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:: WHAT’S BREWIN’ :: updates, exciting news, and some witchy gossip

My cauldron has been HOT lately, peeps. I just released my newest, most transcendental container EVVAAAAA. Introduciiiing…

The Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification

Become a top leader + master practitioner who facilitates miracle-style client results that make you stand out and sell out (at high-level prices) by mastering the tools, techniques, and practices of personal + professional development, conscious + subconscious reprogramming, and modern + ancient magic.

If you haven’t heard, the doors to the Integrative Alchemy Practitioner Certification are *officially* open! BUT, there’s only a week left to enroll before the VIP Unicorn Price goes POOF! After June 30th, the price will be going up by $1,000, so you definitely want to get in now.

By the end of our 6 life-changing months together, you will be certified in SIX transformational modalities:

  1. Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner
  2. Certified Success Coach + Life Coach
  3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  4. T.I.M.E. Techniques Practitioner
  5. Clinical Hypnotherapist
  6. Emotional Freedom Techniques

Witch, say whaaa? Yeah, this is magical AF and only for people who are ready to become the BEST of the best at their craft. Aka, this is for you, dee.

Check out the deets and apply 

:: TRICKS, SPELLS + RICHUAL$ :: master the craft of personal + professional transformation

 Proof of Magic

Track + share evidence of your desires becoming your reality!

When something takes place that’s a clue that what you’re desiring is manifesting, write it down in your journal or in a document called Proof of Magic. For example, if someone comments on a post of yours saying they’re 100% resonating with what you’re saying…or an amazing opportunity comes across your path…or you come across a sign that you asked for, etc., write it down and record the ‘proof.’

This does three important things:

1) It makes you put even more intention and focus towards seeking proof of what you desire and tasks your RAS (Reticular Activating System) to seek out more evidence, experiences, and opportunities that will get you closer to your desired goal.

2) If you ever feel doubts or insecurities creep in, it serves as a beautiful reminder that things ARE working in your favor and that if you shift your focus back to the positive and what you seek, you will continue to attract what you desire.

PRO TIP: Come share your Proof of Magic inside of The Coven so you can claim what you’re calling in and be witnessed and celebrated in the process! Be sure to use #proofofmagic in your post 🙂

:: TIME WARP :: in case you missed it, we’ll *poof* you back in time to check out past content

The Lexi Show

#BTS of My $54k CASH Month

Inside of this episode I break down EXACTLY what I did to create a $54,111.05 CASH MONTH. HOLLLLLA! I answer all of the q’s that you submitted about how I made this my reality and I’m pretty sure what I’m going to share is going to surprise you 😉 And I know it’s going to rock your socks and help you create your own epic success on YOUR terms! 

I’ll also be sharing the dirty deets of EXACTLY what I sold (how many of each product/program and the prices), as well as the strategies I implemented. You don’t wanna miss this one!

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From The Blog

Flow vs. Forced Business Model

In this blog post, we’re diving into what it means to have a Forced Business Model based off of the Law of Fixed Formulas vs. a Flow Business Model based off of the Law of Frequency. Say whaaaa?

If you feel like you’re currently struggling inside of your business, whether that be because you’re uninspired, feeling like you need to work hard to get results, or feeling overwhelmed with what the “gurus” are saying, this is for you.

And if you feel pretty damn good about the trajectory of your business, but know there’s even more room for alignment, flow, fun, magic, and abundance, this is also for you 😉

Keep readin’ here…

:: UNDER THE SPELL OF :: the peeps, resources, and tools we’re spellstruck by

Shereen Sun

“Lead from the Heart, Change the World: Advice From 30+ Experts on How to Thrive in Your Sacred Business”:

I don’t usually say yes to summits. In fact, 99.9% of the time it’s a big HELLS NO. Buuuut, here are 3 reasons why I said yes to my friend Shereen Sun’s free interview series “Lead from the Heart, Change the World: Advice From 30+ Experts on How to Thrive in Your Sacred Business”:

1) It’s not a bunch of business coaches giving you cookie cutter formulas or scripts. These are authors, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, influencers, and healers that have found a way to make their business their own AND to make it really work for them.

2) People keep it real on this summit. It’s not a bunch of spiritual people talking sunshine and rainbows or spiritually bypassing the bigger issues. It’ll help you see that you’re not alone, and there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not making tons of money (yet) or always in a super enlightened place.

