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Become a masterful practitioner who confidently facilitates miracle-style results that make you stand out and sell out.

Become a masterful practitioner who confidently facilitates miracle-style results that make you stand out and sell out.

 Inside of this unique experience, you will master the tools, techniques, and practices of personal + professional development, conscious + subconscious reprogramming, and modern + ancient magic to create a wildly prosperous business on your terms—aka without ever sacrificing your purpose, passions, and priorities in the process.

Now is your time to claim what you've always known to be true—that you're a badass witch who has potent powers unlike any other. 

If you're anything like me and have been waiting for your letter from Hogwarts to arrive, the wait is over. You are finally going to be taught how to practice REAL magic that leaves your clients spellbound.

you get to have a wildly successful business that creates the impact, income, and fulfillment you desire (AND DESERVE). 

You get to feel deeply connected to yourself and the projects you immerse yourself in.

You get to show up each day excited to serve your clients and celebrate their epic wins.

You get to have a life and business beyond your wildest dreams...

It starts with you.
It starts with learning, applying and embodying techniques to facilitate transformation.
It starts with the Tabwoo™.

Because your results STAND OUT, and in turn, your programs SELL OUT.

And - GOOD NEWS - it doesn’t start with some wild MLM scheme, a $100k degree, or howling at the full moon naked (though, we support that last one.) 


The Tabwoo™ Institute is here to help you reach your next level of success and fulfillment by diving into provocative and potent topics, tools, and practices in the realms of subconscious programming, spirituality, sexuality, soul work, and everything in-between. 

We’re here to dismantle outdated paradigms and cast spells for change that elevate humanity to a new state of consciousness—where inclusivity, intuition, and innovation are revered, respected, and reign supreme.

The Tabwoo™ is the magical meeting place of the taboo and woo, where you embrace your edges, and express your unapologetic truth.

To be clear, the Tabwoo is normal, it’s just not normalized—yet. 

The Tabwoo™ Institute is where you remember, embody, and claim YOU (this includes transmuting your negative beliefs and stepping into your power), learn the skills to facilitate the profound transformation for others, and build a profitable business with high-end offerings that SELL OUT. 

This is the world you were made for. And, these are the tools you need to create it. 


Going from making a couple thousand dollars a month to $10k in just 2 weeks...

Previously having a paralyzing fear of being visible online to livestreaming daily and prepping for their TED Talk...

Healing years of trauma in a 90-minute session that years of therapy couldn't...




You are so ready to cut through the bullshit + fluff and learn how to create miracle-style results for your clients.



You can't help but be envious when other coaches share about their client's EPIC results. You want to be known and sought out for your magic-making skills too, but you currently lack the confidence and know-how to facilitate profound and lasting transformation. You dream of your clients shouting about you from the rooftops and sharing their wins like...

you didn't get the results you were hoping for. #disappointing

You wanted to learn a skill but the “training” was hours and hours of videos with zero engagement. It was a whole lotta information without integration and implementation. You wanted a community, shared energy, and accountability to dig in and really learn so you could take the next step in creation.



There's a biiiig difference between people saying things like, "Omg, I love you, you're the best!" and "OMG, you create the best of the best results and I'm ready for those NOW. Take my money, plzzzz."



You're frustrated AF that you've spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours investing in yourself only to have a few sheets of certification papers to show for 'em. You're ready for a return on your investment so you can make it rain with money, honey! Plus, you're ready to uncover how to attract clients who are ready to invest the big bucks.  Unfortunately, they were more committed to making the sale than supporting you with your transformation. 

you've invested YOUR TIME, MONEY, + ENERGY
(many times over) but YOU HAVEN'T SEEN AN ROI AND...

You had to puzzle-piece it together, and still, the learning was incomplete. 

You want an approach that’s holistic and supportive. You want to learn from a leader who has transformational skills AND the experience of running a multi-six figure business that’s THRIVING-- not some piecemeal system from a marketer who doesn’t understand healing or skills from a healer who doesn’t understand business. You need BOTH. 

and spiritual healers, but...


I'm Lexi D'Angelo, the Founder + Creator of the Tabwoo Institute of Magic + Mastery™ and the Tabwoo™ Practitioner Certification.

