Transforming And Healing Through Pleasure With Pleasurable Activation

Lexi D'Angelo



Transforming And Healing Through Pleasure With Pleasurable Activation

Life should feel good. 

There’s so much commotion, chaos, division, and doubt that’s in the air, and it’s time to reign it all in and double down on the pleasure.

What if you didn’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom to alchemize, heal, and transform? What if your next level of transformation was through pleasure rather than pain?

This is what Pleasurable Activation grants us.

Pleasurable Activation is a journey to remember our truest nature, reinvigorate our senses, elevate our experience on all levels, and reactivate the essence of what our sensuality means to us and how we connect to it. 

In this blog post, we share how you can use Pleasurable Activation to stay calm under pressure, thrive in uncertainty, and stay in your power through most of life’s ebbs and flows.

It’s time to rewrite the script of how we navigate life, how we approach circumstances, and how we show up with ourselves, our loved ones, our clients, and the community that we are serving. 


The Big Role That Uncertainty Plays In Our Lives

Similar to how the stock market goes up and down, life has ebbs and flows of its own. We like to refer to these ebbs and flows as divine fluctuations. 

As cyclical beings, divine fluctuations are the nature of life. However…

There are 2 main instances where uncertainty makes it challenging for us to step into our power:

  • When shit hits the fan
  • When life feels too good to be true

Of course, it’s easier to feel powerful when everything is sunshine and rainbows. But when life feels like it’s crumbling down and you just want to curl up in the fetal position, it may feel hard to remember the power that exists within you. 

On the other hand, when life actually feels good, for many of us, it’s also really challenging to stay in our power.

We find resistance to the pleasure of life, partially because we are afraid of success and what it means to be in the spotlight. It also depends on what power means to us and what we have seen other people with power do.

We are afraid of how standing in our personal power can affect those around us. 

Will people still like me? Will I change?

The discomfort and uncertainty comes up which causes us to resist change and begins to move us away from our power.

We will do absolutely anything to know what the next step is.

What will my experience feel and be like? What will the outcome be?

Uncertainty is the main ingredient in life, but we despise not knowing what’s going to happen.

With uncertainty comes a sense of losing control. 

In other words, uncertainty invites us into full surrender, which is not something that we are hardwired to do. We are hardwired for safety and comfort.

With uncertainty, it’s about truly cutting all ties to outsourcing and, instead, radically sourcing from within.

This is truly the key for us to thrive in uncertainty—cutting off everything external and going within.

Essentially, to thrive in uncertainty, we must have deep self-trust or at least begin to cultivate it.


Self-Trust As The Key To Thriving In Uncertainty 

The majority of us haven’t been taught how to trust ourselves.

No wonder when we hear, “follow your intuition” and “trust your intuition” we don’t really understand what it means.

We may understand it conceptually, but the embodiment of trusting our intuition feels like a mystery. How do we discern what’s true from all of the chatter that exists internally and externally?

Here’s the thing: Self-trust is not a concept to be understood at a mental level, but a feeling to be embodied. 

Think back to when you were a child. You trusted naturally. 

That’s because self-trust is encoded in our DNA. It’s our most natural state of being.

Your Relationship With Trust

To begin to understand what trust is and how to trust ourselves, let’s first explore what moves us away from trust. 

Many times, the expectations that we have of ourselves and others cut us off from trust. Other times, it’s security and our expectation for trust to feel good and safe.

Sometimes trusting ourselves won’t necessarily feel safe, but it can get us moving towards feeling safe. 

It’s important to redefine what safety means to us, because we may think something that we’ve done for so long is safe, but it is no longer serving us and actually holding us back from up-leveling. Therefore, when we’re moving in a new direction or breaking a pattern, it may feel extremely uncomfortable.

Perception and discomfort are an incredible opportunity to move towards self-compassion… radically accepting yourself little by little.


