Recode your identity so you can 2x-10x+ YOUR INCOME aND 1/2 your work hours in 30 days or less



Bumping up against an income ceiling that you can’t seem to break through—and are getting super frustrated as your peers and other industry leaders seem to be doing it with ease—you can’t help but compare yourself to them and ask WTF is wrong with me? Or...

You're experiencing rapid financial growth in your business but the more you up-level, the more shit seems to be hitting the fan—everything from team drama to weight-gain (you thought UberEats was a smart outsource move, but now you’re rethinking that strategy).



Let me're a high-achiever who has created significant success inside of your business, buuut you're...

I bet you've tried all sorts of things to remedy your sitch like...

You’ve been pouring countless time, energy, and money into things outside of you, when all you have to do is tune inwards and re-code a few things inside of you.

Spoiler alert!

Working double or triple the hours to automate + scale your biz, rationalizing that verrrrry soon you’ll be working “smarter not harder”...only to half your zzz’s, giggles with girlfriends, and time for you, boo.

Pouring your heart and soul into creating more programs to serve more people...but not making more revenue or having much more impact.

Implementing new structures, processes, and procedures to make your business more productive...but all you experience are more tech glitches that slooooow you the hell down (and make you want to throw your computer).

Hiring team members so you can step more fully into your “zone of genius”...but the only thing your genius brain can add up is: FB strategist + web designer = more tears + gallons of ice cream.

Investing in the top business coaches and strategists to get access to their “secrets”...only to have a half a dozen more "5 step strategies" in your toolbox but ZERO solutions that feel soul-aligned and get amazeballs results.

Hi, I'm Lexi!


You CANNOT use the same thinking, methods, strategies, and ways of being that got you to this point of your life + biz to reach your next level of impact and income. You cannot do the same things over and over again and expect different results (that's called insanity, duh).

You must change the way you think, believe, feel, and act and the fastest and most efficient way to do this is by re-coding your identity on a subconscious level to align with your version of true prosperity, self-expression, and fulfillment.

You might be thinking, "Ummmm, on a subconscious level? This sounds like it’s going to take serious time and like it’s kinda complicated.”

Well, what if I told you that those big-ass blocks that have been preventing you from reaching your next level of income (you know, the ones that have been hanging around for months, if not years) could go *POOF* in a couple of weeks, days, or even minutes? Would you say you don’t have a few minutes to spare to break through that income ceiling that’s been holding your back from your legacy and luxury lifestyle? I didn’t think so ;)

And the only thing that's complicated is the cognitive dissonance (fancy way of saying that what you want is in direct conflict with your current reality) taking place in your brain right meow.

Because even though you may consciously think that you’re in control and aware of the daily decisions you’re making and actions you're taking, the truth is that 95-99%+ of your decisions and actions are operating on autopilot via your outdated subconscious coding.

So if you don't like the results you're currently experiencing, you MUST re-code that ish in order to achieve new and improved results—like six-figure months, Ted Talks, best-selling books that change millions of lives, and all that glitters.


And I'm really not being snarky. My dream of wishing magic was real has come true. By utilizing Integrative Alchemy™, I’ve been able to help my clients ditch the bullshit beliefs, limiting programming, and self-sabotaging tendencies that have been holding them back for years (or even decades) and instead, upgrade their Co-Creatrix Coding so they've collapsed timelines and experienced Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even MINUTES. 

Up until this point, I’ve only been sharing the magic of Integrative Alchemy™ with my 1:1 and mastermind clients. Buuut let's just say that with the results my clients have been getting, this work hasn't remained a secret—nor do I want it to. 

Leaders in the industry have told me that they would love to experience a taste of Integrative Alchemy™ in an accelerated format that is totally unique to them, their struggles, and their goals. AND that they would love to do so in a high-level group of business owners who are on a similar path and can relate to the highs and lows of being a six to seven-figure business owner.

Well, their wish is my command ✨

In order to re-code, I’ve created a highly effective modality for change called Integrative Alchemy™ 

IT's a potent blend of neuroscience, energetics, psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom. AKA get ready to say, "ABRACADABRA, BITCHES" and POOF!


A 30-day experience where I’ll share one of the most potent principles of Integrative Alchemy™ to help you quickly bust through the bullshit beliefs, limiting programming, and self-sabotaging tendencies that have been holding you back from your next big income leap, and instead, re-code to collapse timelines and experience Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even minutes (instead of years).


If you're anything like me, you've taken countless mindset and manifestation courses that left you with "meh" results. 

You've tried everything from...reciting affirmations, keeping a gratitude journal, reading books like "Think and Grow Rich", creating vision boards, diving into your money story, buying crystals for prosperity, waking up at 5am and following a strict morning routine, yadda yadda yadda.

While those things are all well and good, they just scratch the surface and they definitely don’t create immediate results and lasting transformation.

