Activating Your True Identity With The Realm Of Flame + Expression

Lexi D'Angelo



Activating Your True Identity With The Realm Of Flame + Expression

Have you ever felt like there was a disconnect between who you are being and your True Self?

Maybe you’ve felt uncertain about who you are and who you want to be?

Or maybe you feel like your dreams and desires are “too big” or “too impossible”?

If you’ve ever experienced these feelings, you’re not alone! 

The deeply rooted self-images we hold from past conditioning and societal standards can leave us operating from an energetic frequency that is not in alignment with who we are at our core and the vision that we’re here to usher in.

How would it feel to radically and boldly express your most authentic self and unapologetically claim your unique magic? What becomes possible for you? 

It is in the Realm of Flame + Expression that we are invited to embark on a quest for a deeper understanding and the ultimate expression of Self.

Last month, we explored the Realm of Wind + Chaos. Now, we’re going to take it a bit further as we start to illuminate and burn down old ways of thinking, being, and doing in a new Realm.

In today’s blog post, we’re exploring the Realm of Flame + Expression—aka the energetic + identity dimension—and how you can use it to create profound identity shifts and unapologetically express your True Self. 


The Realm of Flame + Expression


The 411 On The Realm Of Flame + Expression

In the Realm of Flame + Expression, passion, action, will, creativity, sexuality, and exploration reign supreme.

Its Magic is “Flame.” Flame ignites, sparks, and burns with uninhibited vigor. It is direct, active, and constantly in motion. 

Flame teaches us not to be afraid to take up space, shine bright, and blaze a trail that illuminates a new path. It also invites us to shine a light on our greatest desires and to energetically and passionately pursue them.

When you learn how to work with the Magic of Flame, you will become a Master of “Expression.” The definition of Expression is, “effectively conveying thought and feeling.” 

Without Expression, you are unable to reveal the truth of who you are. When we say “yes” to our fullest and most unapologetic expression, we are able to be uninhibited and free.


Activating Your True Identity With Self-Exploration

We all express ourselves in different ways, some of those ways are ones we were taught and some of them are innate to us as individuals.

Self-exploration helps us discover what is ours, what isn’t, and what we want to transmute and transform! 

Sometimes the alchemical process is quick and sometimes it requires time to kindle and burn before we see results. 

What’s important is to take some time to reflect and consistently feel into the process as we are moving through it.

This process of reflection helps us to connect to and/or shift the vision (and the action steps) as we go, and in turn, we are more prepared to embody who we truly are as we move closer to creating our desired reality.

We can play inside of the Realm of Flame + Expression to co-create fun and inspiring solutions that will have us waking up each morning with an insatiable zest for the life we are creating.

You may have guessed that this Realm is going to help us get really intimate with our identity, beliefs, and expression, and set flames to the outdated status quo.  


Journal Prompts For Self-Exploration And Self-Expression

As you go deeper into the inquiry of who you are and who is your most fully expressed self, here are some journal prompts to explore:

  • What are some beliefs that you have been carrying that aren’t really aligned to you? And what do you choose to actively believe instead?
  • How do you express yourself in love?
  • How do you express yourself in frustration?
  • How do you express yourself in joy?
  • How do you express yourself in confusion?
  • Did you learn to express yourself this way or is this your true self-expression?
  • How do you feel about the way you express yourself in the situations above?
  • How do you desire to express yourself in those situations instead?

Would love to hear what these questions stir up for you! Send us a DM over on Instagram @tabwooinstitute.

The more you embrace the authenticity of who you are, the more unapologetic you will be in your fullest expression. So say the thing that feels edgy and let sparks fly! This is the superpower of Flame + Expression. 


What Working With The Realm of Flame + Expression Makes Possible

Possessing tools and techniques inside of this Realm allows you to competently and confidently explore deeply rooted self-images you hold from past conditioning and shift the energetic frequency that you operate within to upgrade your life! 

And, of course, help your clients do the same 😉

Let’s pretend you’re a business coach. In one of your sessions, your client shares that they’re struggling with hitting their program launch sales goal. 

They’re posting on Instagram every single day with a call to action, they’re having conversations with ideal clients in the DMs, and they’re crystal ball clear on their offer and the transformation it provides.

Yet, they’re getting crickets. They feel discouraged and frustrated, and you notice the feeling of shame and judgment enter the conversation.

As a masterful practitioner, you realize that while your client is doing #allthethings, they don’t actually see themselves as someone who is worthy and capable of hitting their epic sales goal, facilitating “wow” results, and being a role model and leader for the people in their program.

Here are just a FEW examples of ways that you could support your client with dismantling this disempowering identity using Flame + Expression modalities:

  • You can use Parts Integration to help your client identify two parts (the part that desires to hit their sales goal and powerfully lead their clients and the part that doesn’t feel worthy) that seemingly desire different outcomes and allow them to see how they’re actually working, unconsciously, towards the same goal or outcome in different ways.
  • You can help your client access the most appropriate support and wisdom for claiming their unique magic through a guided visualization with the purpose of having an intimate metaphysical encounter with one Celestial Character.
  • You can guide your clients through a felt experience that allows them to rehearse the sensations of having reached their sales goal, facilitating miracle-style results with their clients, and embodying their next level of leadership in all areas of their life.

Regardless of what approach you take in your session, your client will be blown away by the unique tools + techniques of your Transformation Cauldron, your masterful and unique approach to utilizing those techniques + tools, and your ability to tune into their energy plus your intuition to select the modalities that will serve them the most in the moment.

If you’re reading this and you’re like, “THIS is what my Transformation Cauldron is missing,” then I have a feeling you will LOVE becoming masterful in the following Tabwoo modalities…


3 Flame + Expression Modalities To Create Profound Identity Shifts And Unapologetically Express Your True Self—And Help Your Clients Do The Same 

Archetypes + Shadow Divination™

Become the go-to practitioner for helping your clients uncover the identities and archetypes that exist within them and reclaim these parts of themselves so that they can embody their most authentic selves and live fully expressed lives.

AstroVibeology 101™

Become the go-to practitioner for working with the vibrational medicine that our Celestial allies offer us and guiding your clients in unlocking the most appropriate support and wisdom for pursuing or continuing to pursue their highest path and purpose.

Pleasurable SeXploration™

Become the go-to practitioner for sparking and igniting vital life force energy within your clients to generate profound inner shifts that allow one’s juices to flow out into the world—feeling wildly turned on by themselves and their magic and confidently sharing their truth and soulful creativity.

Want to explore our Flame + Expression Single Modality Certification Courses? Click here!

We are currently pre-selling these courses, which means you’re able to enroll at the “VIP Early Witch Price”. So fly your broomstick over there and pick your potions today!

Pssst! Starting next week, we’ll be sharing a blog post exploring each Flame + Expression modality in depth to give you a deeper understanding of how these tools will help you connect to your True Self identity and expression—and that of your clients!

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