How To Finally Get The Results You Want In Life: Your Guide To NLP 101

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How To Finally Get The Results You Want In Life: Your Guide To NLP 101

Did you know that in order to create the life that you so deeply crave and desire, you actually don’t have to do as much?

Before you quickly exit out of this tab, hear me out.

The truth is, we’ve all been lied to about what actually creates our reality. 

Your reality isn’t a result of what or how much you DO—of your actions and behaviors. Your reality is created by your IDENTITY—who you perceive yourself to be. 

And when we make the shifts on the identity level that allow us to tap into our Quantum Caster Self*, our desired reality becomes a done deal. 

*A Quantum Caster is who you are at your core as your most multidimensional and True Self. It is the version of you who fully claims their unique magic knows they are made from the infinite and therefore can tap into the infinite possibilities in each moment to collapse timelines and create miracle-style results!

We can create these shifts by working with our conscious mind through things like meditation, visualization, and reciting positive mantras. And while those things are well and good, they might not support you in stepping into your desired reality—STAT.

The most profound way to create identity shifts that actually stick is on the subconscious level, and this is what NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming allows you to do for yourself and your clients.

Inside of this blog post, I share what NLP is + how it works, how you can use it to finally get the results that you want in your life and that of your clients, and give you an NLP tool to try on for size 😉


But First, What The Heck Even Is NLP? 

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming is known as one of the quickest and most effective ways to work with the conscious and unconscious mind to produce real and measurable results. 

The NLP techniques, principles, and practices provide a way for you to remove self-imposed limitations and take radical responsibility where you can be at choice for how you think, feel and act—and ultimately make your wildest fantasies their reality now. 

To better understand NLP and how it can help us create an upgraded reality for ourselves and our clients, it’s important that we understand the NLP Model of Communication. 


The NLP Model of Communication


The NLP Model of Communication


The NLP Model of Communication explains how we take information from the outside world into our neurology and how that, in turn, affects our behaviors.

Let’s break that down 👇🏻👇🏽👇🏿

At any moment our senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory) take in up to approximately 2.3 billion bits of information per second (UMMM, WHAT?!!), however we are not consciously aware of all of these bits of information. 

We can only consciously process 7 +/-2 chunks of information per second, which equates to approximately 126 bits per second.

So if someone is overwhelming you with information, you only have 5-9 chunks of info you can handle before getting overloaded. Once you do get overloaded, one or more of the chunks you’re focusing on will “fall out.”

This is why people can have a hard time forming habits.

If you consciously tell yourself, “Ok, I’m going to go to the grocery store and buy healthy food,” it might work on days where you’re calm, cool, and collected. 

But as soon as your conscious mind gets filled with more info, tasks, or distractions—aka a team member messaging you about an outstanding task…your partner calling you and asking you to make an appointment for the dogs…your dog barking at you because they need to go outside…etc. your chunks will fill up and things will get forgotten or pushed to the wayside.

So if we want a deep shift we need to work with the unconscious mind. 

Because if we have the identity of being a healthy person who moves their body every day and fuels themselves with nutritious food, then the actions needed to maintain that identity will be automatic.

In a nutshell, the NLP Model of Communication says…

All this Information comes in…

→ and goes through your Filters—time, location, mood, metaprograms, language, memories, decisions, beliefs, values, and identity.

→ and then gets turned into an Internal Representation in your mind—so you either see something, hear something, feel something, ay something to yourself, smell something, or taste something.

→ and that is what is going to create your State—your way of being at any moment, which includes your mood and the way you feel.

NLP gives us the tools to influence and change our state at any moment to give us more choices in achieving our outcomes. 

So if you or your client is ever experiencing a “stuck state,” which is simply an unresourceful state that is not helping you or your client achieve a desired outcome, just know that you can change it like THAT!

When you change your state, you will change your behavior, which will change your results.

Also, it’s not necessarily about a “good” or “bad” state, but about equipping yourself with the tools to create the most resourceful state for the current situation at hand. 


Ok, But How Does This Play Out #IRL (In Real Life)?

In summary, we have 2.3 billion bits of information per second coming at us, but we only process 126 bits, and those 126 bits will be in alignment with your filters—time, location, mood, metaprograms, language, memories, decisions, beliefs, values, and identity. 

So you want to make sure that you’ve set yourself up for success on the inside so when you view your external world, you’ll be able to see more of what you want (not what you don’t want) and you’ll create and magnetize things in alignment with your desires.

When information comes in, if we assume the best case scenario, we’re gonna feel good (aka we’re gonna have a good state + physiology). We will stand confidently. 

Whereas if that information comes in and we have negative Internal Representations (so we see a bad picture, or feel a bad feeling of something negative happening), that’s going to make us feel bad. 

That will affect our physiology, so maybe we’ll slouch or mope around, and then that will cause us to feel sad, unmotivated, tired, etc., which will affect our behavior and therefore create results that we don’t desire and that don’t serve us.

