These 4 Hard Truths My Mama Circle Reflected Saved My Business

Lexi D'Angelo



(And My Precious Time, Money + Energy)

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and pretend not to see what you see?

In a circle of women grounded in radical truth, realness, and love, the act of hiding becomes impossible.

Over the past week I could feel something was off with my Mamamind launch. But I didn’t want to admit it. So I buried it and kept truckin’ along.

Until a call with two incredible women in my circle cracked everything wide open with their reflections.


Here’s what they shared…

1. You’re not sharing from the truth of what you’re living NOW.

Lexi…You’ve been wildly successful in business and you know what you’re talking about.****

But your truth is you’re STILL IN IT—you’re still in the deep identity transformation of becoming a mom and figuring out the path of your business during this season.

So your first offer out of the gate probably shouldn’t be focused on business.


2. Stop leading with business because you think you “should.”

Lexi…You’re leaning so heavily on the business angle in the Mamamind…but your people have been around the business block—and now they’re a mother and they’re like, “WAIT…What the actual fck? Why does no one talk about the monumental shift that’s happening here?”

No one is talking about how you spend allll these years being a boss babe and then you become a mother and it’s like oh shiiiit.

No one told you this would actually change EVERYTHING.

Your whole identity used to rest in how much money you made, how many followers you had, where you were being featured, etc.

And now you’re like, wait…do I even want that anymore? How do I navigate this? How do I pivot my business to make space for this internal shift that I didn’t see coming and had no idea would completely rock my identity, values, dreams, etc.?!

This is what you need to talk about!

3. Your people need truth-telling in circles > strategy in courses.

Along those lines…Lexi, your people don’t need more strategies. They need more seeing, witnessing, holding, being with. They want to circle with other entrepreneurial mamas.

They want the accountability of having a set time and space to drop into their heart and soul around what’s REALLY taking place inside themselves and their businesses.

What you create next should be about truth telling. Heart sharing. Circling around WTF is happening as a mother…as a woman…as a business owner…as ALL that you are.


4. Your most potent magic is in facilitating transformational experiences.

Lexi, as a past client who has experienced you gifts, your zone of magic is facilitation. You ask amazing questions and you know how to guide people to have deep, profound experiences that transform them on the inside, but also motivate them to make moves where it matters.

I would pay you to facilitate a journey with other entrepreneurial mamas around how the hell to navigate this identity shift and WTF to do in my business as a result. But! Let the deep work lead.


Holy moly reflections!!!


My initial ego reaction?


Shifting direction would mean weakness. Flakiness. Untrustworthy.



My soul’s reaction?


The reality is aligning with truth is all there is. It is strength. It is sturdiness. It is trustworthy.



Had I continued down the business-focused path I had come up with from some of the business-centric programs I’m part of, I’d be chasing what I thought I should do, what I thought would be profitable.

And while I value the strategic insights these business programs I’m in offer…

They don’t touch the core of what’s truly needed—

A dive into the heart and soul.

A circle where truth is the compass and where shiny “shoulds” are left to die. #RIP.


The real invaluable magic (not to mention, time, energy, and money saving!) comes from being held in a space where:

  • 🪞My multidimensionality is welcome, my values are explored, my stories heard, my grief held, and my magic celebrated…
  • 🪞I am truly seen (+ loved) for ME, patterns and all…
  • 🪞Difficult truths are reflected with BEAMING love and realness…
  • 🪞I am held accountable to walk my talk, and live out my deepest truths…


Got a circle like that, NAME?

That holds you, witnesses you, and guides you back to your core?

Craving it? Let’s chat. 😜

DM me on Instagram @lexidangelo (I love chatting in real time with you over there!) with “MAMA CIRCLE.”

I have zero pitch!! I just want to have a real, raw, honest convo about what you’re really needing and let’s be real…starving for right now 🤤



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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