns, The Hanged Man of the Tarot suitably represents Neptune and its ability to inspire new ideals.

Pluto + Judgment

Being that Plutonian energy represents death, resurrection, and inevitable change, Pluto is right alongside us through any form of transformation! 

This Celestial Character teaches us that we always have a second, third, and so on chance to forgive, release, rise to any challenge and liberate ourselves from the struggle and the judgments we make.

The Judgment card is Pluto’s Tarot representative. 

This is the archetypal energy that aptly calls us to become discerning and aware of, understanding of, and accepting of change without the need to judge it.


Why Work With The Energy Of Our Planetary Allies?

How would it feel to experience the freedom to be yourself without fear of being misunderstood or judged? 

We live in a world where many desire to experience this and some people are ready to liberate themselves and dare to make this a reality! 

All they need is guidance on how to go about pursuing such a courageous act. 

Having a relationship with our Celestial Allies and receiving the vibrational medicine that they offer us is an enriching form of transformation and understanding of self.

For example, if you are experiencing a challenging period in your life right now and could use guidance around how to approach the situation, you may choose to work with the energy of Pluto.

You could read all about Pluto in an Astrology textbook or look up information about Pluto on the NASA website. 

Or you could go on a guided visualization to the outskirts of Pluto and all the ice rocks that surround it and have an intuitive journey to meet the archetype of Pluto and receive the medicine, insight, and guidance that is available to you.

This is what AstroVibeology™ allows you to do for yourself and your clients. 


How You Can Work With Celestial Characters + Their Tarot Representatives With Your Clients

Our AstroVibeology™ 101 course equips you with the knowledge and tools to work with any Celestial Character and their Tarot representatives based on what you or your clients feel best suits the intentions for the session.

Maybe your client is needing support with communicating their needs and boundaries with others and you invite them to explore the magic of Mercurial energy.

Maybe they’re at the tipping point of their business expansion and could benefit from the vibrational medicine that the expansive and optimistic planet of Jupiter has to offer us.

AstroVibeology™ stretches beyond textbook knowledge of what these Celestial Characters represent and emphasizes the unique relationship that we have with them. 

It invites you and your clients to nurture and harmonize the energetics of these Celestial Characters to enhance your experience of life.

AstroVibeology™ in Action

Let’s pretend you’re a Manifestation Coach. 

Your client expresses to you that they’re struggling with grounding in their manifesting efforts and really celebrating the little milestones. 

Maybe they’ve been desiring to achieve a certain money goal, but they feel frustrated because no matter what they do, they haven’t been able to finally break through their income ceiling. 

As a masterful coach with AstroVibeology™ in your toolbox, you can determine what vibrational medicine can help your clients in their manifesting journey. 

Knowing that Venus encourages us to celebrate the sweet things and represents all that is pleasurable in this Earthly life, you can invite your client to play with the vibrational medicine that this Celestial Ally has to offer them. 

You know that by inviting your client to play with Venus, it can offer them insights and new perspectives. 

While your client is still in the work of manifesting, is there something that they can celebrate now? How can they invite more pleasure and joy into their manifestation journey?

Venus encourages us to whistle or dance while we work and put our feet up and rest at the end of the day. How can your client tap into that Venusian energy even more so they can become a natural magnet to what they desire? 

Another way to use AstroVibeology™ with your client could be to invite them on a guided visualization to meet the archetype of Venus. 

While you may have these understandings of how Venus could support your client, your client ultimately knows which specific vibrational remedy they need in that moment. 

Inviting them on a guided quest to meet the archetype of Venus and prompting them to have a conversation with Venus allows them to receive the insight that Venus has for them, not just what you think Venus has for them. 

The insights and wisdom your client receives from Venus in itself is vibrational remedy that can support them where they are in their manifestation journey. 


Become Certified In AstroVibeology 101™ 

Become Certified In AstroVibeology 101™

Whether you’re new to Astrology or have been steeped in its wisdom for years, you’ll discover a unique methodology that helps guide people to understand, embrace, and express themselves with Celestial guidance and alignment in this Course. 

AstroVibeology 101™ will help you become the go-to practitioner for working with the vibrational medicine that our Celestial Allies offer us and guiding your clients in unlocking the most appropriate support and wisdom for pursuing or continuing to pursue their highest path and purpose. 

With the successful completion and certification in this Course, you will be qualified to call yourself a/an…

  • AstroVibeology Level 1 Practitioner
  • Celestial Guidance Coach
  • Planetary Alignment Guide

Click here to learn more + enroll today at our “VIP Early Witch Price.” 

We’re currently pre-selling our Single Modality Certification Courses, which means that you’ll get $900 OFF the regular price of our AstroVibeology 101™ course when you enroll by January 31st! 

This price goes *POOF* at the end of the month so get in now at the lowest pricing while you can.

Have qs about our Single Modality Certification Courses and want support making sure this is the most aligned decision for you? DM us over on Instagram or send us an email at and your personal Success Sorceress, Niché, will be there to help! 



Lexi D'Angelo

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