The Realm of Wind + Chaos: Exploring The Mindset and Conscious + Subconscious Dimension

Lexi D'Angelo



Your brain is such a powerful tool that you can intentionally work with to create your reality. 

But intentionally working with the mind is easier said than done, and mindset blocks are a very real thing.

Think about the times that you’ve set out to reach your goals, and then thoughts, beliefs, and feelings came up like…

“I’m not qualified enough.”

“I don’t deserve to make the money I want.”

“I feel out of integrity when I share about my services.”

Your mind can be THE thing standing in your way of reaching your goals and creating your desired outcome. 

And as a practitioner, you may notice a lot of limiting mindset patterns come up for your clients around what they want to create and experience, too. 

There are 4 Realms of Magic and Mastery that make up the multidimensional nature of transformation. They are Wind + Chaos; Flame + Expression; Mist + Depths; and Matter + Knowing.

In today’s blog post, we’re exploring the Realm of Wind + Chaos—aka the mental + mindset dimension and how you can use it to create MASSIVE shifts for yourself and your clients. 

To understand the Realm of Wind + Chaos, it’s crucial that you understand the inner workings of the mind. So let’s get nerdy…


The Inner Workings of Your Mind

We ALL have one of the most advanced and magical tools inside of us NOW, but the problem is, we don’t know how to use it. 

In fact, many times it actually works against us. 

Can you guess what that tool is? It’s your brain! 

Let’s talk a bit about the conscious and subconscious mind and how these two parts of your brain can hurt or help you in achieving what it is you desire. 


Conscious vs Subconscious Mind

The mind and the brain is an incredibly complex topic, but for the purposes of simplifying things, we’re going to look Paul MacLean’s triune brain concept that says your brain is made up of 3 parts:



This is our earlier brain and is responsible for our survival instincts. Its primary goal is to make sure we survive

We can thank this part of our brain for our movement, breathing, circulation, hunger, and reproduction. 

Without this part of our brain, we’d have to consciously think about breathing, beating our heart, making sure the blood pumped throughout our body, digestion, etc. 

Imagine having to consciously do that?! 

But because it is so primitive, it cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real

It sees our habits/patterns as something that has kept us alive so far aka allowed us to survive to this point. 

Yes, even the bad habits/patterns like that annoying sweets craving and waiting until the last minute to work on important tasks.

NOTE: Change to this brain is uncertainty and uncertainty = death. ☠



The Mammalian Brain is involved with emotions, memory, and connecting feelings to events. It also controls our hormones and temperature.

It also operates on the subconscious level for the most part and has no sense of time.



The Human Brain or the neocortex helps us make decisions that won’t just benefit us in the present moment, but in the future as well. 

It helps us strategize and plan so we can achieve future desired outcomes.

This brain operates on a mostly conscious level and is responsible for voluntary movement.

We can thank this brain for our desire to learn, be in flow, connect with a higher purpose, thrive, and experience future rewards.


But guess which part of your brain actually runs the show?

What’s so interesting is that even though you may consciously think that you’re in control and aware of the daily decisions you’re making and actions you’re taking, the truth is that 95-99%+ of your decisions and actions are operating on autopilot via your outdated subconscious coding.

Your thoughts, feelings, actions, and decisions are the same as yesterday’s… and the day before… and the day before that one.

That’s why so many people get incredibly frustrated when they feel like they are intentionally choosing to do something, but not seeing the results they desire.

Weird how our brain works, right?!

But here’s the thing…

To break through the challenges and blocks that are holding you back from your desired reality, you must uncover the subconscious programming that is currently creating your reality. 

Let’s explore this even further.


Why It’s Important To Work With The Mental + Mindset Realm

When it comes to goal setting + getting, your conscious mind is the goal setter and your subconscious mind is the goal getter. 

Imagine that you’ve set a goal to make $100K as a highly sought out practitioner in 2022. 

You know what services you’re going to offer, at what price point, how often you’re going to launch them, what marketing strategies you’ll use to promote them, and how many clients you need to make it happen. 

Your conscious mind is like, “Witch, we’re ready to GO!”

BUT! As you go about taking action in your business on the reg, your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, patterns, actions, or behaviors don’t seem to be aligning with your goals.

