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I recently did something totally cray-cray. Something epic for the most conscious, collaborative, and change-making witches out there. (I’m talking TRUE up-and-coming leaders ready to claim their spot as a top coach and master practitioner.)  And before I dive into exactly the witchcraft that I’m talking about, lemme tell you why this came to be. […]

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How I’m Creating the TOP Certification Program

SUBSCRIBE + REVIEW IN ITUNES Are you subscribed to The Lexi Show? If you’re not, whatcha waiting for?! I’m adding some epic episodes this year and if you’re not subscribed there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on those. So clickity-click here to subscribe in iTunes! Now, if want to totalllly make my day, I would […]

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Weekly Witchery

Imma talk to you aaaaall about how I hit my biggest month in business yet. And when I say biggest month, I’m talking $54,111.05 in cash baby. Pretty f*cking amazing, if I do say so myself. *toot toooot* And honestly… Just a few months ago, this felt elusive to me. I’d had multiple months of […]

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#BTS of My $54K CASH Month

I luuuurve to create content in my biz on the fly. As I feel inspired, I show up and share… raw, real, and completely authentic. For example, last week I didn’t record a podcast episode because I was at a master certification for NLP, Hypnosis, T.I.M.E., and more. Some people asked; “Why didn’t you just […]

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Flow vs. Forced Business Model

You’ve heard of Myers Briggs, right? In fact, you’ve probably done the test yourself. Maybe even a couple times ‘cus you looked it up, forgot about it, and then someone asked you in a convo about it so you did it again. Lolz.. But other than a brief skim of the info, you probably didn’t […]

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Make More Sales with Myers Briggs

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