so you can 2x-10x+ YOUR INCOME aND


RECODE your identity

1/2 your work hours in 8 WEEKS OR LESS






Jumping from idea to idea and have no clue where to start. You’re overwhelmed, barely making any money (if at all), and feel paralyzed in inaction. You know there has to be another way, but you’re still not convinced you can make any impact or income with your unique gifts.

Or you’re… 


Let me guess...

Working double or triple the hours

you know you’re a bo$$ witch who is destined to create your swoon-worthy dream life + biz 

(and make BUCKET LOADS OF CASH of course 💰)

The Shiny Object Seeker


You’ve been pouring countless time, energy, and money into things outside of you, when all you have to do is tune inwards and recode a few things inside of you. In order to shift you must exit your default mode of "Repeat" and embrace the empowering mode of "Evolve."

buuut you’re…

Watching enviously as your peers and other industry leaders hit wild income goals with ease. You can’t help but compare yourself to them and ask, “WTF is wrong with me?!” Clients were coming in at first, but you’ve hit a plateau and it doesn’t seem like anyone actually understands what you do. Your confidence is crumbling and you’re questioning everything you thought you knew.

Or maybe you’re…


The Comparisonsitis Coach

Earning the $5k-$20k+ months, buuuut then spending it all so you have nothing to show for and are stuck on the income rollercoaster. You’ve helped other people grow and scale their businesses and be wildly profitable, but can’t figure out what’s stopping you from doing it for yourself. You’re burnt out on working 16+ hour days and kindaaa wish you’d get sick so you could actually take some guilt-free time off.

Or perhaps you’re...


The Sovereign of Break Even

Making it rain with money and are the go-to leader in your industry, but your soul is being sucked out of you each and every day. This isn’t what you want to be doing anymore—in fact, you’re desiring a big pivot into doing something more “woo” or “taboo”, but you’re scared shitless about sacrificing everything you’ve built—like your finances, reputation, and security. 


The Passionless Prosperer


 to serve more people...but not making more revenue or impact. 

to make your business more productive...but all you experience are more tech glitches that slooooow you the hell down (and make you want to throw your computer).

so you can step more fully into your “zone of genius”...but the only thing your genius brain can add up is: FB strategist + web designer = more tears + gallons of ice cream.

to get access to their “secrets”...only to have a half a dozen more "5 step strategies" in your toolbox but ZERO solutions that feel soul-aligned and get amazeballs results.


to grow, automate + scale your biz, rationalizing that verrrrry soon you’ll be working “smarter not harder”...maybe next week you’ll have time to sleep, giggle with your besties, or have amazing sex!

Pouring your heart and soul into creating more programs

Implementing new structures, processes, and procedures

Hiring team members

Investing in the top business coaches and strategists 

I’m the Founder + Creator of the Tabwoo Institute of Magic + Mastery™, Quantum $hift, and the Tabwoo™ Practitioner Certification.

You CANNOT use the same thinking, methods, strategies, and ways of being that got you to this point of your life + biz to reach your next level of impact and income.

You have to intentionally choose to make the unconscious conscious and open your eyes to the patterns and programs that aren't serving you and recode on a subconscious level to step into your truest and most empowered self.

And the best part is: you don’t have to do it alone. 

Linking arms with a coven of powerful witches, you can move through those big-ass blocks that have been preventing you from starting your biz or reaching your next level of income (you know, the ones that have been

I help multidimensional leaders tap into their potent power and equip themselves with transformational tools, techniques, and practices that make them stand out and sell out.

I help healers (whether you know you’re one yet or not) make money with a combination of top-notch techniques for transformation and business building.

I’m ALL about transformation, living fully + dismantling the norm to create a life and business rooted in your deepest desires.

hanging around for months, if not years) and uncover your potent powers in a couple of weeks, days, or even minutes.

