The Realm of Mist + Depths: Exploring The Emotional + Spiritual Dimension

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The Realm of Mist + Depths: Exploring The Emotional + Spiritual Dimension

Beyond what meets the eye lies a power that guides us to reconnect with our inner guidance, remember how resilient we truly are, and safely navigate our emotional depths. 

It is in this space that we learn to source answers from within, break free from the emotions, beliefs, and patterns that hold us back, and create a life that is in flow and in alignment with our soul’s deepest desires.

Here, we come to know ourselves, others, and the world around us much more intimately.

Dancing through the physical and the spiritual plane may come naturally to you… or maybe it’s a skill that you’re looking to cultivate. 

Regardless of where you are on your journey, the Realm of Mist + Depths has deep wisdom, insights, and new perspectives to offer you.

In this blog post, we:

  • Break down what this emotional + spiritual dimension offers us as souls living a human experience
  • Discuss why intuition is one of your most important superpowers
  • Share practices to help you connect and strengthen with your inner knowing 
  • Dive into a real-life example of how you can infuse the magic of this Realm in your work with clients

Let’s dive into the mystery!

The Realm of Mist + Depths: Exploring The Emotional + Spiritual Dimension

The 411 On The Realm Of Mist + Depths

In the Realm of Mist + Depths, emotion, alchemy, intuition, mystery, shadows, and spirituality reign supreme.

Its Magic is “Mist.” 

Mist is a cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere that limits our visibility. 

While we might not be able to see clearly through our eyes nor understand something with our rational mind, Mist invites us to tap into a knowing beyond our limited human senses and trust in the greater mystery that surrounds us.

When you learn how to work with the Magic of Mist, you will become a Master of “Depths.” 

The definition of Depths is, “a point far below the surface; a place that is remote and inaccessible.” 

While many people stick to the surface of life, there is so much to be uncovered in the depths below. 

When we can learn to navigate the unknown, we can come to know ourselves, others, and the world around us much more intimately.


Your Intuition and Emotions Are Your Superpower 

As you swim in these depths, it might seem a little disorienting at first—adjusting to the vastness and exploring the infinite (and Quantum) possibilities. 

This is where the unseen and numinous reside and they’re beckoning you to wade deeper and explore the various types of magic they have to offer—like intuition.

Intuition, the inner knowing that represents divine certainty and stability within us all, can often be a source we forget to tap into; we let it get lost in murky waters, questioning if it’s even really there or just a figment of our imagination, valuing logic and egoic ideas instead.

It’s certainly understandable, then, that we might sometimes have a hard time recognizing the voice of our intuition or perhaps we aren’t sure how to discern the difference between intuition and ego.

Now, it’s important to note that the Realm of Mist + Depths doesn’t solely revolve around intuition, it’s also about feeling and understanding emotions—aka Emotional Acuity— as well as recognizing our own resilience.

If we allow ourselves to swim in the depths, we can begin to explore just how much we are truly capable of despite what we have been told and despite our past experiences. 

This realization is part of what helps us to create alignment in what we do and how we be.

In this Realm, we strive to build our heart muscles of compassion and empathy as we navigate this human experience.

It isn’t necessarily about understanding what emotions mean in a logical sense so much as it is about coming to terms with the scope of human emotions, especially the ones we don’t understand.

If empathy is a source we tap into when we can understand another person’s experience, compassion takes us a step further into acceptance and grace when we don’t understand another person’s experience.

Why is this important to know? Because cultivating these skills will help you create better relationships with the people around you—whether it’s with clients, co-workers, your community, family, friends, or partners.


Exploring The Realm of Mist + Depths: Practices For Connecting To Your Inner Knowing

Whether you can easily access your inner knowing and are wanting to strengthen it or you are starting to (re)kindle your relationship with it, here are some practices that can support you:

Connecting With Nature

The purpose of this practice is to start to build a relationship with nature and the different energies and vibrations around you—this can often help you tap into your inner guidance more easily.

  1. Sit somewhere outside in nature, get comfortable.
  2. Breathe deeply, eyes open.
  3. Take in your surroundings with your senses.
  4. Pick up a rock, a leaf, a pinecone, whatever is near you and hold it in your hands.
  5. With your eyes open, focus your attention on the item in your hands.
  6. What does it feel like, what does it look like? Notice all the little nuances about it.
  7. Notice if you can feel the item’s energy or sense a vibration.
  8. Take your time, if you don’t notice anything right away that’s totally ok!
  9. Play with this practice as often as you can using different items, you can even use crystals.

These steps are simply guidance! Feel free to find your own flow for these practices.

Playing with Tarot + Oracle

This is a playful technique for tapping into your intuition!

  1. If you have a deck of tarot or oracle cards, select a deck you want to use and shuffle them.
  2. If you are well versed in the meanings of the cards, allow your mind to relax as you shuffle the deck.
  3. Fan the deck out and choose a card, then flip it over…
  4. If a thought pops into your mind, allow it to come and go as you examine the card.
  5. Notice the picture, notice what feelings or sensations arise.
  6. Take a few moments to get a feel for the card with a beginner’s mind.
  7. Have a conversation with the card, introduce yourself, ask the card what its message is in this moment. 

