The Biz Rebirth Diaries 001: Rebuilding My Business After Motherhood

Lexi D'Angelo



WTF Are The Biz Rebirth Diaries?

Feeling the squeeze of mamahood on your once-thriving business? Same 🤪 

The Biz Rebirth Diaries (TBRD) is your weekly dose of real, raw support as you navigate the journey of realigning your business with ever-evolving mama identity, values, and priorities.


Here’s what you can expect each week:

  • 🧭 Weekly Intentions + Outcomes: Get a glimpse into my goals for the prior week—how I wanted to feel and what I set out to accomplish (plus, a real talk about how it actually went!).
  • ⏳Time + Project Breakdown: Ever wonder how I manage my time? This section unveils where my hours went and if it was actually a good use of my time!
  • 🧪 Strategy Lab: Peek inside my marketing and business experiments! I’ll share the strategies I’m testing, along with the magical wins and messy flops with brutal honesty.
  • 🤓 Marketing Numbers: Follow along as I track key metrics and the growth of my platforms.
  • 📽 The Real Reel: Let’s ditch the sugarcoating! This is where I share the real struggles I faced this week, from self-doubt to technical roadblocks to business blusters.
  • 👀 Sneak Peeks: Get excited! I’ll reveal sneak peeks at upcoming projects and exciting developments I’m working on.
  • 🏆 Overall Lesson of The Week: Every week brings a learning curve. I’ll share my biggest takeaway and the steps I’m taking to put it into action.
  • 🎯 Your Implementable Action: I’ll give you a concrete step or strategy you can implement and experiment with this week. It’s time to make moves towards a business that reflects the evolution of you, mama!

Let’s rebuild your business together, mama!


Why I Created The Biz Rebirth Diaries

A lil (ok, long) overview of why the hell I’m doing this series.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been in business since 2014. I’ve done everything from health coaching to business coaching, branding, website design, spiritual coaching, relationship coaching, and founding a seven-figure coaching certification school in the transformational arts (Tabwoo Institute). 

I’ll save the story of why I burned Tabwoo Institute to the ground for another day, but it’s been almost a year since I closed the doors. And in that time? I’ve been floating (maybe more like trying not to drown) in a weird ass limbo void. Well, truthfully I could feel myself entering the void when I first became pregnant with Aisy, almost 3 years ago. So it’s been A WHILE.

After a FUCK ton of deep soul searching and stop-starting in a million different directions, I feel like I finally have clarity on my path—and the energy to follow through! (Thank you 2nd-trimester glow-up).

Let’s be clear—this does not mean I’ve got it “figured out.” That will probably become very evident as you dive deeper into my diaries.

And here’s the thing—I don’t want to put the pressure on my to have it all figured out. After creating a 6-figure, multi-6-figure, and even a 7-figure business, I definitely have the street cred that says I know what I’m talking about. Buuuuut, those were different times. I was a completely different person, chasing shiny metrics and clocking 12-16 hour days with the goal of being the BEST. Literally…so much of my motivation came from seeing other people doing things in business and then being like, “I CAN DO IT BETTER. WATCH ME!!” Or, “Oh you hit that income goal? I’ll hit a higher one. BOOM.”

Gross, I know. 

Okay, maaaaybe I’m being a bit hard on myself. There definitely was a huge motivation to do what I was passionate about and create an impact, but I did get caught up in spirals of shiny object syndrome and vanity metrics.

I can confidently say that this time I am genuinely doing this for ME first. Because it lights me the fuck up. Because I want to connect with and be in community with other mamapreneurs on this path.

Do I want to make money from this business? HELL YEAH. But I’m not rebuilding my business with something to prove this time.

I’m birthing this from deep, genuine desire and the fact that it makes me COME ALIVE.

I’m creating The Biz Rebirth Diaries and spillin’ all the matcha because people sugarcoat the journey. And it’s annoying at best, and dishonest at worst. We hear the “failure turned triumph” stories all day, but rarely the real-time messiness. Barely anyone is sharing what they’re trying in real time and whether or not it’s working or totally flopping—diary-style.

So hi, here I am. About to do just that.

Maybe it will make me seem like less of an expert. But honestly? The pedestal shit is gross and dangerous AF.

So whatevs.