If I know anything about you, it's that you have a verrrry important mission and purpose in this world AND you also want to live a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to do what you want when you want. You sure as hell don't want to waste your precious time and energy on semi-effective solutions. You want the real deal and you want it STAT.



•  Ditch the bullshit beliefs, self-sabotaging tendencies, and negative patterns that have been holding you back and collapse the timelines for what you previously believed to be possible and experience Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even minutes, instead of years.

•  Learn the most potent + effective component of Integrative Alchemy™ so you can re-code your identity and breakthrough your income ceiling in just 30 days or less. (Pssst—don’t let the name “Integrative Alchemy™” fool you—while it may sound magical and woo, the primary principle I’ll be teaching you is rooted in tried, tested, and hiiiighly successful scientific methods.)

•  Establish simple and empowering habits and rituals to support you in maintaining your upgraded coding (hint: this has NOTHING to do with willpower—most of the motivational BS you've learned has kept you stuck and trapped.)

• Quickly step into the identity of your TRUE self and finally create the business success AND lifestyle you've been dreaming of—yes, you get to be the visionary CEO leader and the fun-loving friend, mom, partner, and person who has more than enough time for your big purpose and ALL of your passions and priorities.


Did you know INSIDE of you resides one of the most technologically advanced, magical tools around? Your brain, witches.

In fact, our brains are so powerful that most of us don’t even know how to stop them from working against us and sabotaging our hopes and dreams. Anxiety, self-doubt, lack of confidence… Sound familiar? 

No more analysis paralysis. This portal is all about understanding and mastering the most powerful tool available to you to create success and using it to Quantum $hift into 6-figure you.

PORTAL 1 :: Your Fundamental Programming


•  Learn the function of each of the 3 brains (Whaaat? There’s three of them?!) and how to harness each one’s individual superpower to 10x your reality-shifting abilities 

•  Task your Reticular Activating System to become a heat seeking success missile that helps you zone in on your desired outcome...every single time

•  Identify #proofofmagic that your goals are manifesting into reality and learn how to tune into the trail of clues to shorten your timeline for success


This lesson is all about your “Potent Priority” — AKA the Area of Life that when you focus 20% of your spellbinding magic effort on, you’ll create 80% of the results in ALL other areas.

Hint: It’s named ‘potent’ for a reason… nail this magical lesson and you’re well on your way to breaking through your income ceiling in just 30 days or less like *POOF*.

PORTAL 2 :: Your Potent Priority


•  Establish your Outcome Goals and trajectories for the 10 Areas of Life so you can dial in the exact coordinates to your end destination and cruise control the whole way, baby 

•  Get crystal clear on where you’re at in regards to achieving your outcome goals (and how far you need to go)

•  Identify your Potent Priority, top Outcome Goal, and the Process Goals you’ll need to establish in order to make them a DONE deal

• Overcome any obstacles, bullshit limiting beliefs, and patterns that have been holding you back and collapse the timelines for what you previously believed possible (hello experiencing Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even minutes instead of years) 


#FunFact: 45-95% of the actions we take each day are not conscious decisions, but unconscious habits that are occurring on autopilot. 

The good news is, every time you repeat a habit, you strengthen ‘em and they become even more automatic. This is GREAT if you have positive, healthy habits that support your goals and are a reflection of your next-level self. It’s not so great news if you have disempowering, poor or self-sabotaging habits. 

This portal is all about establishing powerful habits + richual$ that will support you in maintaining your upgrade and helping you collapse the timeline between current you and Quantum Co-Creatrix you. 

PORTAL 3 :: Habits + Ritual$


•  Understand what it takes to make or break a ‘pattern’, the science behind how habits are formed and how you can use the release of pleasure chemicals in your brain to create outcomes you desire (ooh la la) 

•  Implement the TR³ Pattern to break unresourceful habits and create powerful new habits that will help you hit your goals faster than you can say Abracadabra 

• Learn the #1 difference between a habit and a ritual and how to choose which one is appropriate to use at any given time

• Create your foolproof Tests, Triggers and Trials Game Plan for when shiz hits the fan (this is truuuuly a game changer because life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies—it’s crucial that you have an emergency plan to follow for when life happens so you can recalibrate to your set-point and avoid the self-sabotage spiral)


Imagine how incredible it will feel to be able to stop your current negative and disempowering patterns  and install new and empowering patterns that will guarantee you create your desired outcome instead.

*Spoiler Alert* - That’s exactly what you’ll experience inside of this lesson. We will get to know your Quantum Co-Creatrix self—AKA the version of you who is tapped in and turned on when it comes to their unique potent power. 

