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Become a                                      who facilitates miracle-style results that are deep, immediate, + lasting.

Grow a                                + soul-aligned coaching business with ideal clients knocking down your door.

masterful practitioner

wildly prosperous

Become a                                      who facilitates miracle-style results that are deep, immediate, + lasting.

Grow a                            + soul-aligned coaching business with ideal clients knocking down your door.


Join our 12-month multimodality certification to master the tools, techniques, and practices of the Tabwoo Transformational Arts—aka a multidimensional blend of conscious and subconscious reprogramming; energetic and identity exploration; emotional and spiritual alchemy; and somatic and manifestation proficiency.

get certified in
5+ potent modalities!

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Get on the  Waitlist to get access to the VIP Early Witch Price!

Explore our course catalog + access trainings straight from the cert!


Our Approach

We will help you access the potent alchemical elixir that is transformation and break it down into its most basic elements so you can be that practitioner everyone raves about from the rooftops!

At the Tabwoo Institute, we are known for demystifying the elusive art of transformation and our Students are renowned for being the best of the best in the industry when it comes to catalyzing immediate, deep, and lasting change that leaves clients spellstruck.

We take a trauma-informed and inclusive approach and pride ourselves on paving the way for a new paradigm in the industry by consistently unlearning, learning, and innovating with the most cutting-edge, evidence-based practices.



Every single ingredient and feature that's been sprinkled into the Tabwoo Certification has been intentionally curated and crafted to equip our Students to be wildly competent and confident in their unique craft as a masterful and multidimensional practitioner.

Whether you’re completely new to the coaching and healing industry or a seasoned practitioner we’ve studied the anatomy of transformation and formulated a framework to help guide your decision-making and approach during transformational sessions to maximize your time, enhance your effectiveness, and remain on track toward helping your clients manifest the results they desire through your work together.

You’re interested in this Certification because you desire to learn how to have an inclusive, multidimensional and trauma-informed approach so that you can monetize your unique magic and mastery with integrity! You want a potent potion of the most powerful skills and golden alchemical nuggets of wisdom that have been distilled down from years of our Tabwoo Faculty.

This Certification is a culmination of the most masterful principles and tactics that can be applied to all different types of coaching topics regardless of the content (we’re talking success, sexuality, spirituality, health, finances, life transitions, and relationship coaching) and no matter who the client is in front of you or what stage of their journey they’re at.



Our Proprietary Tabwoo Method

Our Proprietary Method Is Rooted In Multidimensional Mastery



THE L.E.F.P. Process



In order to experience and facilitate immediate, deep, and lasting change, you must have expertise in the 4 Dimensions of Transformation—aka possess a multidimensional "Coaching Toolkit" that can support your clients with whatever is coming up for them. Anything less is incomplete and surface level.





THe 4 Dimensions of Transformation

When you're a multidimensional practitioner, you can address anything your clients come to you with. You know how to tap into your potent resources so you are able to accommodate the distinct needs of your clients. You have the ability to discern exactly what your client uniquely needs in the moment, and you're able to reach into your multidimensional Coaching Toolkit (aka the multitude of modalities you've mastered) to select and facilitate the exact tools and techniques that will be most powerful for their custom transformation process.

This is why, inside of Level I of the Certification...

You will take one course within each of the 4 Dimensions of Transformation—so you know how to competently and confidently navigate whatever a client comes to you with in a session.

They provide a practical, holistic framework to guide how you approach your sessions and client containers so that you tap into the most potent catalysts for change.

WORKING WITH The 4 DIMENSIONS Creates MultidimensionalITY


Take a moment to picture yourself with the confidence and competence to facilitate transformation in the mental, energetic, spiritual, and physical dimensions. This means...

• You're able to immediately recognize when your client is caught in their head, swirling in heavy emotions, having an identity crisis, or stuck in a rut they can’t seem to get out of.

• You intimately understand the mind-body connection and know when to step back and feel into the energy of a situation beyond what’s being said.

• You see yourself and your clients as whole, worthy, sovereign beings. You know you’re not here to fix—only to guide or hold space for healing to take place.