Also, I’m like shaking as I write this because I am BUZZZINGGGGG with uncontainable energy! Let’s see if I can wrangle my ADHD brain and have my fingers keep up with everything that’s zapping through!


Weekly Intentions + Outcomes

How I wanted to feel and what I set out to do this week (and how it went).

Well, this is awkward, but…as I went to fill out this section, I realized I hadn’t set any intentions or outcomes for the week…and haven’t for a while.

I have not been going into my weeks with a focus. I’ve just been sitting down in the pockets of time I have and feeling into what I have to get done or what I’m feeling in the mood to do. But there’s literally no intention or goal in sight.

I know that by having weekly intentions and outcome goals I’m shooting for, I’ll have more clarity on where I’m going, what to prioritize, I’ll prob save a shiz ton of time, and I’ll most likely move that needle everyone is always blabbing about.


Time + Project Breakdown

What I spent my time on…and was it a good use of my time, or not?


Hours Worked: 34.5

Longest Work Day: 9 hours

Shortest Work Day: 1 hour

As you can see, I didn’t work much on Monday or Friday, but I spent some time working on Saturday and a little bit of time on Sunday. I’m in the season of “Summer,” which means longer hours and more input than nromal. I know this is NOT sustainable for me in all seasons, but I’m very clear that right now, I’m in a season of putting in the work.


Where My Time Went

Most of my time this week was spent on marketing and content creation or my own support and growth.



Marketing: 24 Hours

  • 15 hours of my marketing time went towards my podcast strategy—specifically nailing the psychographics of my ideal listener.
    • This isn’t front-facing marketing (yet), but moreso important groundwork I need to get clear on.
    • For the first time EVER, I’m not launching a podcast on a whim for shits and giggles—I’m being highly intentional about it.
  • I spent 8 hours working on blog posts and IG content, and while this is a solid chunk of time, it’s helping to shape my thought leadership and core content.


My Growth: 7 Hours

  • I devoted 4.5 hours to deepening my Birth Story Medicine facilitation skills.
  • 75 minutes were spent on a Mastermind call.
  • And another 75 minutes were spent inside a relationship coaching call with Jake and our coach.

I also connected with my mama circle a bunch throughout the week, but it was when I was on the go or at night when I wasn’t at my computer clocking in the hours. Some of our conversations were personal, some were business-related.


Was It A Good Use of My Time?

I felt pretty energetic, productive, and in flow when creating this week.

That said, I know a lot of what I was doing wasn’t necessarily moving the needle towards big outcome goals.

Yes, I do need to lay the groundwork for this business, so it does take a lot of ideation and playing around with…anddddd…

I spent over an hour trying to come up with something for my IG bio…and people shared it was less clear than before LOLZ. 😑 I’ve edited it since, so check it out here and let me know what you think.

I know that in the future I do NOT want to be spending so much time on marketing every week. BUT AGAIN, we be layin’ that foundation!


Strategy Lab

Marketing and business strategies I’m experimenting with—and an honest look at whether they’re pure magic or total mess.


Mastermind Launch

Background info

For the past couple of weeks, I have been promoting my brand-spankin’ new “Rebirth Era Mamamind” experience for 6-9 mompreneurs. You can check out the mastermind deets here.


The results

I was honestly PUMPED about it! I wrote emails, posted on Instagram and Facebook, and had DM conversations.

And…I didn’t receive a single application. Whomp whomp.

Now, I know I could’ve continued my efforts and (hopefully) would’ve eventually gotten clients in it, but ultimately, I killed it off.

The incredible women in my mama circle reflected 4 HARD truths to me about why it prob wasn’t working.


My takeaways

Here’s why I don’t think it worked (this time around)…

Launching a mastermind in a new niche, right out of the gate is tricky.

The blog post didn’t mention this, but jumping straight into a high-level mastermind can be a risky and difficult move, especially when you’re switching niches and just starting to build content. Sure, I’ve been in business for a while. I know how to hold a high-level container, facilitate deep transformations, and get creative with business models and marketing. However, people don’t necessarily see me as an expert in this new area… yet. *

One thing not mentioned in that blog post is that it’s a bold (difficult) move to dive STRAIGHT into a high-level mastermind when you’re completely switching niches and are juuuust starting to put out content around it. In my mind, I’ve been at this biz thing for a while. I know how to hold a high-level space. I know how to dive deep and facilitate deep, lasting transformation. I know how to get innovative AF with biz models and marketing strategies…but in this new arena, I’m still building my reputation as an expert.