PORTAL 4 :: Recode Your Quantum Co-Creatrix Self


• Get clarity on your Quantum Co-Creatrix self and the archetypal energy that you know you must embody into in order to create next-level results

• Uncover why in the past you may have had trouble getting the results you desire (hint: it’s because you followed a flawed model) and how to implement a new model that is guaranteed to create your desired results

• Understand why repeating mantras over and over don’t work—especiallllly when you don’t fully believe what you’re saying—and what to do instead to go from your current belief to a far more empowering belief like THAT

• Learn the Quantum Co-Creatrix Channeling technique to instantly tap into the potent power of your Quantum Co-Creatrix self at any moment


Because you’re a powerful witch, I’m sure you’re already well versed in things like meditation, visualization, and reciting positive mantras and how beneficial they can be. 

In this lesson, I’m about to step this shiz up to the next level so you can tap into something that allows you to bypass your subconscious mind and avoid the ensuing ego death that can happen whenever your subconscious mind is faced with the unfamiliar.

Welcome to the potent spell of Future Rehearsing.

PORTAL 5 :: Future Rehearsing


•  Graduate from meditation, visualization, and positive mantras and learn a new technique that will collapse the timeline to experience your desired reality

•  Understand and experience the 2 versions of Future Rehearsing—

•  Version 1 opens you up to the infinite possibilities available to you and helps you navigate beyond the patterns and evidence of your past
•  Version 2 activates Alpha and Theta brainwaves to program your up-leveled identity on a subconscious level like witchcraft

•  Access the “Future Rehearsing Script Guide” to create your own potent Future Rehearsing experiences that will allow you to make your desires your reality—STAT


Have you ever had one of those days where you read an email that triggers you, have someone say something that rubs you the wrong way, and it completely puts you in a funk-a-dunk that affects your whole damn day?

No more stewing on the negative. This wizardry lesson will help you to finally heal what’s present and take control of your emotions… So you feel empowered to be the most masterful and true version of you (even when things don’t go according to plan).

Go from ‘bad day’ to ‘best day ever’ with the wave of your wand using the brew of EFT.

PORTAL 6 :: Tap That Ish Out


•  Understand how negative emotions and blocks are manifesting issues on a deep, subconscious level, and how the sorcery that is EFT can transmute them quickfast 

•  Learn the Basic Recipe that you can use in the moment to shift anything that is creating emotional, energetic, spiritual, or physical pain or stress in MINUTES

•  Uncover the root of the pain or stress you’re experiencing so you can heal the “branch” problems that stem from it (we all love short cuts)


Time to get real with the person who matters the most… YOURSELF!

What do I mean?

Much of the coaching and self-help industry is all about “love + light.” While I’m all for positivity and focusing on what you desire, you can’t “positive think” your way through everything—in fact, it’s extremely dangerous and detrimental to do so.

Your shadow is everything about yourself that you try to hide, suppress, deny or ignore because you believe them to be bad, taboo, or wrong. The problem with shaming your shadow is that those elements are a part of you—whether you like them or not. So by trying to cover up and ignore these aspects of you, you’re hating on yourself. And what good has that ever done anyone?

Inside of this lesson, you’ll learn how to play with your shadow instead of fighting it so you can move from disempowerment to empowerment.

PORTAL 7 :: Seducing Your Shadows


•  Understand why the more you ignore your shadows, the more they’ll pop up in unexpected and unwanted ways—and how to get control of them so they don’t control you

•  Uncover the 3 C’s that are crucial to invoke when playing with your shadow (these will completely transform your relationship with your shadows and self for good!)

•  Learn what “Golden Shadows” are and how not acknowledging these is keeping you perpetually bumping up against your upper limits and income ceiling

• Step into your shadow’s highest expression with the use of archetypes to finally break the cycle of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns


Now that you’ve profoundly shifted your life and business on the inside, it’s time to make sure that your business matches up and creates the impact and income you deserve! 

Inside of this lesson, we are going to cover the most powerful (and easy) way to put your message into the world and attract swoon-worthy clients who are knocking down your door! 

PORTAL 8 :: Messaging Magic


•  Uncover the 9 core messaging tactics that you need to take a client from silent lurker to ravin’-from-the-rooftops lover of your programs.

•  Master my secret to eliminating sales calls FOR GOOD and enrolling clients via DMs in minutes (I’m talking 4 and 5 figure investments, baby)

•  Learn how to create a Content Cauldron with your most potent messaging (that you can dip into over and over again to work smarter, not harder) and the systems and processes I have in place to make sure my Content Cauldron brews cash money like clockwork!