It's trusting your ability to meet your clients exactly where they are and have tools at the ready for any type of container or situation.

It is knowing in your bones that you contain multitudes of dimensions and your clients do too. You don’t try to pigeonhole or fit them into a box. And of course you know better than to do that to yourself!

What Does Multidimensionality  Look Like In Practice?


By implementing our step-by-step L.E.F.P. process, you'll learn cutting edge techniques and tools, embody your craft to experience quantum shifts, facilitate miracle-style results with clients, and prosper doing your highest level soul work in the world.


We can confidently say that our L.E.F.P. process is one of the many aspects that sets us apart from other programs and has allowed for hundreds of our Students to co-create magic with their clients and successfully grow the soul-aligned businesses of their dreams.

Unfortunately, many other programs will just focus on one or a couple of the elements of the L.E.F.P. process. For example, many certifications will teach you the theory and information about specific tools and practices, but they won't walk you step-by-step through the embodiment journey and support you in experiencing epic results for yourself. Or perhaps they'll hand you a script for a technique and tell you to "stick to the script" and that's that—they won't go deep into how to masterfully facilitate the techniques nor will they encourage you to uniquely infuse your own magic into the tools. And most likely, there won't be an emphasis on how to prosper in alignment with your one-of-a-kind coding so you are creating a business that is 111% aligned with your unique personality, purpose, passions and priorities.

But it is crucial that you are able to learn, embody, facilitate, and prosper—when all of these ingredients are combined, that's when the magic happens!

Our L.E.F.P. Process Is Fool-Proof And Fail-Proof


If you only focus on "Learn", you will...


• Uncover the theory behind everything you’re learning so you have a framework to ground you.

• Fulfill your need to have an intellectual understanding and foundation.

• Experience braingasms and aha’s like whoa!


• Only possess a mental understanding—but you can’t simply intellectualize everything and you must go beyond the mind in order to truly know something.

• Create a false sense of mastery. Learning how to do something is very different than the embodiment and execution of something.

• If you try to jump from "Learn" to "Facilitate" you will most likely be out of integrity and and therefore disrupt trust with clients.

If you only focus on "Embody", you will...


• Create a body-knowing of the theory you learned.

• Have a personal experience of what it’s like to go through the tools and techniques—so you know what works and where there might be bumps along the way.

• When it’s time to teach and facilitate transformation, you will be in total integrity and teach from your personal experience.


• If you don't know how to facilitate your tools + techniques then you’re keeping the magic to yourself.

• If you don’t know how to monetize your embodied work then you will be rich with experience but won’t be able to create the impact and income you desire.

• If you don’t have an intellectual understanding it might be difficult to support other people with grasping “how” something works.

If you only focus on "Facilitate", you will...


• Be able to competently and confidently work with anyone and facilitate immediate + lasting transformation.

• Automatically stand out for the miracle-style results you facilitate, and therefore you will become highly sought after.

• Continue the lineage of your sacred craft and therefore leave a profound legacy that lives on forever.


• Know how to facilitate a tool or technique, but you if you haven't had the embodied practice of it, you will be teaching out of integrity, which disrupts trust.

• Be in the dark around the ins and outs of how to create and sustain a profitable business—therefore it will be difficult to continue to carry out your soul work without getting burnt out and resentful.

If you only focus on "Prosper", you will...


• Uncover and implement strategies that are soul-aligned so you create and sustain a profitable business doing it your way.

• 2-10x your income so you can live your most fully expressed and empowered life.

• Increase your impact and be able to be a part of a powerful ripple effect that is seen and felt throughout the world.


• If you know how to launch a business and make money, but you’re not living in total embodiment and practicing your craft, you will most likely feel empty and burn out.

• If you’re great at ideation, content creation, marketing, and sales, but you’re clueless when it comes to providing next-level client support and care, then clients won’t get results, won’t rave from the rooftops, and won’t return for more.

What Happens If You Focus On Only One Of The Parts?







Every single modality, principle, technique, tool, and practice you learn you will also live—and become a master at teaching.

We know that in order to create the impact and income you desire and are destined for, you not only need to be the best of the best at what you do, but you also need to know how to create, launch, maintain, and scale a thriving business.