I help multi-dimensional leaders tap into their potent power and equip themselves with transformational tools, techniques, and practices that make them stand out and sell out.


I was making 5-figure months...BUT MY CLIENTS WEREn'T.


NLP, T.I.M.E. Techniques, Hypnosis and EFT were the missing ingredients to my "epic success + fulfillment" potion (if you're like, "Ummm, what the heck are these things?!" I'll explain more below).

Once I had those in my possession I was able to sprinkle them into my already simmering cauldron of knowledge, tools, and techniques. What emerged was a highly effective modality for change called Integrative Alchemy™ and I made it my sole (and soul) mission to fully embody its principles and practices. That's when everything changed and magic ensued. 

I’m ALL about transformation, living fully, and dismantling the norm to create a life and business rooted in your deepest desires.
And, I’m here to help you experience (please see: life changing) results for yourself, and in turn, learn how to facilitate this for your clients as well so you can build a business and life that leaves a lasting imprint and legacy.

Translation? I help healers (whether you know you’re one yet or not) make money with a combination of top notch techniques for transformation and business building. 

Even after spending nearly a decade immersed in the realms of personal development, holistic wellness, coaching, and marketing, AND spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on courses, programs, events, and certifications to deepen my skillset and expertise, I was still left feeling "meh" about the results I was co-creating with clients. Things were good, but not great.

I also get that while this might "sound nice" it might also feel realllllly fucking far off.
I also understand that you might feel frustrated AF because you know how smart and capable you are, yet you either don't feel like a master at what you do OR you don't know how to use your magic to facilitate epic results clients rave about.

AN IMMERSIVE 9-month experience for coaches, healers, and leaders who are ready to claim their mastery and competently + confidently facilitate miracle-style results that stand out. and sell out (at high level prices). 

I’m ALL about transformation, living fully, and dismantling the norm to create a life and business rooted in your deepest desires.
And, I’m here to help you experience (please see: life changing) results for yourself, and in turn, learn how to facilitate this for your clients as well so you can build a business and life that leaves a lasting imprint and legacy.

presents the

THE Tabwoo™ Practitioner Certification is a potent blend of neuroscience, energetics, psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics and a healthy dose of business strategy to help you amp up your transformational skills and build a profitable business around them.

1. Certified Success Coach + Life Coach
2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
3. T.I.M.E. Techniques Practitioner
4. Clinical Hypnotherapist
5. Emotional Freedom Techniques
6. Integrative Alchemy™


Become a masterful coach to facilitates deep and lasting transformation with your clients AND create fulfilling and sustainable success YOUR way—aka without sacrificing your purpose, passions, and priorities in the process. Coaching is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry, which means there's so much opportunity for growth and prosperity. You will learn the tools, skills, and strategies to create a 6-7 figure and beyond business that you're head over heels in love with!


NLP is known as one of the quickest and most effective ways to work with the conscious and unconscious mind to produce real and measurable results. The techniques, principles, and practices provide a way for people to remove self-imposed limitations and take radical responsibility where they can be at choice for how they think, feel and act—and ultimately make their wildest fantasies their reality now. You'll learn how to use all the NLP Practitioner level tools for your own life, one-on-one use, and group facilitation.


Hot damn! T.I.M.E. techniques are potent AF and have the power to immediately heal and eliminate blocks, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, phobias, and self-sabotaging patterns. You'll also learn how to use T.I.M.E. techniques to install goals into your future and your clients' futures with ease and success.


​You will learn techniques for hypnotizing people, both overtly and covertly using progressive-relaxation and conversational hypnotic language patterns. Hypnosis is an amazing technique to gain access to the inner mind and has been proven to be extremely beneficial in working with the subconscious to eliminate unwanted habits, ways of being, and beliefs and replace them with far more empowering ones that support your client's desired goals and outcomes.


EFT is a set of techniques designed to balance the energy system of the body, eliminating negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging patterns. EFT is based on the same scientifically proven principles as acupuncture, but is able to easily be utilized anytime or any place without any equipment.