I do want to run this in the future, but now might not be the best time.


My audience isn’t necessarily familiar with my views on motherhood and business. 

While I’ve lived ‘em and written a fuck ton on them behind the scenes these past few years, I haven’t shared them publicly in posts. But now I’m starting to.


My current audience might not include my ideal clients. 

There seem to be a lot of people who:

  1. Aren’t moms
  2. Are SAHM
  3. Are moms dabbling in entrepreneurship


While my content can definitely help all the above, I have a different ideal client in mind.

They built thriving businesses pre-baby, but motherhood turned their world upside down. Suddenly, the very foundation of their identity (cough, who they were as a successful biz owner, cough) was in question. But who were they without their business? Cue the soul searching. Ultimately, they realized that they do desire to have a business—it’s a big part of their soul’s purpose and what lights them up. But it was no longer their whole identity. Plus, their “old way” of doing business (and maybe even the type of business itself) no longer resonated. 

That’s where I come in! I help these boss babes tuned boss mamas with babes bridge the gap. We work together to create businesses that align with and support their evolved identities, values, priorities, and goals. It’s about honoring their mamahood journey while reigniting the fire within that makes them come alive!


Long story short…I realized I need to grow my audience to align with my ideal client!


Longform Content

The idea:

I’m bringing back my blog and will be launching a podcast in the next 90 days. I’m also looking into Pinterest. Because I don’t want to be on the hamster wheel of creating content everrrryy single day and creating 12 posts a week that have a 12-hour lifespan. I want to go DEEP (like in this blog post!) and have it last.

The results:

I haven’t gone too far with the podcast or Pinterest shiz yet, but I’ll keep you posted as I do!



The idea:

F*ck around with Threads. 😏 I’ve been on the platform since it came out, but have really only spent the past few days diving in. I love how it’s quite unhinged and a place to share unfiltered thoughts, juicy strategy bites, and have real convos with people.

The results:

It’s going well! I’ve gotten more followers on Threads in the past couple of days than in the past couple of months on Instagram. The cool thing is that there’s great conversation and engagement, and peeps are also coming to hang out on my Instagram as a result.


48-Hour Offer

The idea:

Testing out free Voxer Biz Model Audits. For 48 hours only I invited people to answer 3 deep-dive questions via Voxer in text or audio and then sent an audio audit back to them. 

I wanted to:

  1. Provide value
  2. Conduct target market research to see what my peeps were really struggling with 
  3. Get a feel for if I enjoyed it speaking to mompreneurs around biz model content

The results:

I left this experiment feeling like I wanted to know more about each person and their business. While I did provide valuable insights and suggestions, it was hard not to ask a zillion more questions so I could really hone in. 

Not every person was an ideal client for the Mamamind, but I did hear some helpful tidbits about their struggles and desires.

I also realized that having that many people in my inbox was a bit overwhelming and confirmed that I only have so much bandwidth. I’m clear that I only want to go supa dupa deep with a select few clients.


The Biz Rebirth Diaries

The idea:

I explained a bunch of this at the very top of the blog, so won’t make this even longer, haha!

The results:

Well…let’s see! Please *do* reach out and share how you feel about this! I truly love getting feedback!


Marketing Numbers

A geeky peek at my social media and newsletter stats.


Pssst—I’m basically just plopping my numbers here for the stat geeks out there. In the future, I’ll share more insights about them.


Here’s where I’m starting, the week of March 18-24…


Followers: 2192 (+31)



Followers: 15,504 (+13)

  • Follows: 25
  • Unfollows: 12

Accounts reached: 1,155 (-9.5%)

  • Followers: 1,041
  • Non-followers: 114
  • By content type:
    • Posts: 1,455
    • Stories: 472
    • Reels: 71
    • Videos: 8

Accounts engaged: 139

  • 111 followers (+20.6%)
  • 28 non-followers (+133%)
  • By content type:
    • Posts: 126
    • Stories: 45
    • Reels: 2

Content interactions: 192 (+6%)



Subscribers: 2253 (-18)

Emails sent: 3

  • Average open rate: 28.93%
  • Average click rate: .16%


The Real Reel

No sugarcoating here. This is where I share the struggles I faced this week, from self-doubt to technical difficulties.


