are ready and (eagerly) waiting for you ;)

BUT You're afraid to admit it. "am i too greedy? isn't all I have enough?"

So, you slather on that picture-perfect, certified organic, "I've-got-it-all-together" mask and convince yourself it’s all kosher. 🧖🏽‍♀️

But that smoldering ember of truth? It can’t so easily be doused.

It flickers and flares in the back alley of your mind, gnawing away at you like a stray dog on a bone.

Woof. I’m exhausted by this game already. Aren’t you?

What if you just admitted it? What if you threw your head back and roared, “I WANT MORE!”? (Double dare ya!)

The tug between complacency and craving gnaws at your soul.

I know you want more...


have it all

have it all

What if you didn't have to wonder any longer though?

What if partnership, parenthood, relationships, business, and life got to be absolutely swoon-worthy?

What if you boldly declared you’re not only ravenous but hell-bent on deserving more?

KINDA MAKES you wonder what would be possible, doesn’t it? 😏


I know, I know—I can already hear the "yeah buts" and objections rising to the surface.

But here's what I also know—once you set your mind and heart on something, it's already done.

You just haven't dared to let yourself have it all...until now.



Oh hey, I'm Lexi!

Oh hey, I'm Lexi!

who's this chick exposing her sex life, booty, and INNERMOST musings on the internet?!

If you're wondering:

I've been a leader in the coaching industry for nearly a decade and achieved the "7-figure business dream." But when I became a mama I realized that true success isn't a numbers game, and it's actually about creating deep connections with your kids and loved ones, finding meaningful purpose, making magic in mundane moments, and having mind-blowing sex. Duh.

So I burned my 7-figure empire to the ground and traded it in for a "Lifethrival" business—One that supports my highest expression and guarantees my top priorities aren't lost in the daily grind, but are the stars that guide my days. LIFE takes the cake, with business as the sweet icing on top.

As for picking a "niche"—yawn. I didn’t want to restrict myself to one thing. If I'm living it I'm (over)sharing it! So that's what you'll find here—what's real and true for me in the now. Mamahood, relationships, biz, home, lifestyle, my latest matcha—I'm serving it hot! 🌶