Practical Magic

When you have extra time on your hands and are able to be a bit spontaneous—try this out!

If you’re going for a walk, a bike ride, or a drive, notice any “urges” that arise to go in a different direction than you usually would. 

For example, if you are suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to turn left where you normally would continue straight on, take the left turn! 

It might mean you get to where you are going in a round-about way, but follow that nudge.

You can also use this when you’re cooking! 

Maybe you’re making a recipe you’ve made 100 times before and you want to spice things up a little bit—ask your intuition, what can I add to this recipe to make it even better? 

Notice what comes up. Maybe you decide to add in different spices or make the recipe vegetarian. 

See where the magic—aka your intuition—takes you!

Try one (or all 3!) of these practices, then share with us how it went by sending us a DM over on Instagram @tabwooinstitute or sharing inside of The Tabwoo Facebook Group!

Pssst—Curious about the kind of transformations you could facilitate with Mist + Depths modalities in your practitioner toolbox? Continue reading for a few ways that you could infuse this Realm in your work with clients!


Facilitating Transformations With Your Clients With Mist + Depths Modalities

Having the skill to navigate the Realm of Mist + Depths allows you to competently and confidently explore your client’s emotional state and understand which emotions, feelings, and sensations are connected with limiting patterns that are holding them back, so they can ultimately listen to and trust the subtleties of their emotional body.

Using tools and techniques from this misty Realm you’ll also be able to support your clients with navigating any spiritual blocks they’re experiencing so they can fully tap into their intuition and develop next-level trust in mystery and magic.

Let’s pretend you’re a Life Coach who supports clients with manifesting their dream life through tuning into their intuition and energy work.

In one of your sessions, your client shares that although their external circumstances are getting better, their internal world doesn’t seem to match. 

They’re manifesting their desires left and right—the dream apartment, the perfect job opportunity, the amazing partner—but they still feel unfulfilled, stressed, and stuck. 

They wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy?”

As a masterful practitioner, you realize that your client’s prior manifestation efforts were actually being fueled by their need for validation from the external world. 

They are disconnected from their soul’s deepest desires and the knowing that they can source those desires from within, and the universe is nudging them to remember the power that lies within them. 

Here are just a FEW examples of ways that you could support your client with tuning into their own inner guidance system and sourcing from within using Mist + Depth modalities:

  • You can guide your client to communicate and collaborate with their Spirit Guide Team to receive insight, guidance, and inspiration that can support them on their journey to uncovering their soul’s true desires and gaining practical steps for moving closer to experiencing them now.
  • You can safely project yourself and your client through astral dimensions in time + space to help them gain new perspectives and truly see how everything they’ve been desiring has been inside them all along.
  • You can guide your client through an intuitive tapping session to help them transmute the feelings of unfulfillment, stress, and stagnation that they’re experiencing and transmute them into more empowering ones that will support them with calling in their desired internal reality STAT.

Regardless of what approach you take in your session, your client will be blown away by the unique tools + techniques of your Transformation Cauldron, your masterful and unique approach to utilizing those techniques + tools, your ability to tune into their energy, AND your intuition to select the modalities that will serve them the most in the moment.

If you’re reading this and you’re like, “THIS is what my Transformation Cauldron is missing,” then I have a feeling you will LOVE becoming masterful in the following Tabwoo modalities…


Deepen Your Practitioner Mastery In The Emotional + Spiritual Dimension With These 3 Modalities

Feeling called to explore your emotions, navigate spiritual blocks, and tap into your intuition—and help your clients do the same? Here are 3 modalities inside of the Realm of Mist + Depths that will support you with that:

Akasha Field Guidance™

With the successful completion and certification in this course, you will become the go-to practitioner for masterfully tapping into your intuitive intelligence, and helping your clients do the same so that they also learn to trust and rely on their own inner knowing and also strengthen their connection to their Higher Self.

Astral Adventures + Healing™

With the successful completion and certification in this course, you will become the go-to practitioner for guiding clients in safely moving in and out of the Astral realms to gain knowledge, wisdom, healing, inspiration, creative solutions, and new perspectives that can be put into practical application in one’s daily life.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

With the successful completion and certification in this course, you will become the go-practitioner for working with the body’s energy system to create new neural pathways that release limiting beliefs, overcome disempowering emotions, and move through undesired physical sensations like THAT.

Want to explore our Mist + Depths Single Modality Certification Courses? Click here!

We are currently pre-selling these courses, which means you’re able to enroll at the “VIP Early Witch Price.” So fly your broomstick over there and pick your potions today!

Pssst! Starting next week, we’ll be sharing a blog post exploring each Mist + Depths modality in-depth to give you a deeper understanding of how these tools will help you tap into and navigate the depth of our emotions and spirit—and help your clients do the same!

Join our Facebook group—The Tabwoo with Lexi D’Angelo—to be in the loop of when our blog posts go live and to ask any and all q’s you have! We la-la-love deepening the conversation and supporting you with experiencing and facilitating miracle-style results.



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