Killing off my mamamind stung my heart and ego.

I had spent so much time and energy on the marketing and content creation for it and was genuinely excited to welcome mamas in. It also made me question my business skills and ability to attract clients.


I’ve been struggling with the whole marketing thing. 

It’s funny because I feel like I’m really fucking good at zoning in on messaging and angles for others, but when it comes to me, it’s HARD. 

I’ve been feeling caught between not wanting to be too “business-y” and also not wanting to be too “airy-fairy transformational.”

Initially, my business besties shared that I was going too hard with the business strategy angle. But then, as I moved to the other side of the spectrum, they reflected that they wouldn’t necessarily jump at the chance to buy something solely aimed at a soulful deep-dive for mompreneurs. They wanted a very concrete result.

The thing is—I’m passionate about profound transformational work and love delivering badass results. Join one of my programs, and you’ll experience both. However, a significant portion of the initial “work” involves deep soul searching. After a decade in this space, I’ve come to learn that this is the key to anchoring yourself in your truth—not zig-zagging all over the place chasing one fleeting, surface-level trend to the next. It’s like locking your compass onto true north so you 

Here’s where my heart lies: I’m all in for the transformative journey and equally invested in delivering kickass results. Join one of my programs, and you’re gonna experience both. The catch? A significant part of the journey involves deep, introspective work. Over a decade in this field has crystallized my belief that true, lasting success is rooted in aligning with your authentic truth, beyond the fleeting allure of superficial trends. It’s about firmly setting your compass to true north and staying there.

The typical marketing playbook—selling what people think they want, then flipping the script once they’re in—just doesn’t sit right with me. 

So, I find myself at a crossroads, trying to craft the messaging for a new program I’m developing (it’s so good. LIKE SO GOO.) But articulating the journey and transformation in a way that compels people to buy is eluding me right now. MEOW.


I’ve been burning the midnight(ish) oil.

Lately, my work schedule has overflowed its usual boundaries, bleeding into hours I typically reserve for chillin’ and personal time. Case in point: It’s 10:49 PM on a Sunday, and here I am, pouring thoughts onto the page. But ooooh, baby! There’s an undeniable spark within me fueling this midnight oil burning. I’m fully aware this is just a season—propelled, in no small part, by the vibrant energy of my second trimester. 

I worry that if people get a peek into how much I’ve been working lately (hiii, now you do), they might be like nope, that’s too much for me, I’m outtie.


I was discouraged by the lack of response and engagement.

Okay, I know I’ve only been active with this new niche for about .2 seconds, but I like instant results 🤪 As a Projector in Human Design, recognition is important to me, and the absence of it can trigger that “not-self” bitterness. Eeeeek. But I know building a new audience takes time. (In the past couple of days I’ve actually had some amazing responses, so that’s been a nice lil boost!)

One of my mentors reflected to me that it would be far more helpful to focus on the self-theme of success and celebrate that—beyond the sales and engagement metrics. And that’s exactly what I’m doing – celebrating the journey and all the success I do have in my life and business. 


Successes I’m celebrating

I recorded my “successes” for two days last week. Here they are!

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

  • I’m becoming more and more present with Aisy when I’m with her. There are still times when I check my phone or respond to a message when I’m with her, but for the most part, my phone is out of reach; I’m immersed in whatever we’re doing!
  • I’ve done some DEEP work on my new podcast—I’m proud of myself for pulling back the reins and slowing down with the release of this baby so I can make it a work of art and magic!!
  • I had a Private Training workout sesh where I went slooooower than my normal pace inside of group classes (where I get SO competitive and need to be “the best”) and I am now focusing on lifting heavier vs. going faster. I’m celebrating that I’m not pushing myself and am prioritizing my energy over my ego.
  • I have started Part 3 of my Birth Story Medicine training. The aha’s, breakthroughs, and ideas that have come from this training have been EPIC. Also, the sessions I’ve been hosting have been powerful and it’s incredible to see how much more compassion and freedom people are experiencing after them.
  • I enjoyed a mastermind call where we dove into our auras and spoke about how a Projector’s magnetic field is all about cultivating success. So here I am 😝 celebrating it and cultivating it!!!
  • I had such a fun, silly evening with Aisy and Jake’s family, where I was incredibly present and keyed into gratitude—even when I was tired and wanted to just snuggle up at home. I soaked in the gorgeous view of the turquoise water and boats and all the amazing people filled with so much love around me.
  • I’m cultivating deep sisterhood and friendship with C + J inside of our Mama Circle. I’m so grateful for our nourishing, real, raw, deep, and supportive conversations. This is a space I’ve been seeking and craving for so long, and now it’s HERE.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