Not only will you have the highest level of support in mastering your craft, but we will help you personalize your experience to make sure you receive the support you need for whatever level of business you're at. Whether you're exploring becoming a coach or you're an established 6 figure + business owner, we've got you and we're here to help you be wildly successful—whatever that means to you.

After immersing yourself inside of this deep dive experience, you will come out on the other side as a transformational practitioner with the business know-how to rock your new certifications, serve your clients, AND hit your next-level money goals with the most incredible group of people supporting you along the way.


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Get on the  Waitlist to get access to the VIP Early Witch Price!

Explore our course catalog + access trainings straight from the cert!


Your Certification Path

Did you know you can choose your own certification path and enroll in either Level I or Level I + II? Let's break them down so you can decide on the most aligned fit for you and your goals and desires...



The first 4 months will be focused on the Tabwoo Core Method, which consists of 3 required Core Courses. At the completion of the Tabwoo Core Method you will be certified as a Transformational Life + Success Coach and be equipped with the foundational teachings, principles, and tools to support clients through whatever they bring to you in a session. 

Tabwoo Core Method (4 months)

trimester 1

course  1: prosperous practitioner

This course will help orient you inside of the Tabwoo Institute and set you up for wildly pleasurable prosperity and mastery!

Inside of the Certification, we are going to be touching on all "Areas of Life" and you will be given the teachings, tools, and practices to shift your current reality to your desired reality in each area.

Get ready to expand into the infinite possibilities available to you by immersing yourself in practices such as Time Warping, Expanding Your Capacity Meter, and Working With Your Money Attachment Style.

course 2: into the realms

Dive into the 4 Realms of Magic + Mastery and the 12 Tabwootypes™—a detailed personalized self-discovery system and tool that you will utilize to uncover your unique magic as a prosperous practitioner.

With this knowledge you will be able to illuminate your innate strengths and challenges as a practitioner, identify specific strategies for setting and getting your big goals, and determine the most aligned business model for y-o-u.

Plus! Learn how to utilize the Realms + Tabwootypes with your clients to personalize the transformation journey on a whole new level. There are no one-size-fits-all cookie cutters to be found here and your clients will deeply appreciate and benefit from the high level of customization you provide them with. 

course 3: transformational practiTioner essentials

This course is designed to give you the cutting edge theory, tools, and teachings to demystify the art and anatomy of transformation.

It covers everything from a detailed coach approach and how to uniquely structure your sessions with clients, to creating powerful program containers, to working with the nuances of energy, to understanding trauma and the nervous system.

You'll emerge from this course with a holistic, multidimensional perspective on how to facilitate deep, immediate, and lasting shifts for your clients. 

explore our CERTIFICATION course catalog


We are firm believers that it is crucial to be a multidimensional practitioner who is competent and confident in facilitating miracle-style results in ALL 4 Dimensions of Transformation—1) the Mental + Mindset dimension, 2) the Energetic + Identity dimension, 3) the Emotional + Spiritual dimension, and 4) the Somatic + Physical dimension.

However! We don't believe that every Student should be certified in the exact same modalities—that just creates more carbon copies and we are here to usher in an entirely new paradigm of leadership and coaching. We are here to train the world's most trusted and sought after practitioners who are experts at their distinct craft and who stand out and sell out because of their unique, one-of-a-kind magic.

This is why our Tabwoo Practitioners take 1 Single Modality Certification Course (SMCC) of their choice in each of the 4 Dimensions of Transformation, for a total of 4 SMCCs. Each SMCC you take will certify you in that specific modality.

Multidimensional Mastery (4 months)

Trimester 2

course 4: select from MENTAL + MINDSET DIMENSION

For Course 4, you will choose 1 course option the Mental + Mindset Dimension of Transformation. Mental + Mindset certification courses:

COURSE 5: SELECT FROM energetic + identity dimension

For Course 5, you will choose 1 course option from the Energetic + Identity Dimension of Transformation. Energetic + Identity certification courses:

COURSE 6: SELECT FROM emotional + spiritual dimension

For Course 6, you will choose 1 course option from the Emotional + Spiritual Dimension of Transformation. Emotional + Spiritual certification courses:

course 7: select from physical + somatic dimension

For Course 7, you will choose 1 course option from the Physical + Somatic Dimension of Transformation. Physical + Somatic certification courses:

explore our CERTIFICATION course catalog


When you get certified in 1 modality from each of the 4 Dimensions of Transformation, you will possess a multidimensional Coaching Toolkit that allows you to support anyone with anything they come to you with.

this is priceless!

