Align your business with the evolution of you, mama.

THat's so damn normal. and you're in the right place!

No more feeling stuck trying to squeeze your business into a pre-baby mold only to end up frustrated, resentful, and totally defeated.

Motherhood transformed you.
It's time for your business to transform to meet you.

If the thought of running the business you had pre-baby makes you want to vom, run away, or burn it all down...

Oh hey, I'm Lexi!

Oh hey, I'm Lexi!

I've been a leader in the coaching industry for nearly a decade and achieved the "7-figure business dream." But when I became a mama I realized my former version of success no longer matched my new identity, values, and priorities.

Turns out true success isn't a numbers game! Creating deep connections with your partner, kids, and loved ones; finding meaningful purpose that supports your highest expression; and making magic in the mundane moments are what it's all about! These things (instead of the number of commas) became my guiding stars.

So I burned my 7-figure empire to the ground and traded it in for a business that mirrored my evolution and was *actually* sustainable for all the seasons (aka the constant start-stop rhythm) of mamahood. Living life takes the cake, with business as the sweet icing on top!

I'm here to help you create a wildly sustainable business model that thrives through every season of motherhood!

Motherhood demands a new blueprint for business success.

Discover the power of a business model that not only reflects but celebrates your evolution, embracing the full spectrum of your identity, values + dreams.

The glorious world of coaching and entrepreneurship is bursting with oodles and oodles of “blueprints for success.”

And while that’s cute and all when you’re in your maidenhood years, many of these models operate under the assumption of uninterrupted work days, the luxury of infinite energy, and either the expectation to GRIND IT OUT for 60 hours a week or tapping into your feminine flow state and only working when the divine muse of inspiration visits. 


The reality is there are now more variables, more unpredictabilities, and far less time and energy to put towards your business (unless you have a machine-like team running the show).

Inside of our free offerings and paid experiences, I'll help you shatter the conventional success molds and define what success truly means for you in your current season of life and motherhood.