Would you say you don’t have a few minutes to spare to break through the blocks that have been holding you back from your legacy and luxury lifestyle? I didn’t think so ;)
So if you don't like the results you're currently experiencing, join us in re-coding that ish in order to achieve new and improved results.
Like 2-10xing your income and 1/2ing your work hours so you have, more resources (time, money, energy) to do the things that matter most to you— whether that’s being present with your growing family, binging steamy fantasy romance novels, or pouring back into yourself with a transformational certification you’ve been eyeing. All that glitters gets to be yours. ✨

You cannot do the same things over and over again and expect different results (that's called insanity, duh).

And I'm really not being snarky. My dream of wishing magic was real has come true. By utilizing the Tabwoo™, I’ve been able to help my clients ditch the bullshit beliefs, limiting programming, and self-sabotaging tendencies that have been holding them back for years (or even decades) and embody their Quantum Co-Creatrix within who is capable of a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. We’re talking MAJOR transformation that is immediate and lasting—and takes place in ALL dimensions.  

Leaders in the industry have told me that they would love to experience a taste of the Tabwoo™ in an accelerated format that is totally unique to them, their struggles, and their goals. AND that they would love to do so in a high-level group of business owners who are on a similar path and can relate to the highs and lows of starting a business all the way through growing a multiple six and even seven-figure business.

In order to recode, I’ve created a highly effective modality for multidimensional transformation called the Tabwoo Method™


AKA get ready to say, "ABRACADABRA, WITCHES" and poof!

Well, their wish is my command

An 8-week experience where I’ll share some of the most potent principles of the Tabwoo™ to help you quickly break free from the limiting beliefs, programming, and patterns that are keeping you stuck, and instead, recode your identity to collapse timelines and experience Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even minutes (instead of years).

This experience is not about following generic advice or templates. This is about aligning with the version of yourself that can and will achieve their goals in a way that feels magical, fun and pleasurable AF. 

It's time to meet your Quantum Co-Creatrix self, embrace the Tabwoo™, and blast off into the Quantumsphere. 🚀



               the most potent + effective components of the Tabwoo Method™ so you can recode your identity and breakthrough your income ceiling in just 6 weeks or less. (Pssst—don’t let the name “Tabwoo™” fool you—while it may sound magical and woo, the primary principle I’ll be teaching you is rooted in tried, tested, and hiiiighly successful scientific methods.)

                          exactly what has been holding you back from creating the most prosperous life + business that is 111% aligned with Y-O-U (no cookie-cutters to be found here!). 



                  on a deep personal journey into the 4 Realms of Magic + Mastery and experience transformation on a mental, energetic, emotional, spiritual, and somatic level — all in a way that is personalized to YOUR unique makeup. 


                       simple and empowering habits and rituals to support you in maintaining your upgraded coding (hint: this has NOTHING to do with willpower—most of the motivational BS you've learned has kept you stuck and trapped.)


                      timelines to quickly step into the identity of your TRUE self and finally create the business success AND lifestyle you've been dreaming of—yes, you get to be the visionary CEO leader and the fun-loving friend, parent, partner, and human who has more than enough time for your big purpose and ALL of your passions and priorities.


                          miracle-style results in ALL areas of your life by approaching your biz in ways you never have before. Our holistic methods may seem counterintuitive at first, but you’ll be blown away when you start to see what’s possible when you come into deeper alignment with your core coding—aka allll of who you are. 


Most programs focus on mind-based approaches, which are important, but are only 25% of the transformation equation.

This is why we use a multidimensional approach and have a signature framework we teach in order to yield results unlike any other program out there.

In order to experience immediate, deep, and lasting change, you must take your unique nature into account. Anything else is incomplete and surface level.

Throughout the program, you’ll learn more about the nerdy science 🤓 behind what’s taking place inside of Quantum $hift—so you can theoretically understand what’s keeping you stuck from a mental level, cultivate radical compassion and nervous-system regulation on an emotional level, claim your truest Quantum Co-Creatrix identity on an energetic level, and take action to experience miracle-style results on a physical level.


Well, allow me to introduce you to the foundation of the Tabwoo Method™: the 4 Realms of Magic + Mastery. 

you may be nodding along thinking this all sounds great but wondering how the hell to put it into practice for yourself?!