So we always want to ensure we’re changing our state to create excellent behavior. And guess what? We can always change our state instantly!

For example, if you’re about to hop on a sales call, what is your state, the external/internal language you’re using, and your Internal Representations? 

Example A: 

  • Are you imagining feeling confident and being of the highest service on your call and building amazing rapport with the potential client? 
  • Are you seeing the potential client understanding the value of your coaching and already knowing that when they work with you they’re going to change their life forever and get incredible results? 
  • Are you envisioning them being so excited and ready to invest? 
  • Is your self-talk saying, “This is going to go so amazing and feel so good!”?


Example B: 

  • Are you picturing yourself freezing on the call and getting tripped up over your words?
  • Are you imagining the client not seeing the value and not wanting to work with you?
  • Are you telling yourself, “What’s the point in getting on this call? They probably can’t afford it anyway…”

How you presuppose and imagine things going will affect the outcome.

Why? Because our subconscious mind can’t process negatives.

So if I were to say, don’t think of the golden, sparkly unicorn. What happens?

Even though I said don’t think of the golden, sparkly unicorn, I bet that’s the exact picture you have in your mind right now.

In order for us to comprehend those words, we need to think of a picture. Our mind doesn’t process in words but rather creates symbols or a picture and then changes it into language. 

And our nervous system is geared toward producing behavior based on the Internal Representations we make.

So when you’re focused on what you don’t want, you’re creating pictures in your mind of what you don’t want (aka a client saying no…you getting off the call feeling dejected…etc.). 

And then you’re more likely to produce behaviors that you don’t want to match those IR’s (Internal Representations). So you might show up on the call not feeling confident and maybe not even sharing your programs because you don’t think they’ll buy.

Invitations for you:

  • Make note of your language and how you are stating things on a regular basis—are you saying them how you want them? If not, how can you shift your language so you’re stating things in the positive?
  • How can you presuppose success, have positive self-talk, create positive Internal Representations, and experience empowering states and physiology so your behaviors create your desired outcome? Think about when you’re creating content, when you’re speaking to potential clients, when you’re coaching, when you’re learning a new skill, etc.

PHEW! That was a lot of information, but it’s SO important to understand how NLP works and how you can use it to make your wildest fantasies a reality NOW—and of course, help your clients do the same.

No worries witch—I won’t leave you with just a total #braingasm. Here’s an NLP technique that you can try on for size and experience the magic of this modality for yourself 😉


Anchoring: An NLP Technique To Invoke Any Feeling, At Any Time 

Anchoring is an NLP Technique that allows you to feel any state or emotion any time you want, and to help others do the same. Anchoring is based on the Stimulus/Response effect pioneered by Russian researcher Ivan Pavlov in 1904.

Any time you’re at the peak of an intense, associated state, if you provide a unique internal or external stimulus, you’ll create a neurological association that you can instantly trigger by simply providing the stimulus again. 

This allows you to tap into past, positive resources and to link them to the future for ultimate success.

Imagine if you were afraid of standing on stage and speaking to a group. 

What if you could experience confidence, calmness, power, peace, etc. how would that feel? How would that affect your speech? What if you could do this with ANYTHING in your life? 

Anchoring allows you to access this power and will support you in facilitating this with clients as well.


The Steps To Creating Successful Anchors


NLP Techiques: Basic Anchoring


  1. What states would you like to anchor on your Resource Anchor? Choose at least 4. 
  2. Get permission from your unconscious mind. “Is it alright with my unconscious mind for me to create this Resource Anchor today and for me to be consciously aware of it?
  3. If you currently have any anchors on your knuckle (or wherever you’re about to anchor), anchor in a new place or you could collapse the anchor, if needed (more on this inside of our NLP 101 Course).
  4. Make sure you’re using the same finger each time on the knuckle you’re anchoring.
  5. Use the script to Evoke a Vivid State (refer to the video).
  6. Anchor at the peak and hold for 5-15 seconds.
  7. Break the state.
  8. Repeat these steps with the rest of the states that you’d like to anchor.
  9. Test it. Press down on the anchor for 1-2 seconds. You should feel the positive states. If the anchor is not strong enough, you can repeat by evoking the same states or add more empowering ones to it.

Pssst—I’d la-la-la love to hear how that was for you! Join our FB group community and share about your experience with Anchoring. This is also the place to stay in the loop of when our blog posts go live and to ask any and all q’s you have! We la-la-love deepening the conversation and supporting you with experiencing and facilitating miracle-style results!


Become Certified In NLP 101 And Become The Go-To Practitioner For Facilitating Rapid Conscious And Subconscious Change—In Minutes—That Feels Like Magic

Are you feeling the call to expand your knowledge about NLP and learn how you can use it to create the success you dream of for yourself AND your clients? 

Inside of our NLP 101 Course, You’ll learn how to use all the NLP Practitioner level tools for your own life, one-on-one use, and group facilitation.

With the successful completion and certification in this course, you will be qualified to call yourself a/an…

  • NLP Practitioner
  • Mindset Coach

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