Maybe you start having thoughts like, “People won’t be willing to pay $888 for my program.”

Or maybe you take on the belief that you’re not qualified enough to share what you offer.

Or maybe you find yourself in constant procrastination mode, putting off the tasks that you know you need to do to bring in the money you’re desiring.

This is your subconscious programming at work.

The Realm of Wind + Chaos harnesses the power of transformation at the mental and mindset level. 

In other words, possessing tools and techniques inside of this Realm allows you to competently and confidently explore your mindset and the subconscious and conscious beliefs, thoughts, and stories that are potentially holding you back from what you’re desiring to create and experience—and break through these deeply rooted subconscious programming once and for all. Plus, support your clients with doing the same!

The most profound way to transmute beliefs is by creating awareness on the conscious level and then doing the “change” work on the subconscious level. Inside of our Wind + Chaos Single Modality Certification Courses, we dive much deeper into techniques and practices that illuminate what’s happening in our conscious minds and reprogram our patterns on the subconscious level like:

  • Past Life Regression Hypnosis
  • Future Progression Hypnosis
  • ChronoMap™ Journeying
  • Belief Bridging™
  • Deep Wound Trees™
  • Thought Catching™
  • Recode Method™
  • Future Rehearsing™
  • Anchoring
  • Swish Pattern
  • Mapping Across
  • Single Belief Change
  • Etc.

By having these tools in your toolbox, you can masterfully facilitate this type of transformation with your clients so they can shatter disempowering mindset patterns like THAT!

For example, let’s say you’re a Confidence Coach, and your client Amanda shares that even though she’s practicing mirror work and speaking positive affirmations all day every day, she still has thoughts like… “I feel ugly and gross in every outfit I wear.”

But as a masterful practitioner, you know that this is just a surface thought. 

With mindset + subconscious reprogramming tools and techniques in your toolbox, you can competently and confidently explore Amanda’s current programming. 

Here are just a few examples of ways that you could support Amanda with shifting this limiting mindset pattern using Wind + Chaos modalities:

  • You can identify not only the limiting belief that is underneath her surface thought but also the deep wound that is at the root of that belief, and then use Single Belief Change to help her install the belief that she desires to have instead.
  • You can safely and confidently navigate your client’s past, present, and future timelines to help her identify the moment in her life that she adopted this limiting belief and support her with transmuting it in the moment.
  • You can help her create rich, sensory-based experiences of “future memories” of her stepping into her most confident, badass witch self to install desired goals and make them a reality now.


Regardless of what approach you take in your session, your client will be blown away by your unique Transformation Cauldron and your ability to masterfully take your own approach to utilize the techniques + tools, AND being able to tune into their energy + your intuition to carefully select the combination of modalities that will serve them the most in the moment.

If you’re reading this and you’re like, “THIS is what my Transformation Cauldron is missing,” then I have a feeling you will LOVE becoming masterful in the following Tabwoo modalities…


3 Wind + Chaos Modalities To  Reprogram Your—And Your Client’s—Conscious & Subconscious Minds For Success


NLP 101

Become the go-to practitioner for understanding the inner workings of the mind and facilitating rapid conscious and subconscious change—in minutes—that feels like magic.


Become the go-to practitioner for quantum “time travel” and healing that transforms people’s relationships with difficult past experiences that affect the quality of their present life—and that empowers them to create a new future timeline that feels empowering, supportive, and like a total done-deal.



Become the go-to practitioner for working with some of the biggest influencers of one’s reality—thoughts, beliefs, and identities—and provide your clients with practices to shatter disempowering patterns the moment they appear, and ultimately, create new and empowering patterns that fire on autopilot instead.

Want to explore our Wind + Chaos Single Modality Certification Courses? Click here!

We are currently pre-selling these courses, which means you’re able to enroll at the “VIP Early Witch Price.” So fly your broomstick over there and pick your potions today!

Pssst! Starting next week, we’ll be sharing a blog post exploring each Wind + Chaos modality in depth to give you a deeper understanding of how these tools will radically transform your conscious + subconscious programming—and that of your clients!

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Lexi D'Angelo

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