YOU CAN ALSO DEEPEN into your existing studies or add more single modality certification courses to your COACHING TOOLKIT!

Access our coveted "Business School" program complete with trainings, templates, and strategies that can be customized to align with your purpose, passions, and personality. Plus, receive personalized support for growing your prosperous and pleasurable business.

Monetize Your Magic (4 months)

trimester 3

  • Lesson 1: The 4 C's
  • Lesson 2: Your Vision, Values + Promise
  • Lesson 3: Your Unique Magic
  • Lesson 4: The Enchanted Business Model
  • Lesson 5: Legally Protect Your Tabwooty

course 1

  • Lesson 1: Witchy Research
  • Lesson 2: Crystal Ball Client Clarity
  • Lesson 3: Target Market vs. Ideal Client vs. Niche
  • Lesson 4: Positioning Potion

course 2

  • Lesson 1: Choose Your Transform Offer
  • Lesson 2: Validate Your Offer
  • Lesson 3: The Magic Bridge
  • Lesson 4: Prepare For The Program Journey
  • Lesson 5: Uncover Your Program's Mile Markers
  • Lesson 6: Detailing Your Map
  • Lesson 7: Bringing Your Program To Life

course 3

  • Lesson 1: Program Archetype Deep Dive
  • Lesson 2: More Messaging Prompts
  • Lesson 3: Messaging Elixirs
  • Lesson 4: Content Cauldron

course 4

  • Lesson 1: Sales Check-In
  • Lesson 2: Sales Page Secrets
  • Lesson 3: Program Applications
  • Lesson 4: Permission Based + Consensual Sales
  • Lesson 5: Sale$ Richual$
  • Lesson 6: Craft Your Sales Sorcery Script
  • Lesson 7: Selling Via DM's
  • Lesson 8: Navigating Objections
  • Lesson 9: Track Your Sales + Stats

course 5

  • Lesson 1: Foundations of Your Brand
  • Lesson 2: Vision, Values + Brand Vibe
  • Lesson 3: Peer Landscape Research
  • Lesson 4: Mood Board Magic
  • Lesson 5: Colors And Fonts, Oh My!
  • Lesson 6: Patterns, Photos + Graphics
  • Lesson 7: Weaving All Of Your Brand Elements Together
  • Lesson 8: Brand Voice + Dictionary

course 6

  • Lesson 1: Website Goals + Homepage Strategy
  • Lesson 2: Casting Spells With Your About + Services Pages
  • Lesson 3: Making Your Blog Magical
  • Lesson 4: Opt-In, Thank You, and Contact Grimoire
  • Lesson 5: Potion Brewing With Sales Pages + 404 Pages
  • Lesson 6: SEO Secrets
  • Lesson 7: Creating Excitement With Social Media + Newsletters
  • Lesson 8: Creating Enchanting Graphics
  • Lesson 9: Guest Expert Bonus Workshops!

course 7

Level I and Level I + II Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick, at-a-glance comparison between our Level I and Level I + II Transformational Arts Practitioner paths.

the magic included

level 2

level 1

trimester 1 (tabwoo core method - 4 months)

  • Orientation
  • Prosperous Practitioner Course
  • Into the Realms Course
  • Transformational Practitioner Essentials Course
  • 4-Day Virtual Retreat

trimester 2 (multidimensional mastery - 4 months)

  • (1) Mental + Mindset Certification Course
  • (1) Energetic + Identity  Certification Course
  • (1) Emotional + Spiritual  Certification Course
  • (1) Physical + Somatic  Certification Course

trimester 3 (business school - 4 months)

