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Lexi D'Angelo



Be. Do, Have Model

Have you ever had a client that you’ve worked with, who you’ve really wanted to help them shift for GOOD?

Back when I first started coaching, I remember I had a client who was so set on earning more money and attracting more clients. But she also had no idea how to motivate herself and she was so frustrated

She was coming into every session saying things like, “I don’t know what to do! Every time you give me an assignment to work on that will help me get clients, I try to do them but just can’t stop procrastinating. I haven’t done anything we talked about…again.”

And I was like, “Shit. How am I supposed to help her?”

I tried to give her a new way to approach every assignment. I suggested things like switching up her environment. “Instead of working from your couch, maybe work at a desk.”

When that didn’t work, I suggested, “Hmm, maybe if you work from a co-working space where you’re in the energy of other successful entrepreneurs, that might help…”

I even suggested taking different actions like instead of finding clients on Facebook, maybe look for them in her hometown…or email her friends and family to connect with potential clients. 

When that didn’t work I suggested doing the “needle moving” activities at different times, like first thing in the morning, or right after a workout, to see when she was most motivated. But nothing worked.

And it was really frustrating as a coach because I was like, “Is there something wrong with me? Is there something wrong with who I am? And maybe I’m not meant to be a coach. Maybe I’m not powerful enough.”

The fact of the matter is, not all change is created equally. 

There are 5 levels of change and the Behavior Level is just a surface level. This means if we try to make a change from the Behavior Level all we’re doing is treating the symptoms and slapping on a bandaid vs. getting to the root cause and remedying it for good.

When we work with people on an Identity Level, THAT is when we can create the most profound transformation. I look back now and think about how different it would have been if I had access to tools, techniques, and practices that would have supported her with changing on an identity level—so she could have experienced immediate AND lasting transformation. 

To possess the know-how to help someone go from being in constant procrastination mode to feeling totally motivated and clear on exactly what it is that they wanted to do and like they could accomplish it like *that*, would’ve been something I would’ve paid A LOT of money to learn to do…and something I know my client would’ve paid a lot of money to be able to solve.

At the time of writing this, I don’t currently know how to travel back in time, so I can’t change the past. But I’m grateful to say that I now have epic tools, techniques, and practices to help people transform at the deepest level of change and it’s my mission to share these with as many people as possible, which is what we’ll be sharing with you inside of the MindCrafting™ course.

One of the teachings we talk about when it comes to identity shifting is the Have, Do, Be Model versus the Be, Do, Have Model.

Inside of this blog post, we’ll explore this a bit further!


HDB Model vs. BDH Model

“Once I have $5k in the bank, THEN I’ll hire that coach and be super successful.”

“Once I have a fit and bangin’ beach bod, THEN I’ll go on dates and find love.”

“Once I have clients, THEN I’ll start doing live streams because I’ll be more confident.”

Have you ever told yourself one of these lies? (Uh roh, #lovinglycalledout)

Don’t worry if you have… Truth be told, so many of us are operating on the ol’ Have, Do, Be model rather than the Be, Do, Have model—aka the model that truly leads to success. 

We can hear you now asking, “Umm, what’s the difference?”

Have, Do, Be Model

With this model, you’re essentially saying, if the money doesn’t come in, then you won’t pursue your dreams and be successful. Or if you don’t have the bangin’ beach body then you won’t allow yourself to have the love and happiness you desire and deserve. 

This is living “at effect” and being at the whim of your external reality. This takes all your power away and is limiting your infinite potential.

MOST people are operating on the outdated model of Have, Do, Be because it’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe is the best way to do things. We’re taught that you’re as good as your body, education, superficial beauty, experience, amount of money in the bank, blah blah blah.

So what’s the alternative? Well, let’s talk about the sorcery of the Quantum Caster approved Be, Do, Have model.

Pssst—don’t know what a Quantum Caster is?

Our Quantum Caster (QC) Self is the FULLEST expression of who we really are as an infinite, magical being. Our QC is our truest self that goes beyond any conditioning and indoctrination.

We embody our QC by being so tapped into our potent power and by taking radical responsibility for our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and BEING. When we are fully in touch with our QC, we know that we are made from the infinite and therefore are infinite. We know that while we have our own unique magic that makes us distinct and one of a kind, we are not alone. We are able to partner with other QC’s and the Universe/God/Source/Spirit/etc. to co-create epic magic. When we are living in alignment with our Quantum Caster coding, we are able to collapse time and Quantum $hift into upgraded realities with ease.

Be, Do, Have Model

Inside of the Be, Do, Have model, you ask yourself… 

  • “Who is the person who already has x result (aka all the things you desire)?” 
  • “What are their thoughts?”
  • “What are their beliefs?”
  • “What are their predominant feelings?” 
  • “Who do they BE?” 

From here, you can start to fully embody this version of you who knows exactly what aligned actions to take, is fully capable of finding Proof of Magic, which then allows you to show up like the Quantum Caster you truly are under all that scarcity conditioning. 

Now, let’s be crystal ball clear on why focusing on our BEing is so damn important.

​​If you believe on an identity level that you’re a Pleasure Guide, you’ll probably wake up in the morning and prioritize your own pleasure. Maybe that’s sipping on matcha and pulling some tarot cards or starting the day with a super juicy embodiment practice. Whatever it is, you’ll choose to luxuriate in activities and ways of being that activate your ecstatic pleasure because it’s aligned with your identity. If you happen to have a busy day and fall off the wagon, you won’t be too hard on yourself because that’s not the way of a Pleasure Guide and from the work you’ve done, you fully trust that you’ll get back on track the next day. 


