Let’s Chat Sex Goals

Lexi D'Angelo



There are two prevalent s*x goals out there:

  1. The amount you have (aka quantity).
  2. Reaching the “ultimate goal” of org@sm

But these aren’t the only goals that exist. They’re merely two (of nearly infinite) possibilities. If we only consider these two things to determine the “success” of sex, it can be quite limiting. WOMP WOMP.


  • How often are you having performance-based sex vs. pleasure-based sex? (Pssst—want to know the difference? I’ll be sharing another post on this soon.)
  • What have you believed “successful” sex to be in the past?
  • Is what you’ve previously believed actually true for you? Or just your conditioning and cultural norms?
  • Think about the best sex you’ve ever had…What made it “the best?”
  • Or if you have a fantasy or desire for sex, what about it feels exciting and juicy for you?
  • What is present? What is not present?
  • Have you thought about any or all of these things before?
  • Are they something you’ve discussed with your partner(s)? Why or why not?


Take a moment to reflect on what your #sexgoals actually are. And if you need some help sparking ideas…



Your #sexgoals can shift and change depending on:

  • Your mood
  • Your cycle
  • Hanger levels
  • Energy levels
  • Where Venus is transiting
  • The temperature
  • Your environment
  • Stress
  • The last time you pooped
  • Hormones
  • Your Sexual Inhibition System
  • Your Sexual Excitation System
  • …really anything and everything!

After all, you’re a dynamic and complex creature. Reowrrrr.


Ready to spice things up in the bedroom and beyond?

I’m brewing a playful, provocative, and profound experience for partners and parents who are ready to grow their relationship to #PILF status* and get their grind on in a whole new way.

*PILF = “Parent I’d Like to F•ck” + “Partner I’ll Love Forever”…duh!

I’m still in the creation vortex and want to know what you desire from a program in order for it to fulfill your every fantasy (and then some)!

Comment or DM me on Instagram to join me for a 30-minute Spicy Chat! 🌶



Lexi D'Angelo

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