Why Motherhood Demands a New Blueprint for Business Success

Lexi D'Angelo



The glorious world of coaching and entrepreneurship is bursting with oodles and oodles of “blueprints for success.” And while that’s cute and all when you’re in your maidenhood years, many of these models operate under the assumption of uninterrupted work days, the luxury of infinite energy, and either the expectation to GRIND IT OUT for 60 hours a week or tapping into your feminine flow state and only working when the divine muse of inspiration visits.


Motherhood operates under a whoooole separate set of laws. It might as well be in a galaxy of its own! Meaning none of the shit that used to work is likely to work now (at least not consistently). The reality is there are now more variables, more unpredictabilities, and far less time and energy to put towards your business (unless you have a machine-like team running the show).

So when things ARE flowing for us, when happen to have the time and space, and when we get a burst of energy we GO FOR IT.

BUT by doing so, we (unknowingly) fall into a steep and dangerous business model trap (I’ve been victim to this MANY a time and didn’t even realize what was going on)…


TRAP: Trying To Create a Business From Your Peak Energy + Excitement

Here’s a scene you might find familiar: Your family is finally ALL healthy, you’re buzzing from that second-trimester energy, you get a burst of creativity—whatever it is, you’re (finally) feeling yourself, hooray!

So you decide to revamp your business, design a program with a million bells and whistles, and hey, change the world why you’re at it.

And BOOM! Life happens (whether planned or not). You get the call from nursery that your toddler is puking up their ham and cheese sandwich, your daily routine gets shaken up with a family “vacation”, your nanny breaks their arm, or it’s just one of those days—weeks, months, whatevs.

Suddenly, you’re scrambling to keep up with commitments, feeling like a failure, and the business model that once seemed like a dream starts to feel like a nightmare.

Womp womp.

So WTF do you do? How do you stop life from well, life-ing?

Unfortunately, you can’t control the stop and starts of mamahood.

But you know what you CAN do?


You can design a business model that inherently accounts for the unpredictability of motherhood.

This isn’t just about creating more flexibility in your schedule (although that’s crucial too!

I’s about:

  • building a business structure that can bend without breaking
  • finding income sources that don’t dry up if you have to step away for a day (or many)—and instead, FILL YOUR BANK UP!
  • redefining what success really looks and feels like for you in the season you’re in.


TRICK #1: Ask yourself, “What can I commit to on my WORST days?!” (or weeks or months…)

Ditch The “All Or Nothing” Mentality.

Build a business that works with you, not against you. The trick is not about avoiding the stop-starts of mamahood but navigating them with intention.

Reflection Prompts:

  • Where are you telling yourself you have to do it ALL or do it a specific way or nothing at all…when that’s not the case?
  • Where are you letting the “stop-starts” of mamahood derail you? What are you making them mean about you? Your business? Your goals? Your potential?


Be Real About Your Capacity.

You’re a mama, not a superhero. Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Be honest about your energy levels and design your business (programs, marketing, support, team, etc.) around what you can realistically handle.

For example: Know 1st trimester of pregnancy is gonna zap your energy? Don’t plan a live workshop marathon then!

Action Steps:

  • Map out your energy levels throughout the day or month. Notice any patterns? Use these insights to schedule tasks during your peak energy times.
  • List your commitments and filter them through the “worst day” test. Can they withstand the test? If not, it’s time to pivot—scale back, automate, or eliminate. Adjust accordingly. For example, maybe you turn the weekly livestreams into weekly podcast episodes you can record at whatever hour works for you.


Focus on Consistent Delivery.

When I say consistent I don’t mean 3x a day or anyyything like that. Unless you feel that’s within your capacity. Forget the pressure of daily content creation or endless calls. Create a consistent rhythm that you know you can commit to—even during low-energy and busy seasons.

Action Steps:

  • What systems and structures can you put in place to support you so you can be more efficient? Pssst! Pre-recorded content, batching tasks, and automating what you can are your new BFFs.


TRICK #2: Know how to create for the season you’re in and how to harness the magic of that season—even if only temporarily.


Identify The Season You’re In.

Just like nature, our lives and businesses go through seasons. Identifying and embracing the season you’re in is key to leveraging its unique power. There are certain markers, symptoms, and signs that indicate what season you’re currently in. Knowing how to recognize the season is the first step.

Action Steps:

  • Pay attention to the signs. Are you feeling a burst of creative energy, or are you in need of rest and reflection? Your energy levels, creativity, and focus can all clue you in on your current season.


Harness The Power Of The Seasons You’re In.

Each season (yes, even Winter!) holds potent magic. Knowing how to strategically harness that power is everything.

Seasons Quickie Overview:

  • Spring: Bursting with new ideas? Spring is your season for planting those seeds. It’s time for brainstorming, mapping out potential course curricula, and setting the groundwork for future projects that are lighting your soul on fire!
  • Summer: Feelin’ the heat of your creativity and energy? Summer is ideal for ACTION—launching those products, running live sessions, and putting yourself out into the world (in-person events, podcast tours, etc.)
  • Autumn: As energy begins to wind down, use Autumn for harvesting the fruits of your labor. Evaluate what worked, learn from what didn’t, and begin to strategize for the future.
  • Winter: If you notice you are in need of a pause (or life just throws one at you), you might be in Winter. This is a season for rest and reflection. Use this time to recharge, contemplate your direction (always making sure to align it with your True North!), and lay the emotional and strategic foundations for what’s next.

Action Steps:

  • Reflect on the unique qualities of your current season. How can these traits inform your business strategy? Remember, adaptability is your bestie. And if you’re ever in doubt about your current season, our quiz (coming soon!) can help you pinpoint where you are and how best to navigate it 😉


Motherhood shatters the traditional business success model. It demands a new blueprint—one as adaptable as your six-year-old, as resilient as a rogue mole hair, and fiercely personal.

Throw out those dusty rulebooks (yours, the bro-marketer’s – none of them worked anyway). Instead, it’s time to pencil in your own definition of success. We’re not gonna etch it in stone and forget it, because motherhood is a constant evolution. Embrace your current truth, but remember, your North Star can shift. The key to thriving is knowing when to pause, strategize, and realign.

This isn’t just about survival (although, there are times when this might be true, and that’s okay!); it’s about metamorphosis**.** You’re evolving, and through it, constantly redefining what it means to do business on your terms as a mama.


Dive Deeper with the Rebirth Era Mamamind

For those ready to really shake things up while building a sustainable model that flexes with the ebbs and flows of mamahood, I’ve got something juuuust for you.



Forget one-size-fits-all. We will craft YOUR unique path to sustainable success that thrives through every season of Mamahood and life.


Inside of this intimate container we dive DEEP into creating a business model that:

  1. Sustainably thrives in ALL seasons of life, biz, and mamahood
  2. Knows how to uniquely capitalize on the specific season you’re in.


That’s why this is a super intimate space with just a handful of mamas who are ready to SHAKE SHIT UP (but also create sustainability for ALL the seasons and starts and stops mamahood inevitably throws at us).

P.S. There’s a juicy audio waiting for you, revealing how I’m specifically applying this to my own biz through ALL seasons. Get a sneak peek into my strategy!

Oh…and when you join now you’ll get 1:1 Voxer support from me until we kick things off as a group. Soooo we can jam on how this applies to you and your mama-aligned business—allll before the program starts. You’re welcome!


Ready to explore the details of the mamamind and what’s possible when you join us inside? View the experience and apply here.



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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