3) This ain’t Shereen’s first rodeo – it’s her fifth. The way she does things is opposite of the stuffy, traditional summit. It’s actually fun, and we go deep to talk about the honest realities of our world and how we can use our businesses to do better.

I had SO much fun during my interview, not to mention, I gave away some amazeballs content I typically only share with paid clients 😉

Reserve your spot here for FREE. The magic starts July 9.

:: BADASS WITCHES :: tossin’ confetti in our cauldron for our students who are makin’ magic!

Cara Mendez

Soon-to-be certified Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner!

Hey! I’m Cara Mendez, Intuitive Business & Lifestyle Coach for lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurial moms ready to step into their true calling, own their power and create the epic freaking life they desire on their terms.

I’m a homeschooling mom of 5 GORGEOUS kiddos and wife to my sexy, rockstar husband. And I am a lover of allllll things manifestation, mindset, self-care and simplification.

The Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification was a HELL YES because I have been dabbling in NLP since last year and had some amazing results on my own. But I wanted to take it further and learn how to use it to support my clients more masterfully. Since Lexi is the perfect blend of witchy, woo-woo and practical action taking, it was a NO BRAINER when she told me she was launching a certification program. I’d been following her for a while waiting for just the right opportunity to work with her. This was it!

I know this certification is going to quantum leap my life and allow me to sustainably grow my business to fully support my family by the end of this year and retire my husband from a business that is sucking his soul. Once we sell our company, we will then have the freedom to move our family across the country to live in our dream city of San Diego. *happy dance*

Ready to join Cara and the other magic makers inside of the Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification? Apply now

The Coven is our virtual community where we gather to share the top resources and tools to facilitate miracle-style results for ourselves and our clients. If you want to be a badass witch who makes magic in ALL realms of her life, you’ve gotta join us inside (btw, it’s FREE…you’re welcome).

Each week, I’ll be answering your burning questions about business, leadership, coaching, manifestation, mindset, NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, spirituality, you name it! But in order to get your q answered, you’ve gotta be a member of The Coven!

:: COVEN Q+A :: answering the burning q’s from the witches in our coven (pssst—join for free below)


Hi hi! I’m curious if you have any fun tips for moving past upper limits, Lexi? I’m starting to witness allll the things materialize over the past bit (losing the weight I set out to, the guy I’m wild for is totally falling for me, new clients are aligning #confettitoss!) all at once – which is precisely what I am consciously creating – AND I feel like I hit a kind of wall this evening. Feels like upper limit type thing. I shifted past most of it already but I’m curious if you have any thoughts?


Hey hey!! So I often find there’s not ONE thing you can do and POOF, your upper limits are gone. Working with the subconscious through TIME Techniques, Parts Integration, EFT, Hypnosis, etc. have been really powerful, but there are also conscious things you can do to (it typically just takes more repetition).

  1. Become aware of your upper and lower limit thermostat is for each of the areas. So for example, what’s the lowest weight you usually allow yourself to reach before saying (consciously or subconsciously) some version of, “NOPE. I can’t let it get this good…time to gain weight again.” And what’s the highest weight you usually allow yourself to reach before saying (consciously or subconsciously), “YIKES. I refuse to gain anymore weight, it’s time to get serious about losing it…”

This is important because then you know your “comfort zone” and the boundaries of it.

  1. Uncover what the conscious or subconscious beliefs are around that area of your life. Sooo again for weight, maybe you feel it’s not safe to be x weight because then you’ll receive more attention from people and that means…or that other womxn might feel threatened/triggered by your fit body…etc.

  1. Identify the self-sabotaging patterns that come up when you hit your upper limit. Sooo let’s say that when you reach your ideal weight, you maybe stop working out and. Or maybe you decide to indulge constantly. Simply identifying these patterns brings them into your awareness, which allows you to make new decisions. This takes effort, for sure, but the more you practice, the easier it will get.

4. Commit to shifting your identity and how you see yourself—this is HUGE. A fit person always works out. An abundant AF coach always attracts high paying clients. The more you can step into your new identities and expand your energetic container for what you can hold, the easier this will get, until these things become your new normals. Allllll the work we do inside of the Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification will help you AND your clients to do this


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