NOTE: These trainings are fully accredited and meet the standards for certification by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners so your certifications have world-wide recognition and validity.


Integrative Alchemy™ is my signature modality that I've created from a culmination of my personal and professional experiences. With the use of Integrative Alchemy™, I was able to not only 10x my income, but I halved my work hours and began attracting the most swoon-worthy clients I could have ever dreamed of. I was able to lose 15+ lbs and felt incredible in my body. I fell more head over heels with my business and life than I ever had before.

Here, you’ll learn the foundations of your inner programming, Quantum Co-Creatix Channeling, methods and modalities to shift your (and your client’s) reality right now, creating habits and ritual$, and other ways to bring your desired future to the present. 

Inside of this experience you will not only become certified in the craft of Integrative Alchemy™ but you will also receive 5 world-recognized certifications for a total of 6 potent and transformational modalities!


2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x+ their investment

Selling their first $50k coaching package that they had previously been experiencing fear around

Making the most money they've made in a day so far (oh, and it was "easy")

Saying, "I'm literally a completely different person now—I’m the person who raised my rates AND sold my consulting package at my next level price."

Channeling an entire sales page for their new course that "POURED" through them because they felt so inspired and had so many new ideas around...and then opening it up for enrollment the next day and signing on clients (this was after previously feeling SO blocked around the course, creation, and selling)

Finding and hiring DREAM team members that they thought didn't exist, which resulted in feeling fully supported and confident about going on maternity leave and OFFICIALLY stepping into the CEO role inside of their business for GOOD (their team now runs their business for them and they don’t touch the nitty gritty)

Clients who have experienced just one Integrative Alchemy session have had results like:

NOW imagine what's possible when we spend a whole 9 MONTHS together ;)

want a peek at what's possible?

"Before working with Lexi I had just started my business this year and while I was beginning to create a following, I couldn't seem to close and I had blocks around my offers. I knew I had a money mindset and self-worth issue and even though I was working really, really hard, I wasn't generating the results.

And then my whole reality changed. I was working less—or at least feel like it because I spend my mornings at the beach, doing hot yoga, dreaming up my life, and feeling really sexy. I have really great sleep and really great meals. I'm no longer the archetype of the hustling entrepreneur that lives on Ramen, coffee, and 3 hours of sleep. My whole lifestyle and income completed shifted and I had my first pay in full client, money coming from new sources, amazing opportunities that came my way, and I made my first 5-figures.


Lotus Sky

In the past it had taken my 6 months to make 5-figures and in just one month inside of the Quantum $hift program, I made $12,000 from shifting my mindset and being in a completely different state. These techniques and modalities really work.

And I joined the IAP Certification because I got so much out of 30 days in Quantum $hift and I'm now ready to be a master at them. 

Since enrolling in the Certification I've sold 2 VIP days—and it's so much different than before. I used to think before calls that 'no one is going to buy, why am I getting on this call?' and now I know, 'I'm going to change this person's life.' It's a total transformation.

I really believe this will help other people, so if you're ready for that next step, definitely do it! I am a very different person than who I was just a month ago. I'm a lot lighter, happier, in alignment, and grateful. Thank you, Lexi, for making this easy. It's actually so fun and easy. It's not rocket science, but it IS magical. They're simple techniques that are so profound.

Also, the tools I've learned have absolutely helped my clients too. Even though I consider myself a musical channel and shamanic guide, I still integrate these teachings with my own clients, so I can't wait to use them more with in my life and with my clients even more. Everyone deserves to have more of this magic for themselves.

One other thing is that this group is full of amazing people doing some really cool things, which is not the case with many other business masterminds that tend to be so dry and square. So if you have this creative and magical spirit and are seeking something beautiful and unique to you, I think this group would be a really great fit for you."

"I’m a very self-aware person so I was pretty pleasantly surprised to discover the beliefs-beneath-the-beliefs through Lexi’s thoughtful question process. Once I was able to articulate the true limiting belief at play, Lexi got started on her next magical Integrative Alchemy process. What began as feeling highly emotionally-charged (and not in the good way) became quickly and completely re-routed into expansion and empowerment. Suddenly, I felt more available to create and to believe. I felt more available to trust myself and to trust the process.

