Journey Into Your Past And Future For Deep Healing And Success Using ChronoMapping™

Lexi D'Angelo



Activating Your True Identity With The Realm Of Flame + Expression

Have you ever wanted to journey to the past to transmute and heal disempowering emotions or limiting beliefs that originated from a past event so you can create a more empowering future?

Or travel to your future to install goals for ease and success and witness them become your reality now? 

ChronoMapping™ is one of Tabwoo’s proprietary modalities that combines Hypnosis, Timeline Journeying, and Quantum Physics to support you and your clients with deep healing and transformation for ultimate success in every area of your life.

For this week’s blog post, I didn’t want to go on forever about how potent this modality is and the benefits of having it in your Transformation Cauldron, aka your coaching toolbox (because I could since this tool is life changing).

Instead, I’m giving you the opportunity to experience the magic for yourself!

So press play on the video below to learn more about this powerful modality and go on your first ChronoMapping™ journey. 


Experience The Power Of ChronoMapping™

NOTE: This is a 40-min replay of our ChronoMapping™ session from our virtual Realms Immersion Retreat. You’ll want to be in a place where you can be uninterrupted for the entirety of the experience so that you can be fully present and immersed. Trust that you’ll receive exactly what you need.

03:34 – What this new Tabwoo modality is all about

05:50 – Pre-experience preparation

08:00 – ChronoMapping experience begins


Guided ChronoMapping experience


After your quantum travels, I’d love to hear about your timeline experience and any shares, thoughts, insights, and aha moments that you experienced! Drop us a DM over here on IG


Become Certified In ChronoMapping™

Ready to become the go-to practitioner for quantum “time travel” and healing that transmutes people’s relationships with difficult past experiences that have rippled into the future and affected the quality of their present life—and that empowers them to dispel the unwanted effects from the past and  create a new future timeline that feels empowering, supportive, and like a total done-deal?

Our ChronoMapping™ course will teach you our proprietary “ChronoMapping” modality that will support you and your clients to immediately shift and even eliminate problems rooted in the past (including past lives), present, or future—such as blocks, disempowering emotions, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging patterns. 

You’ll also learn how to use ChronoMapping to install goals into your future and your clients’ futures with ease and success. This modality is a unique fusion of principles from Hypnosis, Timeline Journeying, and Quantum Physics.

With the successful completion of and certification in this course, you will be qualified to call yourself a…

  • ChronoMapping Practitioner
  • ChronoMap Guide
  • Hypno Guide

Click here to learn more + enroll today at our “VIP Early Witch Price.” 

We’re currently pre-selling our Single Modality Certification Courses, which means that you’ll get 44% OFF the regular price of our ChronoMapping™ course.

But hurry! This price goes *POOF* in only 1 DAY so this is your last chance to enroll at this wiiiild price before the price goes up in 2022.

Have q’s about our Single Modality Certification Courses and want support making sure this is the most aligned decision for you? DM us over on Instagram or send us an email at and your personal Success Sorceress, Niché, will be there to help!



Lexi D'Angelo

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