#BTS of My $54K CASH Month

Lexi D'Angelo



Imma talk to you aaaaall about how I hit my biggest month in business yet. And when I say biggest month, I’m talking $54,111.05 in cash baby. Pretty f*cking amazing, if I do say so myself. *toot toooot*

And honestly… Just a few months ago, this felt elusive to me. I’d had multiple months of breaking that 30k mark, but 50k felt like a whole new level of holy shiz balls.

I didn’t fully believe this was available for me until around April. And then after integrating the belief, voila, come May I did it

When I started talking about this on Instagram, people had sooo many great Q’s. And they all had a common theme:

“What was different this month in your biz?”

“What was the mindset shift this month you had to create this?”

“What were the new strategies you used this month?”

Buuuut, the truth? It wasn’t about that month in particular. It was about the foundation I had built up prior to that month that made it all possible. In January, I made a commitment that I was gonna create a dream business that was oh so in alignment, was completely about flow, and was done MY WAY. 

(If you didn’t catch the Episode 022 of the Tabwoo Podcast, Flow vs. Forced Business Model on the blog, go check it out now! I break down a lot of the ways I shifted and built the solid foundation I speak of in that raw and real segment.)

The biggest ‘thing’, the real kicker that got me these epic massive results… wasn’t even business focused. 


Shifting into My New Identity

When I first started this shift, I asked myself; “Who is the version of me who has already created a 50K month? What are her core beliefs? What are her predominant thoughts? How’s she feeling on the reg? What’s she doing with her time? ”

I used my signature techniques from Quantum $hift and the Tabwoo Practitioner Certification, which are super powerful, to make sure my mind, body, soul, and energy were operating at the highest vibration. I literally recoded my identity to invite in the next level version of myself who already had ‘the thing’… the elusive 50k cash month.

(P.S. Are you ready for YOUR version of breaking the income glass ceiling? Who am I kidding —you were ready to make waaaay more money in an easeful, aligned way like, yesterday (lolz). You can learn how to do it fast, AND get your clients the same results, right here poodle.)

Remember how I said the first layer wasn’t even biz related? Turns out, the first layer of my recode had to do with health and fitness. I recognized this 50k version of me is sexy, focused on nutrition, and healthy inside and out.

So I started eating healthy food, going for walks regularly, working on ma booty, and overall getting back into a regular health routine. At first, it felt like effort with a capital EFF. But then it became second nature (like all of a sudden my shopping cart was filled with veggies and I was hitting 10-20k steps a day with ease—not to mention, I lost 15 lbs) and I knew this level of my recode was complete.

Theeen I was able to dig even deeper. I asked myself, “What is the next layer that this 50k version of myself, that creates this much money easy peasy, what are her beliefs, thoughts, and feelings? How can I commit to those no matter what?”

In Episode 18 of the Tabwoo Podcast, I talked about my sold-out launch that didn’t require any sales calls, webinars, challenges… blah blah blah… and how I was able to do that. What selling my shiz out was all about was seeing my goal, knowing it was possible, and programming my beliefs to KNOW the results were coming. 

In the past, I would’ve given up when I didn’t see the tangible results. Because let’s get real for a second, Quantum $hift didn’t sell a single seat in the first five weeks that I was promoting it. 


That’s right. And I coulda just thrown my hands up in the air and given up because I wasn’t embodied in full faith that the results were coming. But because I’d done the work and did embody that faith, Quantum $hift 1.0 sold out and the women inside got amazetits results.

I took action from a place of next-level trust and brought that shiz in… which then made Quantum $hift 2.0 even easier to sell! I had epic social proof of the power that was inside. 

Here’s a truth bomb that if you FULLY live into, it will change everything:

Faith is the key to getting from where you are now to your desired reality. You must trust that your True (with a capital T because it’s your True Self’s TRUTH) desire is more real than the current evidence you are seeing with your limited human senses. And then take the aligned actions with the ultimate knowing that what you desire is already yours. 

Psssst—did you read how it’s NOT just about believing it’s already yours and sitting there doing nothing…but it’s ALSO about continuing to take aligned actions even if the tangible proof isn’t there? Ok, cool, just wanted to make sure!

My Key Practices for Identity Recoding 

A lot of you asked:

What did you do every day to accomplish this radical shift? Did you journal every day, meditate…”

The answers? YESSS!! I did it all… But, not in this stressed out, OMG I gotta journal for an hour today or I’m a failure kinda way. Here are some of the practices I used.


On May 3rd, I wrote in my journal:


  • “During my Future Rehearsing, I was envisioning my Certification Program and saw myself in this magical circle and ritual. I was creating such a deep, profound, magical experience.”


I was doing Future Rehearsing Every. Single. Day. 

