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This week I’m sharing one of my fave magical potions for turning words into dolla bills in the bank. I’ve got a potent way of turning one piece of content into many like witchcraft. Every single week, with no extra effort, nooo wasted time, and nooooo worrying about coming up with anything new! Best part? […]

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Create a Content Cauldron That Brews Cash Money

If you haven’t seen it on Facebook or Instagram yet… MY BOOTY IS ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA! Lolz.  I was at my Grandfather’s 90th birthday in New Orleans and as I sat in the airport, waiting for my flight back to Bermuda, scrolling the ol’ FB – BAM – there was a booty. And not […]

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Booty Pics + Thought Catching

I recently did something totally cray-cray. Something epic for the most conscious, collaborative, and change-making witches out there. (I’m talking TRUE up-and-coming leaders ready to claim their spot as a top coach and master practitioner.)  And before I dive into exactly the witchcraft that I’m talking about, lemme tell you why this came to be. […]

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How I’m Creating the TOP Certification Program

SUBSCRIBE + REVIEW IN ITUNES Are you subscribed to The Lexi Show? If you’re not, whatcha waiting for?! I’m adding some epic episodes this year and if you’re not subscribed there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on those. So clickity-click here to subscribe in iTunes! Now, if want to totalllly make my day, I would […]

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Weekly Witchery

Imma talk to you aaaaall about how I hit my biggest month in business yet. And when I say biggest month, I’m talking $54,111.05 in cash baby. Pretty f*cking amazing, if I do say so myself. *toot toooot* And honestly… Just a few months ago, this felt elusive to me. I’d had multiple months of […]

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#BTS of My $54K CASH Month

Get access to the                  that has helped my clients 2-10x their income and work 1/2 the hours.

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