  • Business Foundations Course
  • Client Clarity Course
  • Craft your Prosperous Offer Course
  • Messaging + Content Cauldron Course
  • Sales Sorcery Course
  • Brand Brew Course
  • Website Witchcraft Course

additional elements

  • Personal Transformation Guide Support
  • Each month: (1) Coaching Demo Call; (1) Experiential Call; (1) Practicum Call; (1) Craft + Cash Call; (1) Coven Call





noteworthy numbers






of students reported an


in 3 months (or less) inside level 1 of the certification


of students surveyed who were active in the community up to date with their certification studies reported a significant


we asked our practitioners to rate their coaching confidence on a scale of 0-10–prior to the certification & at month 3:


before cert


at month 3

"When I was starting the cert back in October, I was literally starting over from scratch so I was at zero. In fact, my business didn't officially launch until January. So far I've had 17 people in my 1:1 group program, enrolled 47 students in my self study courses, has 297 sign up for my Micro Audio Summit, and have had 23 in misc 1:1 60 minute sessions for a total of 87 paying clients." 

"I've cleared 60K this year so far (starting from zero that's like x60,000, lol)."

"I was booking 1-2 client sessions a month before joining the cert. and now I am easily booking 10-15 sessions per month, if not more."

"I am only 3 months in, and I have not only been able to cover my monthly payments for the cert. I have gone from an average of $100/month to an average of $1.5K/mth in just three months. I am CONFIDENT that I will not only make back my investment, but exceed it BEFORE finishing, and hit my goal of 5K months."

"I've started making so many more sales since I joined the program. The cool thing is... a lot of my sales are coming from within the Tabwoo community! I doubled the amount of private clients I have going from 2 to 4 and had 10 people join my program!"

"I was charging $2,000/month to work with me 1:1. I recently doubled my prices to $4,000/month and feel really aligned with that price because of the way I can serve my clients with mindset, energy, and strategy."

"June and July have been my biggest months in business this year. A huge part of this was just getting over my own BS and realizing how truly magical I am, which the cert has helped with a lot. My income increased almost 5x from May to June."

"I 5Xed my prices + then sold TWO spots at my new prices within 24 hours. If I didn't invest in myself and the Certification I'd still have really limiting beliefs and would not have a community of family who have elevated me!"

"Inside of the Certification I've gone from being a coach who makes $0.00 to making $4,000 in just a few weeks. It can be easy and fun and working with Lexi I learned HOW to do that."

"The Certification is Life changing. I have healed so much and it's opened the door to more opportunities both professionally and personally. Plus, since joining the Certification my income has increased 30%."

"I've more than doubled my ROI in the Certification since starting (it's not over yet) and more than 2xed my income by stepping into my most magnetic Quantum Co-Creatrix."

"I went from 0k to 10k months working with you, and now beyond that—I've booked 50k in January and it's only February 9th and I've booked 7k+!! I've been able to 17x my investment at this point and we're not even finished."

Your Commitment

Each Student is unique in the way that they learn and transform. To account for this, we have many different ways to experience the magic inside of our courses. 

Each course is [1] month long and is designed for deep immersion into the modality you’re being certified in. That being said, you will have access to your course content for [12] months so you can continually return to it and continue to deepen your mastery.

We intentionally crafted our courses to help you claim mastery in your chosen modality and deliver profound and lasting transformation with clients.

While each course might vary in the number of lessons, they each consist of approximately:

Aka reading through the Learn Spellbook, watching video trainings, and learning the theory of teachings, techniques, and tools.

of "Learning"

10 HRS

Aka filling out the immersive prompts inside of the Embody Spellbook and practicing the tools and techniques on yourself for your own personal transformation.


10 HRS

Aka reading the Facilitation Spellbook, watching the Practicum Demo videos, facilitating and experiencing Practicums outside of the live Practicum call times, and hosting Facilitation Sessions.



Aka filling out the Prosper Spellbook, implementing what you're learning inside of your business, and marketing your magic.



See Call Types in the Certification Features section below.

of Live Group Calls

7.5 HRS

Is what you can expect to spend on your learning, embodying, facilitating, and prospering. 