Psssst—Shannon was very hesitant to join at first. She *knew* in her gut that this was meant for her, but the "logic" of the investment and the time in her life it didn't make sense. Regardless, she allowed her inner knowing and desires to be bigger than her fear and doubts. Thank goodness ;)

- 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x+ their investment (EVERY person has done this)
- Selling their first $50k coaching package that they had previously been experiencing fear around
- Making the most money they've made in a day so far (oh, and it was "easy")
- Saying, "I'm literally a completely different person now—I’m the person who raised my rates AND sold my consulting package at my next level price."
- Channeling an entire sales page for their new course that "POURED" through them because they felt so inspired and had so many new ideas around...and then opening it up for enrollment the next day and signing on clients (this was after previously feeling SO blocked around the course, creation, and selling)
- Finding and hiring DREAM team members that they thought didn't exist, which resulted in feeling fully supported and confident about going on maternity leave and OFFICIALLY stepping into the CEO role inside of their business for GOOD (their team now runs their business for them and they don’t touch the nitty gritty)

clients who have experienced just ONE 90-minute session with me have HAD RESULTS LIKE:

imagine what's possible when we spend a whole month together ;)

"No less than an hour after our session, I received an email and a new client signing on for a program I was feeling fear around earlier in the day. Doing this work is POWERFUL and will show up in your life in magical ways if you’re willing to try it out! Thank you so much Lexi for the magic you’re bringing to my life and so many others through this transformational work 💗"

(CEO + Owner of Pinegate Road — strategic branding + web design agency)

Kelsey Kerslake

"I’m a very self-aware person so I was pretty pleasantly surprised to discover the beliefs-beneath-the-beliefs through Lexi’s thoughtful question process. Once I was able to articulate the true limiting belief at play, Lexi got started on her next magical Integrative Alchemy process. What began as feeling highly emotionally-charged (and not in the good way) became quickly and completely re-routed into expansion and empowerment. Suddenly, I felt more available to create and to believe. I felt more available to trust myself and to trust the process.

Since our session, I’ve attracted new clients and several other potential clients have reached out (unprompted!!) to work together. Abundance Embodiment: Unlocked! The changes were deep, immediate, AND sustained!" 

(Intuitive Business Coach - helping solopreneurs uplevel by ditching the hustle and realigning to their soul's unique strategy)

Marley Jamason

"I came to Lexi feeling frustrated because I had worked with my coach on creating a brilliant strategy and business plan for the next few months, but I wasn't able to take action because of some limiting beliefs and parts of myself being in conflict with each other.

I realized that no amount of strategy or systems in my business were going to solve the problem I was experiencing, so I had to do something different.

I honestly didn't really know what I was going to experience in her Integrative Alchemy intensive but I knew I needed support in fully stepping into my power and hitting my big business goals.

I'm so happy I did because inside of our 90-minute session I experienced so much healing and goodness that I needed not only for my soul but for my business. My work with Lexi is proof that investing in the inner work makes me money.

Since working with Lexi, I was able to finally feel confident to take the actions I had been feeling blocked around and made $3k in booked sales in one day. If you're an entrepreneur wanting to fully step into your power and move past weird subconscious blocks that you might not even know are running the show, work with Lexi! " 

(CEO at Meg K & Co - helping biz owners & visionaries
manage their magic with systems)

Megan Baker

"Duuuude...Lexi is M A G I C A L...

I knew she was brilliant at branding + biz strategy...has a huge heart...and is my favorite person to talk about new TV shows about teenagers with magical powers...

But I just did an NLP session with her and FUCK much came up and through and I feel this sense of safety and ease in my system I haven't in a while.

If you haven't worked with her it. Straight up potency and heart and insight!"

"Update! I just sold my first $50k package. Please use me as a testimonial."

(Magnetic Marketing Mentor / Energetic Publicist for entrepreneurs)

Rebecca Ives Rubin

"Lexi is amazing, she's literally changed my life. I went into the I went session feeling so crippled by my own self-sabotage and limiting beliefs and came out feeling so liberated. I feel like a new person. Just making this video alone is such a big deal. I decided to invest in this because I was so sick and tired and didn't want to spend one more day in the cage of my limiting beliefs.

With the help of Lexi I've completely obliterated my limiting beliefs. They're not even of me anymore. I've been one of those people who have bought programs and stopped and started. I was so scared that the transformation wouldn't stick and would wear off, but it's been almost a week and I feel amazing.

I feel so much more in touch with my inner voice. I went from insecure to daring and I'm so excited about my future, which is such a good feeling. If you're thinking about investing with Lexi, I'd highly recommend it. The girl knows what she's doing and she's funny. I left feeling like a million bucks. Whatever fears you have about investing, it's worth it."


Narley Karikari


the juicy deets

• Value-packed workshops and coaching calls where you'll learn and apply the most potent Integrative Alchemy™ principles to create immediate and lasting transformation.
• Support and coaching from Lexi and collaboration with a powerful group of leaders.
• Simple + quick rituals to anchor in the new neural pathways that will maximize your performance and results
• A highly engaged online community to connect between calls, as well as receive support, accountability, and feedback.