Since our session, I’ve attracted new clients and several other potential clients have reached out (unprompted!!) to work together. Abundance Embodiment: Unlocked! The changes were deep, immediate, AND sustained!" 

(Intuitive Business Coach - helping solopreneurs uplevel by ditching the hustle and realigning to their soul's unique strategy)

Marley Jamason

"I came to Lexi feeling frustrated because I had worked with my coach on creating a brilliant strategy and business plan for the next few months, but I wasn't able to take action because of some limiting beliefs and parts of myself being in conflict with each other.

I realized that no amount of strategy or systems in my business were going to solve the problem I was experiencing, so I had to do something different.

I honestly didn't really know what I was going to experience in her Integrative Alchemy intensive but I knew I needed support in fully stepping into my power and hitting my big business goals.

I'm so happy I did because inside of our 90-minute session I experienced so much healing and goodness that I needed not only for my soul but for my business. My work with Lexi is proof that investing in the inner work makes me money.

Since working with Lexi, I was able to finally feel confident to take the actions I had been feeling blocked around and made 3k in booked sales in one day. If you're an entrepreneur wanting to fully step into your power and move past weird subconscious blocks that you might not even know are running the show, work with Lexi! " 

(CEO at Meg K & Co - helping biz owners & visionaries
manage their magic with systems)

Megan Baker

"Lexi is amazing, she's literally changed my life. I went into the I went session feeling so crippled by my own self-sabotage and limiting beliefs and came out feeling so liberated. I feel like a new person. Just making this video alone is such a big deal. I decided to invest in this because I was so sick and tired and didn't want to spend one more day in the cage of my limiting beliefs.

With the help of Lexi I've completely obliterated my limiting beliefs. They're not even of me anymore. I've been one of those people who have bought programs and stopped and started. I was so scared that the transformation wouldn't stick and would wear off, but it's been almost a week and I feel amazing.

I feel so much more in touch with my inner voice. I went from insecure to daring and I'm so excited about my future, which is such a good feeling. If you're thinking about investing with Lexi, I'd highly recommend it. The girl knows what she's doing and she's funny. I left feeling like a million bucks. Whatever fears you have about investing, it's worth it."


Narley Karikari

"Duuuude...Lexi is M A G I C A L...

I knew she was brilliant at branding + biz strategy...has a huge heart...and is my favorite person to talk about new TV shows about teenagers with magical powers...

But I just did an NLP session with her and FUCK much came up and through and I feel this sense of safety and ease in my system I haven't in a while.

If you haven't worked with her it. Straight up potency and heart and insight!"

"Update! I just sold my first $50k package. Please use me as a testimonial."

(Magnetic Marketing Mentor / Energetic Publicist for entrepreneurs)

Rebecca Ives Rubin

The TABWOO Practitioner
Certification Difference

I know you're done wasting time, money, and energy on modalities and certifications that don't deliver.

Here's why we believe our certification is the best.

1. We train our students to become Transformational Practitioners WHO EXPERIENCE + Facilitate QUANTUM RESULTS in ALL areas of their life—not just business.

We have people reaching out all the time asking HOW it’s possible that all of our students are getting miracle-style results in such a short period of time. It defies logic. It defies linear models.

There’s a reason why our students experience miracle-style results that defy "reality." Because it's QUANTUM. 

From the outside perspective of someone who has been stuck in linear, logical, and rational paradigms for so long, what our students have been able to accomplish can seem totally and utterly impossible.

When people have heard that our students have tripled their rates, 2-10xed their income, and are attracting swoon-worthy clients in days or sounds ludicrous to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

When our students share how they've released 10, 20, 30+ lbs of weight…are healing trauma that has been plaguing them for years…are amping up their sex life and deep connection with their partners, etc. etc...others are confused AF because they thought this was a business program that only yielded biz results.

And when our students say that they can’t even recognize who they are anymore because their identity has shifted SO profoundly and they drop to the floor crying and laughing that they're finally who they knew they were always meant to be...everyone else is like, "WHAT IS THIS HOCUS POCUS?" 

