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Recently I came full circle and accomplished something I’ve been dreaming about for over one year. I hosted the first live Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioners Certification event. *Pause for applause* lolz Ohhhh, stop it, you’re too kind. But in all seriousness, I’ve been waiting for a very long time to be able to hold this event. […]

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The Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From Running the Certification Live Event

If you knew there was limitless, infinite potential… And that you could have anything that you desire in this life… What would you be doing? Yes, I’m talking about having the worldwide impact, the freedom to travel the world, the money in the bank, the dream clients, the swoon-worthy soulmate, the dream bod.  Whatever you […]

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Vortex Visioning and Stepping Into Alignment With Your Soul’s Calling

    “I made the leap from $5k to $20k months in two weeks!” “I scaled to multiple six figures my first 6 months in biz!” “My client signed her first 5-figure client deal in the first week of working with me!”   Sound familiar? Uh huh, thought so witches… our industry is FILLED with […]

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How to 4x (Or More!) Your Income… Even as a New Coach

“Once I have $5k in the bank, THEN I’ll hire that coach and be super successful.” “Once I have a fit and bangin’ beach bod, THEN I’ll go on dates and find love.” “Once I have clients, THEN I’ll start doing live streams because I’ll be more confident.” Have you ever told yourself one of […]

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How to Get Everything You Want Using the ‘Be, Do, Have’ Model Copy

  Pricing your offers. Did your stomach just do a little plummet? I feel you, honey boo child.   I see my peeps get lit TF up aaaaall the time to create new offers. They outline all the deets, think about who it’s for, imagine how it’s gonna change people’s lives…   Then it comes […]

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Overcoming Mind$et Blocks to Price Your Offers

Get access to the               that has helped my clients 2-10x their income and work 1/2 the hours.

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