6-12 HRS

explore our course catalog

Are you one of the select few who is ready to commit to your sacred craft? Snag your "Prospective Student Hall Pass" to go behind the Tabwoo Castle Doors to explore our in-depth certification course catalog and get a feel for how you can customize your Tabwoo Certification path to achieve your unique goals. Your Hall Pass will also give you access to #BTS videos about the Certification experience as well as lesson trainings straight from the courses inside!

explore our CERTIFICATION course catalog

student love





I made a promise to myself that this month I will embody my worthiness from simply being - not from a place of yearning, or hustling, or being in my masculine (which is my comfort zone). 2 weeks into embodying this - I somehow attracted 2 unicorn clients that found me on Instagram, generating $4800 without me even trying or doing any marketing. And I woke up today with one of my new clients referring her best friend to me - signing another $2000! $6.8K in 2 weeks from simply being in my feminine - And I haven't even released my signature programs yet. Grateful for Tabwoo for finally giving me the foundation to understand how to embrace my own energetics to manifest through embodiment!

Michelle Saya

I went back to the Potent Priority Spell I completed back in April of 2021 during Quantum $hift. I wanted to compare my desires now from the ones I had when I filled the Q$ to see the differences. And here I read the CERT being in my 1-year goal. So #confettitoss for me on finding a way to get to the CERT and for Tabwoo for being so good at what they do that even a W+C like me stays focus on getting that goal ticked off.

Aline Arcis

I held back with sharing wins lately, but want to share that I hit around 120K in revenue in the first quarter of 2021 - which is absolutely out of this world for me! Special thanks to Chrissy for your massive support #phoenixcovenforthewin! Also a HUGE thank you to Lexi - streching myself into investing in this certifications has been my kickstarter in expanding to those levels. 

Yasmin Breden

As you move through the Embody Spellbook, you'll find out that the Tabwoo already has your back on this desire - there's spellwork for every type to bring out the repressed and hidden traits of you. And (spoiler alert) they are potent as fuck. I did my sovereign spellwork, didn't think much on how it would help at the time. 24 hours later I barely recognise myself just littering high standards all over the place! 

Natalie Venning 

I just want to give a standing ovation for and 2 encores to Lexi D'Angelo and all of the AMAZING HUMANS behind the scenes of Tabwoo! I am reading the Learn Spellbook of ITR and I am completely blown away by the depth of information and the accuracy of the Tabwootypes! I mean, the WHOLE DAMN EXPERIENCE IS AWESOME, but this is some "next-level" understanding of self!!! I am SO glad I took the leap to join!

V. Readus

Becoming a Tabwoo student was definitely one of the roses of the year; it has brought me sooo many new ways of thinking, being, and serving (and I've met seriously the best people). I want to say a very big THANK YOU to Vicki Reisima for her leadership as my TG. Your ability to hold space and create community that feels safe and stretchy (aka challenging) has helped me rise to my potential. Thank you for SHOWING how to stand in power, humility, and humour.

Meghan Bonhomme

join the waitlist


Get on the  Waitlist to get access to the VIP Early Witch Price!

Explore our course catalog + access trainings straight from the cert!


Certification Features

Multidimensional Trainings + Spellbooks

Multidimensional Trainings + Spellbooks

At the beginning of each month you will receive access to all the content for that specific course—so you can choose your most aligned schedule for approaching your studies.

You will have access to Video Trainings (also available as audios) and Spellbooks (immersive workbooks) that fall under the following categories:

"Learn" Trainings + Spellbooks to help you understand the theory and teachings behind the techniques and modalities;

"Embody" Trainings + Spellbooks to support you in having a personalized experience of the techniques and modalities to 1) have miracle-style results of your own 2) to create true integrity when it comes to facilitating them with others;

"Facilitate" Trainings + Spellbooks with scripts, practitioner notes, and tips for using the techniques and modalities with clients;

"Prosper" Trainings + Spellbooks to support you with creating a thriving and prosperous business so you can increase your impact + income.

Transcripts of each training are also provided.

Personal Transformation Guide

Personal Transformation Guide

You will be matched with a Transformation guide (TG) who will support you throughout the entire Certification to ensure you receive personalized support, and hold you accountable to exceed your goals!