Inside of this Realm, transformation is approached from the "mental" level and you utilize tools and techniques that dive into mindset work and conscious + subconscious recoding. This is where "top-down" healing takes place. Possibility, curiosity, ideas, the mind, and communication reign supreme inside of the Realm of Wind + Chaos.

WIND + CHAOS (aka the mental realm)

Inside of this Realm, transformation is approached from the "energetic" level and you utilize tools and techniques that explore who you are as a unique individual and how to unapologetically express your True Self. Profound identity and belief work take place at this level, including examining your conditioning and dismantling outdated paradigms. Passion, action, will, creativity, sexuality, and exploration reign supreme inside of the Realm of Flame + Expression.

FLAME + EXPRESSION (aka the energetic realm)

Inside of this Realm, transformation is approached from the "spiritual" and "emotional" level and you utilize tools and techniques that support you with tapping into your intuition and a knowing beyond your limited human senses so you can develop next-level trust in mystery and magic. Emotion, alchemy, intuition, mystery, shadows, and the "woo" reign supreme inside of the Realm of Mist + Depths.

MIST + DEPTHS (aka the spiritual + emotional realm)

Inside of this Realm, transformation is approached from the "physical" and "somatic" level and you utilize tools and techniques that help you go beyond cognitive approaches and return to a deep connection to your body to experience "bottom-up" healing. Embodied knowing, sensuality, abundance, structure, legacy, and connection to nature reign supreme of the Realm of Matter + Knowing.

MATTER + KNOWING (aka the physical + somatic realm)

And this is JUST the beginning.

Wait til you see what else Quantum $hift has in store for you…



Before we prepare for blast off, we’ve gotta clear the launch pad—so we’re going to make sure you’ve cleared out all the external and internal clutter that’s been weighing you down and preventing you from soooooaring—and create sacredness in your space so you can make magic happen. 


Establish a regular ritual to eliminate any physical and mental clutter for good!

Set intentions for your Sacred Space and create an altar to help you instantaneously connect to your Quantum Co-Creatrix.

Put our proven Time Warp method into practice so you can ½ your work hours and 2-10x+ your income—STAT.


WARNING: Students have been known to experience Quantum $hifts from Orientation materials alone.



Not all transformation is created equally—in fact, as a conduit of transformation (that is both immediate AND lasting), it is crucial that you’re able to traverse a multitude of galaxies (or Realms) in order to channel the most potent and aligned energy to support your goals. Enter the 4 Realms of Magic and Mastery—Wind + Chaos; Flame + Expression; Mist + Depths; and Matter + Knowing.

Throughout the program you’ll be given the opportunity to further customize your experience by incorporating practices that align to your Primary Realm—as well as weave in elements to support you with your Forgotten ones. When you create habits, set goals and make changes to your life that align with who you are you’ll experience changes like whoa that stick.

Intro To The Realms

Learn about evidence neuroscientists have found that suggests following the typical coaching model confines us to stay inside the box of our problems—and what to do instead.

Understand the difference between Linear and Quantum models—we will tap into the latter inside of this program in order to experience immediate and lasting miracle-style results.

Learn the 4 Realms of Magic + Mastery and their part in true transformation.

Identify your Primary Realm(s) and how they show up in your life and business.




This lesson is all about your “Potent Priority” — AKA the Area of Life that when you focus 10% of your spellbinding magic effort on, you’ll create 90% of the results in ALL other areas.

Your Potent Priority

Identify your current reality in all areas of life and what your desired reality is.

Get super clear on what your Potent Priority will be for the next 6 weeks and see how doubling down in this one area creates a ripple effect in alllll other areas as well. 

Dive deep into what has held you back from achieving miracle-style results in the past and create an aligned plan to shatter any glass ceilings and enter the #Quantumsphere. 

Develop Process Goals that make your desired Outcome Goal a DONE DEAL—but really...this is one potent potion, witch!


Hint: It’s named ‘potent’ for a reason… nail this magical lesson and you’re well on your way to breaking through your income ceiling in just 6 weeks or less like *POOF*.

Pluuuuus—you’ll understand exactly how to set + get your goals in complete and total alignment with your unique Realm Coding. Ooooh it’s going to be powerful!