This is something I created that allows me to tap into my future vision for myself. But it’s more than a guided meditation or a hypnosis experience… There are a lot of interesting factors that come into play within Future Rehearsing that bring powerful insights

Had I not done the Future Rehearsing, I wouldn’t have seen myself working with these women inside this extremely sacred container. I was able to tap into the fact that my experience had a magical, sacred element to it that was going to totally set it apart. 


Journaling, ya, but let’s get extra intentional.

I set up my journaling time to be as impactful as possible. I want to focus on my current beliefs, emotions, actions, and perceptions so I can see (with dope clarity) what wasn’t working for me…

And change my identity scripts to something far more empowering.

Here’s how you can too:

  • Write an entry from a place of gratitude as if you’ve already received everything it is you currently desire. For me, this looked like writing an entry about having already sold out my program and made my 50k month.
  • Write your ‘Potent Three’. This is so you can focus your priorities on the things that will have the greatest effect on the day. 
  • Journal your ideas for future programs, your future business, and your dream life. Let yourself enter the VORTEX where anyyyything is possible. Really feel into what you would create if you knew that you could have anything (because you can).
  • Acknowledge anywhere you’re stuck. Time to get realz with yourself, unicorn! Awareness of what’s holding you back is key. This is where my signature “Identity Scripts Recoding” process comes into play and makes miracles happen!

And lastly, don’t forget to acknowledge yourself for the amaaaaaze balls achievements you’ve already made.


I used to see people hit their massive income goals and be triggered AF. I’d go right to this place of whyyyyy them and not meeeee?! (Easy to do, right? We’ve all been there.)

And so, when I started kicking some serious assery and hit that big 50k cash month, I had a moment of “Oh shiiiiz, I don’t wanna share this… people are gonna be all triggered and annoyed by my wins.”

But the next-level version of me knew this was oooold programing (womp womp) that was not gonna serve me (or anyone else!) in the long run. So I shared.

And my worst fear happened. 

A friend of mine told me I had totally peed in her cheerios when she saw my FB post on my 50k month that morning. But then, something magical happened. 

We had this really conscious, amazing conversation around how it had pushed her buttons BUT ALSO really inspired her to start setting waaaay bigger goals…

Because I’d shown her what’s possible. 

And so, soul sister, I want YOU to inspire your people by sharing your wins, too.


A lot of you guys asked, “Were you selling multiple programs? What’s the breakdown of how the dough came in?”

I was focused on selling Quantum $hift 2.0 but I also sold some other shiz throughout the month. And one key thing I wanna touch on here is that many of the people signing up for the experience were repeat clients. This is totally a testament to the fact that when you provide a badass experience that gets results, it’s waaaaay easier to sell out your future programs!

I also shared sooo much about the results my peeps have had in experiences I’ve created in the past. So if you aren’t sharing the amazing wins your clients are having… DO IT!

The other burning Q you guys had was “Did you talk about your programs more in your messaging?” and the answer is I believe you should always talk about the amaaaaazetits opportunities you have available to work with you.

I was on my IG stories erryday letting people know what was up. And honestly, that’s where most of my enrollments came from! 

I did, however, have some other things come through that made me bank. And so, here’s the real deal breakdown of exactly how that 50k came to be.

The Brand Party: Three Showit Themes Sold

3x $497

The Brand Party: Custom Website Project Payment


The Brand Party: Social Media Templates

2x $47

One on One Client


Recurring Payment for Integrative Alchemy Session


Mastermind Group Recurring Payments

2x $1,111

Quantum $hift 1.0 Recurring Payments


Quantum $hift 2.0 Recurring Payments


Tabwoo Practitioner Certification: Early Bird Enrollment 

2x $7,997

2x $550

Membership Experience

21x $66

Affiliate Commissions



Aaaaand that brings me to my GRAND TOTAL epic month of $54,111.05 (all from sales under 10k whaaaaa!)

Like, people! I’ve got less than 4,000 people on my email list and only a couple hundred peeps watch my IG story.

I just wanna reiterate here, this isn’t about BIG numbers of followers (cuz I’ve gotten lost in that lie before). 

The emphasis here is that it’s about the foundation you build. 

How you raise your vibe.

How you commit to your beliefs.

How you shift the things not serving you.

How you embody trust.

How you step into the next level version of yourself.

This is whyyyy I am sharing the Tabwoo Practitioner Certification. I want you to fully experience the same thing as I did in aaaaall areas of your life and business…

AND serve your clients with the same tools. Inside, you’ll learn how to embody and teach:

  1. The Tabwoo™ Method
  2. Life and Success Coaching
  3. NLP
  4. Emotional Freedom Technique
  5. T.I.M.E. Techniques
  6. Hypnosis

So you, too, can stop wondering how others are doing it… And start doing it yourself. See you inside the certification program.

Get ready to walk away with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity. And of course, be sure to share your big takeaways with us over on Instagram.



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,



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