This “hocus pocus” is the Tabwoo™ and it is real—even if it’s not easily able to be quantified, conceptualized, or calculated.

To me, the classic coaching paradigm is alike to Newtonian Physics—aka consisting of concepts that are concrete and calculable absolutes. Whereas, the Tabwoo™ model is alike to Quantum Physics—aka infinite possibilities and realities exist in every moment and the world is relative. 


Most NLP trainings and programs focus on mind-based approaches, which are important, but are only 25% of the transformation equation. This is why we use a multi-dimensional approach and have a signature framework we teach in order to yield results unlike any other program out there.

In order to experience and facilitate immediate, deep, and lasting change, you must have expertise in the 4 Realms of Magic + Mastery. Anything less is incomplete and surface level. 





Inside of this Realm, transformation is approached from the "mental" level and you utilize tools and techniques that dive into mindset work and conscious + subconscious recoding. This is where "top-down" healing takes place. Possibility, curiosity, ideas, the mind, and communication reign supreme inside of the Realm of Wind + Chaos.

WIND + CHAOS (aka the mental realm)

Inside of this Realm, transformation is approached from the "energetic" level and you utilize tools and techniques that explore who you are as a unique individual and how to unapologetically express your True Self. Profound identity and belief work take place at this level, including examining your conditioning and dismantling outdated paradigms. Passion, action, will, creativity, sexuality, and exploration reign supreme inside of the Realm of Flame + Expression.

FLAME + EXPRESSION (aka the energetic realm)

Inside of this Realm, transformation is approached from the "spiritual" and "emotional" level and you utilize tools and techniques that support you with tapping into your intuition and a knowing beyond your limited human senses so you can develop next-level trust in mystery and magic. Emotion, alchemy, intuition, mystery, shadows, and the "woo" reign supreme inside of the Realm of Mist + Depths.

MIST + DEPTHS (aka the spiritual + emotional realm)

Inside of this Realm, transformation is approached from the "physical" and "somatic" level and you utilize tools and techniques that help you go beyond cognitive approaches and return to a deep connection to your body to experience "bottom-up" healing. Embodied knowing, sensuality, abundance, structure, legacy, and connection to nature reign supreme of the Realm of Matter + Knowing.

MATTER + KNOWING (aka the physical + somatic realm)


"Coaching" as we know it is an outdated paradigm that is overdue for a reinvention.

I don't know about you, but I feel like the coaching industry has forgotten and discarded the sacredness of transformational experiences. It's ditched depth for deceptive tactics. Personalization for profit. Magic for mainstream methods. 

We've gotten so caught up in the quick fixes and magic pills that we’ve been taught to look for the shortcuts—the 5 day programs or 2-week certifications that promise results, but in reality, leave us more disoriented than we started.

There are many programs that will certify you in just a few weeks, which miiiight sound sexy at first (I totally get that you want to be as efficient and effective as possible with how you spend your time), but let's be real—a certification program where you passively watch videos, read off of a script to prove your "skills", and fill out an open-book test are ultimately not going to instill the level of competence and confidence you need to be a master at your craft.

I cannot count the number of people who have wanted to do our certification, but found options that were "faster" and/or less "expensive"...only to enroll elsewhere and come back to me shortly after sharing they didn’t get what they really needed.  They said it was information overload without truly taking into account their unique learning styles and transformation styles...they were left on their own and had to scramble to put the pieces together.

And the ironic part is, a majority of these people then end up enrolling in our certification even after being certified at the practitioner, master practitioner, and even trainer levels...which means they're on an even longer timeline and have invested even more of their time, money, and energy than they had initially planned.

This is because mastery is not created through shortcuts. Mastery is created through consistent embodiment, integration, and actions that result in a compound effect. 

In the process of obtaining true mastery, a magic so potent occurs that then timelines collapse. It’s not some sham smoke and mirrors act, but true deep, immediate, and lasting transformation that sticks.

That's why we don't have a week or month long experience that promises results but leaves you flailing and trying to figure it out on your own. We have a complete system that is always personalized to you and we guide you every step of the way. Which brings me to...