Did you know INSIDE of you resides one of the most technologically advanced, magical tools around? Your brain, witches.

In fact, our brains are so powerful that most of us don’t even know how to stop them from working against us and sabotaging our hopes and dreams. Anxiety, self-doubt, lack of confidence… Sound familiar? 

No more analysis paralysis. This portal is all about understanding and mastering the most powerful tool available to you to create success and using it to Quantum $hift into the 6-figure and even 7-figure you.

Foundations Of Your Inner Programming

Learn the function of each of the 3 brains (Whaaat? There’s three of them?!) and how to harness each one’s individual superpower to 10x your reality-shifting abilities. 

Task your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to become a heat-seeking success missile that helps you zone in on your desired outcome...every single time.

Identify #proofofmagic that your goals are manifesting into reality and learn how to tune into the trail of clues to shorten your timeline for success.

Go go deeper into your energetic, emotional, spiritual and somatic bodies to create multidimensional change and learn some of our proprietary potions like Thought Catching, Belief Detective Work, Deep Wound Trees, Timeline Healing, and Belief Bridging. 




Imagine how life-changing it would feel to be able to stop your current disempowering patterns dead in their tracks and install new and empowering patterns that will GUARANTEE you create your desired outcome instead?

Meet Your Quantum Co-Creatrix

Get clarity on your Quantum Co-Creatrix self and the archetypal energy that you know you must embody in order to create next-level results.

Uncover why in the past you may have had trouble getting the results you desire (hint: it’s because you followed a flawed model) and how to implement a new model that is guaranteed to create your desired results.

Understand why repeating mantras over and over doesn’t work—especiallllly when you don’t fully believe what you’re saying—and what to do instead to go from your current belief to a far more empowering belief like THAT. 

Learn the Quantum Co-Creatrix Channeling technique to instantly tap into the potent power of your Quantum Co-Creatrix self at any moment.


*Spoiler Alert* - That’s exactly what you’ll be learning aaalll about inside of this Portal.

We will also get to know your Quantum Co-Creatrix self—AKA the bo$$ version of you who is tapped in and turned on when it comes to their individual potent power.



90-99.996% of the actions we take each day are not conscious decisions, but unconscious habits that are occurring on autopilot. And guess what? Every time you repeat a habit, you strengthen ‘em and they become even more automatic.

Inside of this lesson, we’re going to make sure you’re establishing powerful Habits + Richual$ that will help you create your desired reality.

As with everything else, we’re going to be approaching this Portal from the lens of ALL 4 Realms to seal in the magic on every dimension.

Habits + Richual$

Understand what it takes to make or break a ‘pattern’, the science behind how habits are formed and how you can use the release of pleasure chemicals in your brain to create outcomes you desire (ooh la la). 

Implement the SR3 Habit Pattern Disrupt exercise to break unresourceful habits and create powerful new habits that will help you hit your goals faster than you can say “Abracadabra!”

Learn the #1 difference between a habit and a ritual and how to choose which one is appropriate to use at any given time.

Create your foolproof Tests, Signals, and Trials Game Plan based on your Realm Coding for when shiz hits the fan (this is truuuuly a game changer because life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies—it’s crucial that you have an emergency plan to follow for when life happens so you can recalibrate to your set-point and avoid the self-sabotage spiral). 




Our Subconscious Self has been programmed by others—not our infinite, divine, true being. We have been conditioned and indoctrinated by our parents, our family, our schools, our community, our religion, our society, our nation, politics, friends, etc. Pretty much everything that is currently in your life is a reflection of your subconscious coding, some or many of which might not be your own.

So if we want to have a different reality, we must recode at the conscious AND subconscious level—and via all 4 Realms.

Inside of this Portal you will unlock the key differences between your Subconscious + Quantum Co-Creatrix coding and how to upgrade to the latter so you can collapse your timeline for hitting your goals.

Recode Method

Get out of the self-sabotage spiral and disrupt your current negative patterns.

Discover the 6 steps of the Recode Method™ so you can stop living out your current Identity Script and replace it with a far more empowering one instead. 

