Flow vs. Forced Business Model

Lexi D'Angelo



I luuuurve to create content in my biz on the fly. As I feel inspired, I show up and share… raw, real, and completely authentic.

For example, last week I didn’t record a podcast episode because I was at a master certification for NLP, Hypnosis, T.I.M.E., and more. Some people asked; “Why didn’t you just record one in advance?” Here’s the real reason why and what I wanna talk about today: I believe in the flow vs. forced business model.

Lemme tell you a story so you can feel what I mean. I sat down to write an email the other day, since I’ve got a couple of suuuper exciting things going on, like Quantum $hift starting up again and a whole new version of the Tabwoo Certification coming your way. 

As I was writing this email to update my peeps, I felt soooo heavy. Just straight up resistant. And so rather than do what years-ago Lexi would’ve done and push through to write it anyways, I stopped.

I went outside.

I went for a walk.

I got out in nature.

Now, that years-ago Lexi had this old story that taking an hour and a half to frolic around on the Railway Trail of Bermuda was a “waste of time.” In fact, she would’ve gone into a shame spiral for doing it.

But now I have a new story. I know when I follow my internal compass, when I use joy as my GPS, I show up in my full power. I get damn turned on and what I create is more meaningful and impactful. And in turn, makes me a shiz ton more money—woot woot.

This new story took me years to cultivate. Why? Well, we’ve been taught in this blech, yucky, linear, masculine world that time in equals money out. The world thinks ‘hustle’ and ‘grind’ and ‘sacrifice’ are what makes success stories.

So, the idea that reconnecting back to our true self is the key to success is revolutionary. And it’s a message the world needs to hear because I know it works.

Let’s talk about what I mean and get you on track to following your soul whispers to success, too.

Flow & Frequency vs Force & Formulas

When I used to have a forced business model, I felt like I had to follow all these x + y = z formulas that the quote unquote “experts” said equaled success. I found myself believing things like:

“In order to have a wildly successful launch you need to have a launch strategy like this…”

“You need to send two emails a day.”

“You must niche down to get noticed and to sell.”

“You must have been doing your zone of genius for x years to be considered an expert.”


And I was working 12+ hours a day, grinding away and getting minimal results for the amount of energy I was putting in.

Yeah, I hit 6-figures in 6 months. So the world was like, “omg look how successful Lexi is!” But guess what? Ok, you probably guessed it, it’s easy to see where this is going. Burnout.

I fizzled, crashed super hard, and found myself on a morphine drip in the hospital, and basically took 6 months off my business. Ouuuch.

It took me a while to finally hit a point of being so fed up that I said screw this shiz and decided I was going to create something totally different.

The Flow Business Model

When I broke the mold and gave a big middle finger to the ‘hustle method’, I decided success for me was going to follow one strategy:

The rules of success are determined by the creator/creatrix.

And that creatrix… was me. So I decided that MY success was going to be based on the Law of Frequency.

The Law of Frequency meant my number one job was to make sure I was taking care of my mind, body, soul, and energy first. My only goal being to always be at the highest frequency possible.

For me this looked like:

  • Working a few hours a day
  • Prioritizing activities I loved that made me feel super magical
  • Spending time with high-vibe peeps and surrounding myself in high-vibe environments

This meant that I was always pouring my energy into what lit me the fuck up. I stopped focusing on what everybody else was saying I ‘should’ be doing… and started focusing on the divine magic within me, manifested into reality.

This’ll probably feel familiar. I used to come up with an amazing idea for a program, get on a few market research calls, and all of a sudden be second-guessing the magical container I’d downloaded.

But in the flow business model, I said screw that. I was being divinely given the ideas I needed to offer my clients transformation. And I needed to stop giving them what they thought they needed and what I knew in my soul they actually needed.

Where I was open to feedback for my programs was in terms of my messaging. This way, I made sure I was communicating to my ideal client in my marketing and content with the language they were speaking. But I let the program content be all me, baby.

And beyond creating more magical containers that facilitate epic results, I also found my new flow business model had other badass reverberating effects in my life. Win-win!

Finding Ease and Making More Money

I invite you to consider that making more money isn’t about trading your time and working harder.

Last month, I made the most money I ever have in my business. To be exact, I created $54,101 in cash. And it was fucking eeeee-z.

And I know some of you are like “Whatever, shut up that’s annoying”… Because I used to feel that way. I’m not telling you this to annoy you, even though I am intentionally pushing your buttons. 😉

Because what I want to encourage you to do is use it as inspiration that it’s possible for you, too. Because it 111% is—but you have to truly believe it’s meant for you and possible for you. So try that on for size each day (or whatever version of success you’re calling in) until it’s no longer something foreign, but something that is a total “LE DUH.” And *POOF*! You’ll see it appear before your very eyes.

And guess what? During that lucrative month, I also worked waaaay less. Yep, actually.

During the month of May, I planned two surprise birthday weekends for my hubs, rented a luxury boat with jet skis, went to a private island, traveled to Boston, took our friends to a catered dinner, went to wine tastings, ate at five star restaurants…

Literally lived my best life, affording amazing experiences, and planning dream activities.

  • I spent more time with friends and family
  • Hit a goal weight I haven’t hit in years
  • Made more money
  • Worked less
  • Got my clients better results
  • Created more magic in my business

Why did this happen even though I was putting in less hours?

Because I was doing my soul work, from a place of total faith.

How to Embody the Flow Business Model

So you want in. You’re subscribed. But you’re also like… Lexiiii, hooooow?

Here’s what I want you to do if you feel like you’re stuck in the Forced Business Model. Journal these out:

  • Am I currently creating a flow business model or a forced business model?
  • If it feels forced, what needs to shift and change?
  • What are the governing rules and laws that are ruling my life and business?
  • Which ones aren’t serving me? How can I change them?
  • Who is my true self, without the influence of others outside of me?
  • Who would I be and what would be possible for me without my negative thoughts and limiting beliefs?

And then, share these with me!!!

Write them all out, take a photo, post it to IG, and tag us @tabwooinstitute so we can check them out 🙂

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