4. We have created a complete step-by-step system to ensure mastery in youR craft and wild success IN your business.

We know that in order to create the impact and income you desire and are destined for, you not only need to be the best of the best at what you do, but you also need to know how to create, launch, maintain, and scale a thriving business.

Not only will you experience our multi-dimensional Practitioner Curriculum, but you will also journey through our in-depth Business Curriculum. While we have a proven framework to guide you step-by-step through the entire program, we also help you personalize your experience to make sure you receive the support you need for whatever level of business you're at. Whether you're exploring becoming a coach or you're an established 6 figure + business owner, we've got you.

After 9 months of immersion, you will come out on the other side as a transformation professional with the business know-how to rock your new certifications, serve your clients, AND hit your next-level money goals with the most incredible group of people supporting you along the way.

"I'm celebrating my biggest sales and cash month EVER this month. My sales more than doubled, and my cash close to doubled, which feels really good."

But that’s just our take.
Here’s what some of our Certified Practitioners have to say

The 4 Elements of a Stand Out + Sold Out Practitioner





You will cultivate the knowledge, skills, tools, and capabilities that are needed to learn the craft of Success + Life Coaching, NLP, T.I.M.E., Hypnosis, EFT, and Integrative Alchemy.

Before teaching these epic modalities, you will fully embody the learnings and experience personal transformation and mastery. After all, it's far more powerful when you can guide people where you've already journeyed!

Once you’ve experienced the magic of these modalities for yourself, you will be taught the most potent and powerful ways to integrate them with the work you facilitate with your clients.




What’s unique to this experience is that during the first part of the Certification, the focus is on helping you achieve a miracle-style result in an area of your life or business.

This is done intentionally to help you cultivate complete confidence that this WORKS and so you can truly share about your own experience from a place of integrity.

Every single modality, principle, technique, tool, and practice you learn you will also live—and become a master at teaching.

Embodiment is what sets APART the MASTER PRACTITIONERS FROM THE BASIC coaches. A true master doesn’t just preach their craft, they practice it—again, and again, and again.


We don’t just teach, we facilitate transformation and magic (duh, it's not called the Tabwoo™ for nothing).


Now it's time to monetize your magic! Learn how to create wildly prosperous success on your terms without ever sacrificing your purpose, passions, and priorities in the process.


Click the button below to get access to the detailed curriculum for
the Tabwoo™ Practitioner Certification.

The Curriculum

If you think you can just dive right into creating your website then, NEWS ALERT, you’re wrong! It’s so important that you first uncover your distinct messaging so when peeps land on your site it’s crystal clear what you do and why they need your help.

Download this epic workbook to zone in on your distinct messaging + positioning so you can shout your expertise from the rooftops and bring allll your unicorn clients to the yard.




Snapshot of the Magic Included

Immediate access to the Orientation Portal, which will set you up for success inside of the Certification. ($997 Value)

80+ "Craft Trainings", Lessons, and Interactive Spellwork Guides to help you deepen and master your craft as a Transformational Practitioner ($7,500 Value)

45+ "Business Trainings", Lessons, and Interactive Spellwork Guides to support you in creating a wildly successful business ($5,000 Value)

Get 1:1 Support from your Transformation Guide (TG) — You will be matched with a TG who will support you throughout the entire Certification to answer your questions, ensure you receive personalized support, and hold you accountable to exceed your goals! (PRICELESS)

(1) 60-minute Personalized Prosperity Path intensive with your Transformation Guide to support you with identifying your top outcome goals and creating a customized, step-by-step plan to achieve them! ($597 Value)

(3) 45-minute 1:1 Sessions with your Transformation Guide to effectively and enjoyably navigate your Personalized Prosperity Path and to receive mindset, emotional, and spiritual support. ($1,500 Value)

(9) Business Strategy Calls where you can submit materials like sales pages, webinar slides, email sequences, and social media posts to receive feedback on. Plus, receive high-level business strategy support to help you multiply your impact and income. ($4,500 Value)

(9) Magic Seat Calls to practice skills of each of the 4 Realms of Magic + Mastery. These calls are an incredible experience to learn how to facilitate transformation through a different lens than your "Primary Realm." We promise this will make sense once you're inside. ($4,500 Value)