Contrary To Unpopular Beliefs, You Don’t Have To Hit Rock Bottom To Change Your Life

We have the power of choice to transform, heal, or change in a different way.

The point is to put yourself in a position where you are ahead of your circumstances, you have plenty of choices, and transformation can be birthed from a place of actual joy, pleasure, and playfulness.

Getting there requires practice—a daily rehearsal that we must do.

Although it’s natural to hit rock bottom or experience the so-called “dark knight of the soul” moments, with Pleasurable Activation we are learning how we can do it differently.

We can decide to make changes when things are good rather than when shit hits the fan. 

Here we can go from good to better, from ordinary to extraordinary—that’s what we mean by transforming and healing through pleasure. 

At times, we ignore the nudges that are initiating us into some form of change. 

Why? We feel safe, comfortable, or busy with the grind of life, and we realize that in order to change that which is asking to be changed, we have to be committed and devoted to doing so.

Or maybe we feel like “nothing’s really wrong” or “it’s not that serious,” so we postpone facing it until we can no longer ignore it.

With Pleasurable Activation, you don’t have to wait until you’re at your lowest to transform. 

It’s about reminding ourselves that we don’t need to go to extremes, to the point of burning out and taxing our bodies and systems. 

You can harness the juiciness flowing through you and rekindle and sustain that fire from within from a rich and resourced place.


Okay, I’m Sold! But How Do I Actually Do This?

The answer is so ridiculously simple.

Note that we said it’s simple, but not easy.

The key to transforming and healing through pleasure is to live in the present moment. 

We do this by activating our felt sense.

We must practice being in the present moment through activating our felt sense so that when we are presented with unexpected challenges (aka the lows, the troughs, and the divine fluctuations), we can more easily practice Pleasurable Activation.

Felt sense is a concept developed by philosopher Eugene Gendlin. Gendlin says that felt sense works as the connection between the mind and the body—it’s having a special kind of internal bodily awareness. 

When you are aware of your felt sense, you are more in tune with your body and how it functions. 

Gendlin characterizes felt sense as a combination between emotion, awareness, intuitiveness, and embodiment.

Still a little unsure what felt sense is? Well, it is not something that can truly be expressed verbally. Each person experiences it in their own way because of how they uniquely perceive and experience the world.

We can access our felt sense at any time, but it’s not at the forefront of our minds. 

When we focus on activating our felt sense, we are connecting to the present moment on a deeper level. 

By reawakening our sensory systems within our bodies and further developing the ability to internally feel in detail, we strengthen our mind-body connection.

When the mind-body connection is intact, healing is more readily available.

It is in this space that we are able to gain clarity and break down barriers—where everything is in flow.

When we are connected and in alignment with this flow, all the resources in the world are available to us—the colors of the lights, the insights, the ideas, the solutions to our problems, the cosmic gifts, and the epic opportunities. 


How To Play With Felt Sense

Coming back to our bodies and redefining and creating safety is the first step. Then, it is about attuning to the subtle energy within and around us.

Some felt sense practices that can help us with this are:

  • Self-pleasure practices
  • Breast massage
  • Dance
  • Body Scans
  • Checking in with your energy centers
  • And of course, sex

The key here is to take inventory of our energy and determine where there may be leaks (aka where we’re expending our energy in a way that isn’t serving us). 

From this grounded place, we amplify our power, transform through pleasure, and become the conscious creator of our world from the inside out. 

What are some ways that you connect with your sensory system? Share with us inside our FB group!

If you want to learn more about how you can make transforming and healing through pleasure your new norm and become the go-to coach, healer, and/or facilitator in knowing how to thrive in uncertainty and staying in your power through most of life’s ebbs and flows, then keep reading!


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You will become masterful in sparking/igniting vital life force energy within you and your clients to generate profound inner shifts that allow one’s juices to flow out into the world—feeling wildly turned on by you and your magic and confidently sharing your truth and soulful creativity.

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