Vortex Visioning and Stepping Into Alignment With Your Soul’s Calling

Lexi D'Angelo



If you knew there was limitless, infinite potential…
And that you could have anything that you desire in this life…
What would you be doing?

Yes, I’m talking about having the worldwide impact, the freedom to travel the world, the money in the bank, the dream clients, the swoon-worthy soulmate, the dream bod

Whatever you wish to have appear like *POOF*.


If you could have it all, how would your current vision for your life compare? And are you truly dreaming the biggest, most magical dream you could possibly think of? 

Or are you creating a vision around what the current (muggle) version of you THINKS is possible? 

Witches, too many of you are afraid to ask for what you really want.

And because of that, you’re playing it small in your business. You’re sabotaging yourself on a soul level because what you
think you want and what you truly desire deep down are not in alignment. AKA they’re incongruent.


If this is the case, your “soul-aligned business” is not so soul-aligned after all. Because truth be told, your soul knows you can go bigger. It knows you’re not limited to what you “think” or what you were “told” is possible.

But another truth is, honey boo-boo child, you aren’t going to create big progress without big energy behind it. 

To cast a spell for your unique success, your most aligned path…You have to know the potency of your BIG VISION and your soul’s mission.


You need the added magic of being lit up and filled with all the possibilities of your inner magic. AND you also need to be ready to claim it and take radical action.

You can’t expect miracles to happen if you don’t believe they are possible. And you can’t expect to believe they’re possible without being willing to do something about it.

You could have a business that makes money, sure. But you’re gonna be hustling. It’s going to be in resistance. And while on paper, you might look ‘successful’… you won’t be fulfilled. And I know that’s what you really want.

So, are you ready to enter the spellbinding Vortex and create quantum leaps? The place where fulfilling and easeful success is made possible by potent magic?

I can hear your ‘Hellz yeses!’ witches!



Let’s create the foundation for the business, life, EVERY-thang that your Quantum Co-Creatrix already knows is possible for you.


Aligning to Your Soul’s Purpose

You set out on a journey to find your purpose in life.

And you’ve changed paths, focuses, intention… many, many times. Now you’re wondering, “How long is this success and fulfillment thing gonna take if I can’t make up my mind about what I want?!” 

This is totally normal, totally ok, and the perfect place to be. Before you come across that magical *thing* that you can do all day, every day – naturally, effortlessly, easily and also make mad bank while doing it – you’re bound to go through a few spellcasting flops first.

But imagine if you could show up every day with total passion and drive. If instead of trying on a million different careers for size… you could have the money and rewarding fulfilling you’re craving every day right now. 

Enter the magic of aligning to your soul’s purpose.

*Spoiler* What we’re about to talk about is designed to help you figure out what you love doing, what your true purpose is… so you can collapse time like *POOF* and invite your desired reality into existence fast AF. 

#Fact: If you’re creating a business that has the primary drive of financial success, it’s not ultimately going to be successful. Sure, you may be able to hustle your booty off day in, day out and create the money you think will give you freedom…

And end up self-sabotaging when you learn the hard lesson that money isn’t everything. You may become the richest witch in the world but you won’t be a happy witch when your house of cards comes tumbling down.

Trust me! I’m speaking from experience. There was a time when I was a six-figure and miserable coach who burnt TF out. You can read more about that here in the Flow vs. Forced Business Model



So, how do we build a business modeled around following your soul’s calling and big vision for your life? 



Journal this out:

  • What do you desire to be known for?
  • What would you love to help people with?
  • What do you loooove to spend your time doing?
  • What do you get lost in?
  • What are your personal values and priorities?
  • What are you naturally gifted or talented in?
  • What did you used to really love to do as a kid?
  • If money wasn’t a factor and you could do one thing every single day, what would it be?
  • What kind of programs do you desire to create?

Answering these prompts should get your brain werking + twerking. 

HINT: Our soul calling is usually something we’re naturally gifted in, which comes to us with little effort.


This may feel a bit strange, especially because we’re conditioned to believe that ‘work’ should be hard and making money shouldn’t be easy. But truth be told, when you follow what lights you up, financial success is just an inevitable (and easily attained) result.

If you’ve journalled this out and realized your soul calling ISN’T “to become a coach” – don’t panic! Maybe your real magic is to write, create art, produce music or whatevs ignites you. It doesn’t mean you need to close this blog right now, unfollow me and quit your dream of being a 6-figure coach. 

Cus guess what?! There’s no rules here! (Wooo!) You can still incorporate your calling of writing, creating or making music into the current business you are building. 

For instance, maybe you choose to focus on helping creatives as a coach. Or create a business model that allows you all the time and freedom to do these things on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter how exactly this soul’s purpose shows up in your business model, as long as you are acknowledging and incorporating your innate gifts and abilities and what you are passionate AF about. 


Aligning to Your Vortex Vision

It’s time for self-honesty hour.

  • Are you playing too small?
  • Are you following a path with your current business that doesn’t reflect the BIG VISION you deserve to create for your life?

When you think about your big, unapologetic vision for your life – when you allow yourself to fully step into the Vortex where anything is possible – does the way you’re doing things right now reflect the vision?


Journal this out:

  • What’s something that feels scary and edgy and quite possibly out of your reach buuut that makes you tingle with excitement and giddiness?
  • What have you been desiring to do, but have been afraid to do? Where is fear still holding you back? If there was NO fear, what would you be doing and creating?
  • Where are you currently playing “small”? What do you KNOW you’re destined for? 
  • Where are you not fully expressing your true self? Where are you censoring yourself?
  • Where are you not fully stepping into your next level of leadership? What is your current level of leadership?
  • What is your TRUE soul work? What does facilitating your next level of transformation look and feel like?
  • What does your most soul aligned life and business look and feel like? What is happening in your ideal day?


I’m sure you can see where you’re limiting yourself, witches.

And now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can go in and shake some shit up. It’s time to reinvent your business model so it aligns with what your soul really craves out of this lifetime. 

This could mean cutting out certain tasks in your day-to-day that don’t bring you enjoyment, fulfilment and fun. Or switching up your programs. Or outsourcing a few more tasks.


Wanna know something fun? You don’t have to follow the same formula as everyone else.


You don’t have to do things “by the book” or follow x,y,z, protocol because so and so told you to on a webinar. 

The truth is, your work is allowed to feel easy and effortless and fun. It’s allowed to not feel like work at all. You are allowed to create your business in a way that includes everything you want, in any way you want. You are allowed to run your business however the heck you want to. 


You are an infinitely powerful witch that is here to challenge the status quo.



So take some time to reflect and really ask yourself…

  • Does this task/live/content/client/offer really align with my Vortex Vision and my soul’s calling?
  • Does it give me the space to do what I want, what I really get lit up doing? 

And if its a ‘nuh uh’, then it’s time to figure out how you can cut it out of your business model, get support from someone who does love it, or switch it up so it does align. 


If it’s not in alignment, if it’s not moving your vibration towards all the magical things that are in your Vortex… It’s now a hard NO.


If you’re ready to go on a transformative journey and catapult yourself into the Vortex of transformation,
I invite you to check out the Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification because enrollment for 2020 is now open! 

This program goes waaaaaay past the surface-level mental learning and pushes you deeper to achieve genuine transformation (on both the conscious and subconscious levels) for a more multidimensional experience. You can finally stop self-sabotaging or playing small and fully deep dive – unapologetically and boldly – into your soul’s calling and mission. 

And be armed with all the skills, techniques and modalities to help your soul clients to do the same 😉


Love + magic,

Lexi xx



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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