If you view yourself as someone who sucks at prioritizing your pleasure, you’re probably going to struggle with calling yourself a Pleasure Guide. Every time you forego your own pleasure, you’ll view it as proof that you’ll never be the coach you want to be. 

Let’s look at an example…

Let’s use the Have, Do, Be model example of “Once I have $5k in the bank, THEN I’ll hire the biz coach and be successful.”

In the Be, Do, Have model, you would ask:

  • “As this person who already has $5k in the bank, what would I be doing? What would I be thinking?”

When you be and then do while embodying that being, you end up having what it is you desire. (See where this model’s name comes from? *wink wink*)

See the difference?!

We invite you to approach your goals from a new way of thinking (and being!) that’s far more potent and powerful. In fact, it’s proven effective and guaranteed to get results when implemented.


What Becomes Possible When You Operate From The Be, Do, Have Model

We know because our Students have gotten results with this model again and again. Like…

Biz $hifts

  • Going from $0 to $4k dollars a month in one giant quantum leap (this was with no list, no paid ads, no sales calls, no opt-ins…simply showing up and sharing on Instagram)
  • Having their BEST month ever in business
  • Hitting 5 figure months
  • Getting pay-in-full dream clients for the first time
  • Quitting their 9-5 and are now working full-time in their biz


NLP Results


NLP Results


NLP Results


NLP Results

Life $hifts

  • Prioritizing themselves and taking the best care of their mind, body, soul
  • Working way less and having way more time for fun
  • Raising their vibration and leaning into edges to grow
  • Transforming their body and their relationship to food
  • Clearing years of sexual shame
  • Upping the romance and sexual chemistry in their partnership
  • Moving past limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck and experiencing the possibilities that now exist


NLP Results


NLP Results


NLP Results



NLP Results


NLP Results


Our Students repeatedly get results like 2x, 5x, and 10xing their income and healing disempowering patterns, habits, and beliefs in a matter of days or weeks when they thought it would take them years to experience these kinds of results. 

Ahhhhh, the magic of collapsing time is real!


Ready to experience Quantum $hifts for yourself? Here are some journaling prompts to dive into…

  1. What is the thing you desire to have?

This could be the money goal. The sold out one on one offer. The dream home. Your most vibrant health. Whatever it is, get clear on one specific desire you want to invite in right now.

  1. Who is the person who already has that thing?

Think about a day in the life of the person who already has exactly what you’re inviting in right now. Who are they BEing throughout their day? What is their identity? What qualities or characteristics does someone with this identity possess?

For example, let’s use the identity of someone who creates $20k/months.

  • Perhaps they are committed, focused, and inspired. 
    • If that’s the case since they are committed, they will continuously follow through on what they say they will do. 
    • They will stay focused on the task. 
    • They will be inspired and enjoy what they’re doing.
  1. What are their thoughts and beliefs?

This is so important because it’s about the foundations of where this level of yourself operates from. Think about their core values and beliefs… the things they’re adhering to when they’re in integrity that drive all of their actions.

  1. What are their predominant feelings?

Ask yourself how this level of yourself feels every single day as you interact with others and when you’re on your own.

For example—Confident. Sexy. Powerful—in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Dressed up or dressed down. On stage in front of a crowd of people and when journaling at home.

  1. What actions do they take on the reg?

Think about how this person is showing up in the world. Identify their day to day activities, language, outfits, business model, toe nail polish… 

Ok, you can leave out the pedicure but you get the idea.

Maybe they’re taking client calls, following a morning ritual, hitting the gym… Whatever it is, map it out here.

Can you see how this differs from the way you’re currently doing things? (Like, seriously, I wanna know! Come drop me a DM over here on IG and tell me your a-ha moments)


Step Into Your Desired Reality STAT With Future Rehearsing™

Inside of the MindCrafting™ course, we train our Students in a potent technique called Future Rehearsing™.

When it comes to manifesting something, there’s a big difference between wanting it and living it. The act of wanting something means there is a lack and there’s a gap in the timeline between where you are now and where you ultimately want to go.

Three important components of Future Rehearsing™ that help to collapse the timeline completely are:

  1. Creating Rich, Sensory-Based Experiences
  2. Expanding Comfort Zone Capacity
  3. Preparing For Bumps + Obstacles 

We’re not going to get into the details of everything that Future Rehearsing™ entails right now, but we do want to give you a little taster of the magic.

So click here to *poof* over to a guided experience of Future Rehearsing™ and get ready to meet the future version of you who has already created what you most desire! 


Become Certified In MindCrafting™

Enroll in our MindCrafting™ course (a potent blend of neuroscience, energetics, psychology, and quantum physics) and become the go-to practitioner for working with some of the biggest influencers of one’s reality—thoughts, beliefs, and identities—and provide your clients with practices to shatter disempowering patterns the moment they appear, and ultimately, create new and empowering patterns that fire on autopilot instead.

With the successful completion and certification in this course, you will be qualified to call yourself a/an…

  • MindCrafting Practitioner
  • MindCrafting Guide
  • Mindset Coach
  • Mindset Recoder

Click here to learn more + enroll today at our “VIP Early Witch Price.” 

We’re currently pre-selling our Single Modality Certification Courses, which means that you’ll get 44% OFF the regular price of our MindCrafting™ course when you enroll by December 31st! 

This price goes *POOF* at the end of the month so get in now at the lowest pricing while you can.

Have qs about our Single Modality Certification Courses and want support making sure this is the most aligned decision for you? DM us over on Instagram or send us an email at and your personal Success Sorceress, Niché, will be there to help! 



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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