Master “Overwriting Spells” to lock in your desired changes for good with techniques like EFT, Future Rehearsing™, Shadow Alchemy™, and Perceptual Positioning Embodiment.



love from





Quantum $hift Students

Your multidimensional transformation begins immediately with orientation materials

2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x+ their investment (EVERY person has done this)

Selling their first $50k coaching package that they had previously been experiencing fear around

Making the most money they've made in a day so far (oh, and it was "easy")

Saying, "I'm literally a completely different person now—I’m the person who raised my rates AND sold my consulting package at my next level price."

Channeling an entire sales page for their new course that "POURED" through them because they felt so inspired and had so many new ideas...and then opening it up for enrollment the next day and signing on clients (this was after previously feeling SO blocked around the course, creation, and selling)

Finding and hiring DREAM team members that they thought didn't exist, which resulted in feeling fully supported and confident about going on maternity leave and OFFICIALLY stepping into the CEO role inside of their business for GOOD (their team now runs their business for them and they don’t touch the nitty gritty)

clients who have experienced just ONE TABWOO METHOD(™) SESSION have HAD RESULTS LIKE:

imagine what's possible when we spend 2 whole months together ;)


Before working with Lexi I had just started my business and while I was beginning to create a following, I couldn't seem to close and I had blocks around my offers. I knew I had a money mindset and self-worth issue and even though I was working really, really hard, I wasn't generating the results. 

And then my whole reality changed. I was working less—or at least feel like it because I spend my mornings at the beach, doing hot yoga, dreaming up my life, and feeling really sexy. I have really great sleep and really great meals. I'm no longer the archetype of the hustling entrepreneur that lives on Ramen, coffee, and 3 hours of sleep. My whole lifestyle and income completely shifted and I had my first pay in full client, money coming from new sources, amazing opportunities that came my way, and I made my first 5-figures."

in just one month inside of the program, I made $12,000. These techniques and modalities really work.”


Quantum $hift #FTW!!!


“Don’t think about it. Just do it. Lexi is skilled beyond what I can describe. And I’ve had my best month in business ever since being in her program!!”

"I’m a very self-aware person so I was pretty pleasantly surprised to discover the beliefs-beneath-the-beliefs through Lexi’s thoughtful question process. Once I was able to articulate the true limiting belief at play, Lexi got started on her next magical Tabwoo Method™ process. What began as feeling highly emotionally-charged (and not in the good way) became quickly and completely re-routed into expansion and empowerment. Suddenly, I felt more available to create and to believe. I felt more available to trust myself and to trust the process.

Since our session, I’ve attracted new clients and several other potential clients have reached out (unprompted!!) to work together. 

Abundance Embodiment: Unlocked! The changes were deep, immediate, AND sustained!" 

marley jamason

I feel so much more in touch with my inner voice. I went from insecure to daring and I'm so excited about my future

Narley Karikari  

"Lexi is amazing, she's literally changed my life. I went into this feeling so crippled by my own self-sabotage and limiting beliefs and came out feeling so liberated. I feel like a new person. Just making this video alone is such a big deal. I decided to invest in this because I was so sick and tired and didn't want to spend one more day in the cage of my limiting beliefs.

With the help of Lexi I've completely obliterated my limiting beliefs. They're not even of me anymore. I've been one of those people who have bought programs and stopped and started. I was so scared that the transformation wouldn't stick and would wear off, but it's been almost a week and I feel amazing.

If you're thinking about investing with Lexi, I'd highly recommend it. The girl knows what she's doing and she's funny. I left feeling like a million bucks. Whatever fears you have about investing, it's worth it."


the juicy deets

Value-packed workshops and coaching calls, where you'll learn and apply the most potent Tabwoo™ principles to create immediate and lasting transformation.

Support + coaching from Lexi, Dia (a previous Q$ and Certification Student, now turned Tabwoo™ Transformation Guide), and the Tabwoo™ Team.

Simple + quick rituals to anchor in the new neural pathways that will maximize your performance and results.

A highly engaged online community to connect between calls, collaborate, as well as receive support, accountability, and feedback.





your multidimensional transformation

begins immediately