(9) Coaching + Craft Calls where you can get any questioned answered about the Practitioner Curriculum as well as be guided through anything that is coming up for you—this is the perfect call to move through emotions, tap into your soul, and receive mindset support ($4,500 Value)

(9) Coven Calls with your assigned Coven (aka a smaller group of Students for a more intimate and personalized experience). These are lead by your Transformation Guide. ($4,500 Value)

(10) Practicum Calls where we'll teach a new technique or tool, do a live demonstration of the technique, and then break students up into groups to practice being both the practitioner and the client. You will leave these calls with a newfound sense of competence and confidence in your practitioner skills and experiencing deep healing and transformation as the client. This is also a great opportunity to gather testimonials! ($5,000 Value)

5-Day In-Person Experience to deepen your mastery and co-create magic—early 2021, as long as it’s safe to gather! ($7,500 Value) 

Private Facebook Community for interim support, accountability, and feedback. ($497 Value)

“Social Media Spellwork” prompts to help you implement the techniques, tools, and strategies you’re learning into your everyday life + business and share on social media. This will also help you come up with content creation to share with your peeps and allow for more engagement. ($397 Value)

Resource Center with access to PDFs, exercises, hypnosis scripts, meditations, and various practices you can use with your clients ($397 Value).

the tabwoo practitioner prosperity PATH

In order to implement the magic above, you will be guided on the potent and proven 18-Step "Tabwoo™ Practitioner Prosperity Path." And while this is a framework that brews results like clockwork, there is nothing cookie-cutter about it.


Understand what True North looks and feels like for you inside of your Life and Business so you can make sure you’re always calibrated and centered.

Create the space and presence needed to thrive inside of the Certification.

Learn how to warp time so you can maximize your results with minimal time.

Establish Your Business Foundations

Identify your top priority Outcome Goals and Process Goals to create a detailed path of what to do on a monthly and weekly basis to make them your reality

Uncover your Enchanted Business Model to create immediate AND sustainable income.

Zone in on your vision, values, and vibe to create the anchor that your business and decisions will be rooted in.

Meet + Embody Your Quantum Co-Creatrix Self

Identify the version of you who has ALL the things you desire and create your sustainable strategy for making those things your reality now.

Establish potent habits and rituals that catapult you into your truest and highest self NOW.

Learn techniques and tools for collapsing timelines to bring your goals closer each day.

ConjurE Your
Positioning Potion

Identify the elements that make up your Unique Magic and swirl them together so you can clearly, concisely, and confidently convey the magic you possess with your ideal peeps.

Learn the language your swoon-worthy clients are speaking so they feel like you’re a gifted mind reader who gets them on a soul level.

Conduct Target Market Research (the magical way, not the basic muggle way) to develop distinct and magnetic messaging that signals you/your business/your experiences as THE solution they’ve been waiting for. 


Uncover your subconscious money programming and identify the top “money scripts” that are running on autopilot and creating your current reality.

Learn about the 4 Money Attachment Styles and how they’re affecting your relationship with money. Plus, be able to spot the signs of each style for your clients so you know how to properly “diagnose” and “remedy” the sitch.

Implement Strategies, Practices, and Spells for each of the Attachment Styles to create a secure and thriving relationship with money.

Identify your Abundance Meter’s current settings and learn how to hit the “reset” button to reprogram it for the next level of success and abundance.


Identify, create, market, and sell (with ease and fun) your Prosperous Offer that you can confidently sell to increase your impact and income, STAT!

Uncover our easy and effective method to swirl your 1:1 genius into a scalable offering.

Craft a compelling curriculum that caters to all learning and transformation styles for lasting change.

Identify your Pricing Potion Concoction to land on the sweet (and prosperous) spot to sell out your offers


Go beyond basic coaching and enter the 4 Realms of Magic + Mastery to uncover your clients’ go-to mode of operation and how to open them up to other modes to create more choice and possibilities.

Learn Core Transformational Skills like powerful questioning and deep listening to get to the root of the situation and “hear” what they’re not saying; activation to help your clients achieve their next-level goals; sacred space holding to create a container of