  • I spent a lot of morning time hanging out with Aisy. Jake, Aisy, and I went on a cafe date with “coffee + cookies.” Later on, Aisy and I searched for sea shells on the road and had fun playing with them.
  • I had a blast with Aisy at Kindermusik.
  • Celebrating a healthy, positive OB appointment!
  • I spent lots of time reflecting on the messages and truths I want to be sharing with my audience.
  • I shared a vulnerable IG post and newsletter about my misalignment in business and the power of being reflected by mamas in my Mama Circle. I received responses and acknowledgment around the message.
  • I was able to be home and present for moments like Aisy’s first time peeing in her potty!!
  • I supported my sister through navigating some tricky business stuff. Feeling her clarity and gratitude for my support made me feel very successful!
  • Having a beautifully connective call with Jake and our relationship coach. Hearing Jake’s words about his devotion, commitment, and love for me shifted something so deeply inside of me.
  • I opened my heart and shared something that was an edge for me inside of my Mama Circle. Usually, I would just keep my thoughts and feelings to myself, but in the practice of being more real, raw, and vulnerable, I said the uncomfortable truth I was experiencing.

Should I share more successes and personal tidbits moving forward? Let me know!


Sneak Peeks

Curious about what’s coming next? Get a sneak peek at exciting developments and upcoming projects I’m workin’ + twerkin’ on before anyone else does!


Free Telegram Micro Summit

Over the next few weeks (and beyond) I’m diving deep into audience strategy. As you know, I’ve pivoted my focus to supporting mamapreneurs who are rebuilding their businesses after motherhood. It’s an exciting shift, but I also recognize it’s a specific audience segment.

I’m toying with the idea of a free, micro-summit style experience on Telegram. I’m talkin’ value-packed, bite-sized learning—NOT a time-consuming and overwhelming conference lineup. 

Here’s the vision:

  • Storytelling Sessions: Seasoned mamapreneurs would share their journeys. It’s about learning from “wise women” who’ve been there, done that—and are a powerful source of inspiration and practical wisdom for mamas-to-be and moms who are currently in the process of rebirthing their business to align with their evolution.
  • Strategy Sessions: These would be packed with practical strategies and takeaways—tangible tools participants can implement right away. And also a community for the duration of the experience for accountability!
  • Asynchronous, Bite-Sized Consumption: It’s key to keep the speaker presentations concise (around 15 minutes). Busy mamas need digestible content they can enjoy on their own timelines!
  • Community Village: Community discussions and Q&A sessions to foster a sense of community and allow participants to connect and learn from each other.
  • Exclusive Offer (TBD): At the end, I’d unveil a special program designed to help mamas take their businesses to the next level.

This wouldn’t be your typical, all-day summit overload.  Think: focused, high-value, and designed to equip mamapreneurs with the tools and inspiration they need to thrive.

Obviously, the positioning of it will be vvv important so I definitely need to get more clear on the intention/promise/transformation.


Here’s where you come in!

  • What kind of micro-summit would YOU want to attend as a mamapreneur?
  • What burning questions do you have about navigating motherhood and business?
  • What results would be most valuable for you to walk away with?

DM me on Insta and let me know! Your input is pure gold and SO damn appreciated.


VIP Biz Rebirth Diaries Telegram Space

I know I’m sharing A LOT in here already. But I have SO much more to say…

I’m thinking of creating a dedicated space where we can dive even deeper into the Biz Rebirth Diaries. 