• Receive a 30-minute 1:1 Welcome Call to connect with your TG and so they can learn about your goals and intentions to best support you along the way.
• Get ongoing support from your Transformation Guide (TG) via weekly check-ins, support in the Castle space (our virtual portal), and on calls.

More details about TG support are provided in the features below, and you can get to know our Tabwoo TGs by heading to "Meet Your Guides".

As one of our past Students, Michelle Margaret, shared, "Tabwoo is seriously better than eHarmony with pairing Students with their TG's. It's the best possible match I could've come up with for myself."



Each Transformation Guide has a Coven of Students they’re assigned to. This is a smaller group of Students (around 12-20 Students per Coven) to create an even more intimate and personalized Certification experience. 

Our Coven support consists of:

Monthly Coven Calls to gather in sacred community to witness, acknowledge, celebrate, and support the wild journey of being a masterful practitioner and entrepreneur.

Coven Castle Space where you can connect, celebrate, and collaborate with your fellow Covenlings. Your Coven's TG will also share important Coven updates and info here!

Coven Voxer Support to have deeper chats via voice notes with your fellow Covenlings. Your TG will also be monitoring the space and chiming in from time to time.



We offer 4 different types of calls inside of each course. Each call type is offered two times a month on different days and times, for a total of 8 possible calls to attend each month.


Purpose: To observe, experience, and break down the elements of coaching mastery

Overview: This is an opportunity to be an apprentice of coaching mastery by…
• Observing the way that masterful practitioners select and facilitate various modalities and techniques to utilize with clients
• Receiving in-depth support as the client in the demo seat and experiencing what it is like to be coached through the lens of all 4 Dimensions of Transformation


Purpose: To receive quick, laser coaching on anything that's coming up around mastering your craft and becoming sold out as a prosperous business owner. Each call also focuses on cash-infusion strategies and abundant action steps to help you make more money doing your highest level soul work.

Overview: Students can ask questions about…
• Their craft and how to uniquely infuse the modalities into the work they're doing
• A difficult client or team situation they're experiencing
• Sales page + marketing copy feedback
• Fear of showing up and confidently sharing their offers
• Etc.


Purpose: To increase your competence and confidence with facilitating the course-specific techniques and tools, as well as give you an opportunity to experience shifts inside of your own life and business.

Overview: On the live call Students will break up into groups of 3 to practice being the Practitioner, Client, and Observer. Our Transformation Guides will also be available during the call to answer any questions that might come up during the Practicum.


Purpose: To provide Students with a deeper integration of various techniques, tools, and practices so they can personally and professionally transform and up-level.

Overview: On the live call Students will be guided on an experiential journey to move through blocks that have been keeping them stuck, shift emotions, create deeper embodiment, and increase their capacity to receive wild prosperity.


Purpose: To gather in sacred community to witness, acknowledge, celebrate, and support the wild journey of being a masterful practitioner and entrepreneur. 

Overview: This is a very flowy call and each Coven Call will take on a different flavor depending on what the group needs. You support and hold so many, so this is your time and space to be held, supported, and receive. 

The Castle

The Castle

The Castle is our private community and resource center where all of the content and student engagement takes place. This is your go-to space for learning, engaging with your fellow Students and Covenlings, and getting questions answered. This is where our Students...

• Access course videos and Spellbooks

• Ask questions about the content, life, and business to receive support in between calls

• Hang out in the "Common Room" where you can ask questions in the larger Certification group

• Hang out in your "Coven Spaces" to have more personal and intimate connections with your fellow Covenlings

Private Student Portal

Private Student Portal

We custom-make a private Notion “portal” that is completely personalized and updated regularly to track your progress inside of your course experience. This is your go-to place to submit and review course forms and celebrate your progress!

Spells + Prizes

Spells + Prizes

We’ve created a fun way to gamify the experience for those of you who love friendly competition AND the ability to win some incredible prizes. When you take certain actions inside of the Certification, you will be able to earn points, which will ultimately win you prizes! One way to earn points is through mastering Spells.

Prizes include social media + newsletter features to our collective audience of over 30k; 1:1 Coaching Sessions; Voxer Support; Tabwoo Enhance Your Craft Cash; etc.