#BTS Peek — “Calibrate Your Compass” Course Creation Process

Lexi D'Angelo



The Tabwoo Podcast

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE hearing the behind the scenes scoop inside of other people’s businesses.

Inside of this #BTS Peek series, we’re inviting you to join us in learning more about our program content creation process and how we make decisions around what to include inside of our offerings.

In this episode, we invite you to join us in chatting about “Calibrate Your Compass,” which is one of the seven courses Students inside of our 12-month long Tabwoo Certification Path will take. 

We dive into all the juicy stuff, like:

  • Our biggest challenge with creating Calibrate Your Compass and how we overcame it
  • The lessons we included inside of our Calibrate Your Compass + why we chose to include them to help orient our Students inside of The Tabwoo™ Institute and set them up for wildly pleasurable prosperity and mastery
  • Testimonials from our current Students so you can get a feel for the next-level transformations that are also available to you inside of the Tabwoo Certification


>> Tune in HERE! <<


The Tabwoo Podcast



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Lexi D'Angelo

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