This VIP Telegram group will be your chance to:

  • Bite-sized Audio Diaries: Each section of the diary will be broken down into digestible audio clips, perfect for on-the-go consumption. Get ready for even more unfiltered details—things I might not always share here publicly.
  • Go beyond the blog: Get exclusive content, insights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Ask me anything Q+A’s: Get direct access to me to receive personal guidance, Q+A style.
  • Connect with fellow Biz Rebirth mamas: This is your chance to share your experiences and surround yourself with a nourishing and inspirational community of like-minded mompreneurs on a similar path.

To celebrate the initial launch, I’m thinking of making access to the VIP Biz Rebirth Diaries for only $11/month. The price will increase after the first few days, but this feels like a super fun and easy DUH!

Before I launch the VIP space, I want to hear from you! Would you be interested in it? What kind of exclusive content would be most valuable to you in a VIP Telegram space?


Overall Lesson of The Week

This is the biggest takeaway from this week and how I’m turning insight into action.



I can’t expect what worked for me in the past to work for me now. I’m in a totally different phase of life—starting a solo business in a new niche as a mompreneur in today’s online landscape is a different ball game entirely.

What I’m doing about it:

Allowing for this to take time. After all, I’m not just doing this for a quick, short-term win. I’m doing this for the long haul.

Even though I feel the time pressure of 3rd trimester and postpartum looming and want to DO IT ALL in my second trimester, I’m giving myself grace and space.

My focus is on aligned action and providing value. By showing up, doing what excites me, and sharing my expertise, I trust that things will click. Results will follow!


Your Implementable Action

A concrete step or strategy I’m inviting you to implement and experiment with this week. It’s time to make moves towards a business that reflects the evolution of you, mama!


This week, ditch the autopilot and step into Aligned Action & Clarity! Here’s your roadmap to a focused and fulfilling week.

Step 1: Define Success On Your Terms (Chart Your Course With Intention)

Before diving into specifics, take a moment to explore. How do you want to feel at the end of this week? What does success look and feel like for you? Visualize and write down these desires. They’ll be your compass throughout the week.

For example:

  • Spend more quality time with family, unplugged from work.
  • Be more present in the moment, no matter what I’m doing.
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


Step 2: Outcome Goals (Define Your Destination):

What specific, measurable results do you want to achieve this week?

Is it:

  • Enrolling new clients?
  • Launching a project? 
  • Completing a specific task? 

Clarity is key!


Step 3:  Process Goals (Action-Map Your Journey):

With your destination in sight, it’s time to plan your path.  Identify the actionable steps within your control that will move you toward your goals. These are your Process Goals.

Identify the actionable steps YOU control that will move you towards your outcomes. 

For example, if you want to enroll 2 clients, Process Goals might be:

  • Daily journaling for mindset work to keep you in the vibe of possibility
  • Sell daily (in IG stories, your newsletter, etc.)
  • Circle back to 3 past clients

Pssst—Wish you had a sexy Notion database to track all this?! I’m in the midst of creating one for myself and I’m thinking of giving the template to Biz Rebirth Diaries VIPs 😜

Remember, even the most well-defined goals should align with your deeper values (both personal and professional). Why are you spending your precious time, energy, and resources on these goals? Is everything you’re working on aligned with your core values? Are you building a life and business that truly light you up?  If not, it’s time for a course correction

Are you unsure of your core values? Stay tuned for my upcoming program, where we’ll explore them together (in a way you’ve probably never done before).

Give this a try this week and see what unfolds! 


Whatcha Think of The Biz Rebirth Diaries?!

 Please give me your honest feedback and input!


What did you LOVE?

  • Were there specific sections that resonated with you the most?

What could go?

  • Did anything feel unnecessary or drag on a bit?
  • Are there sections you’d like to see less of, or even removed completely?

What would you like to see more of?

  • Are you curious about a specific aspect of mamapreneurship and business that I didn’t cover here?
  • Do you have a suggestion for a new section you’d love to see included?

Interested in a VIP Biz Rebirth Diaries Telegram community?

  • Imagine getting this content in bite-sized audios, alongside opportunities for Q&A, inspiring + actionable content to fuel your big moves, and a supportive mamapreneur community—all for just $11/month! (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY).
  • DM me on Instagram if you want IN!



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