Messaging Magic

Lexi D'Angelo



Are you crystal (ball) clear on who you want to serve, what your unique positioning is and what the experience is that you’re offering?


If that’s a “Hellz yes!!”… Amazeballs! Now it’s time to nail your messaging and start attracting your next level clients.

(Psst, if you haven’t done your positioning and offer yet, pop over to the blog called How to Stand Out in a Saturated Coaching Niche where you will learn all about this witchcraft. But come back when you’re done cause we’re about to weave this magic even deeper). 

Once you’ve done your positioning and aligned offer, you might be thinking:

“Cool…what next? How can I turn this spell into money in the bank magic?”

Witches, today I’m going to show you how to message in a way that’s magnetic AF to your unicorn clients. This is how to take them from “I have a problem…” to “I’m excited to work with YOU!”

A looootta people trip over their brooms when it comes to communicating with their audience, promoting their offers and onboarding clients. I get it… We’re often shown representations of the sales world that makes it seem sleazy or downright gross to sell to people. 

In fact, many of us are often so intimidated at the thought of reaching out to clients that all the hard work of establishing our unique positioning is wasted…

Because we’re too afraid to take the next step and actually start a dialogue with the people we’re here to serve!

Sound familiar? It’s time to check that resistance at the proverbial door, cause it doesn’t have to be this way! (In fact, sales can be FUN… I mean it, witches!)


What if I told you that most of what you’ve heard about messaging and selling is hocus pocus? And that there is a way to show up and talk to your unicorn clients that feels aligned AF… 


That empowers them instead of ‘pushes’ them, that gets them suuuuper duper pumped up…

And that makes them feel excited to work with you instead of feeling bullied into doing so?

That instead of using sales tactics to sell your offers, you just need to show up and be authentic… And have the right conversations with your audience in order to magnetize them to you?

So, point is, you don’t have to use any weird “sales tactics” at all.

Because the truth is, your dream client needs you. 

Really. Truly. 

Which means you’re actually doing them a disservice by not empowering them to make the right decision and work with you. You’re actually doing them a disservice by letting your fear or discomfort get in the way.

In order to do right by your clients (and by your business) you need to start remembering that.


I’m going to take you through the steps to Messaging Magic that has been the thing that has taken me:

    • From awkward, unaligned sales-y conversations TO
    • Heart-centered communication that nurtures potential clients and leaves them asking what the next steps are to sign up

What’s it Costing Them?

Your unicorn clients are your unicorn clients because they have a specific problem that you can solve… In fact, if they didn’t have this problem then they probably wouldn’t be your unicorn clients lolz (cus let’s face it, you’re not going to help people who don’t need your help). 

But also, they’re your unicorn clients because YOU deliver the results through your own unique you-filter of your personal experiences and authenticity. And this is what attracts them to your services or program versus the next person who is ‘doing the same thing as you’.


A lot of the time as coaches and mentors we face the objection of “I don’t have the money right now”. And for a lot of us, it sends us running in panic right off the discovery call. We get so uncomfortable about being ‘salesy’ and ‘pitching’ that we shut down right then and there.

But it’s part of our job to empower our audience to see the truth and to feel capable of making the best decisions for them—as their present AND future self.

And the truth is that the problem you solve for them is probably worth ten times the investment that they will have to put in to work with you. 

So, while the financial investment might stretch them outside their comfort zone, the actual cost of not solving this problem or dilemma will far outweigh the dolla dolla bills they’d be investing. Your goal, witches, is to show them that the monetary amount they’ll have to lay out is actually pretty irrelevant compared to the cost of not resolving their issues in all other areas. For instance, their health, their career, their finances, or their love life. 


When you’re in their DM’s starting to build a relationship and you start to come up against the “I don’t have the money right now” objection, here are some things you can ask:

    • What is it costing you to stay in the same place?
    • What will your life look like if you don’t solve this? In a month? 6 more months? Another year? 10 years?
    • What could your life look like after co-creating together and how will that be worth the investment—times 10?!

This isn’t just about money. But putting spinning this financial perspective can get your leads past that initial fear of investing and into feeling empowered to change their life.


For example…

Let’s say you’re a business coach. Often your leads will only see how much it’s costing them to work with you… They won’t initially see that by investing this sum of money up front, they’re actually able to double their investment and start making the profits they’d otherwise take years to make without your help. 

How many potential clients could they potentially be gaining by working with you? How many business expenses are building up the longer they stay stuck? 

If it’s a health, relationships, or happiness related outcome they’ll receive from working with you, then ask them to think about what the cost of staying in their same situation will be. How would it feel to have the same health issues, to remain single, to stay lost without a purpose? How would it impact the rest of their life to continue to stay in the same place?


Ask them to paint a vivid picture and transport themselves into this place… 

    • Will they be able to reach the goals they desire without your help? Even if it’s a yes, how much longer will it take them? Are the cool with waiting that long? What could happen in that time frame instead?
    • What are the bigger picture repercussions of not doing this work with you? What’s the ultimate path it will lead them down? Are they ok with where that will take them?

Once they’ve painted a vivid picture and see the potential impact that staying in the same place will have on their life, then ask:

    • Can they afford to NOT get support with this?

Often times, it’s so easy for us all to focus on the emotion behind making a big investment. Of COURSE it can feel scary to energetically stretch ourselves this way!

Remember how you felt when you invested in that coach or program for the first time?

This is often what our people are going through… But just like you needed to be, we need to remind them that the cost of staying stuck in their current reality far outweighs taking the leap to invest financially.


If you struggle to have conversations around the life changing value of your offers, check out The Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification. This blog post’s content is pulled directly from the transcendental Portal lessons inside the program.


What Are The Magical, Life-Changing Results?

Of course, you don’t want to bum your leads out by highlighting how much their life isn’t their desired reality. 

We’re looking to empower your potential clients, not push them to a night of wine and Netflix because they’re #lowkeyfreaking.


After you’ve addressed what it’s costing them to stay stuck, you want to remind them of how exciting it would feel to start calling in their desired reality by working with you.


You do this by showing them the possibilities. Get them excited about the magical potentials that will open up to them if they work with you. Ask:

    • “What are the possibilities if you did invest your time and energy into this program?”
    • “Imagine finishing the program and celebrating what you’ve created. What are the results you’re experiencing? What does life look like? What do you see, hear, and feel that is different than your current reality?”

Proclaim the magic that is your transformative container. Tell them about the results some of your clients have experienced who used to be where they are. Show them how amazing their reality could become and that people juuuust like them have experienced true magic inside of your program.


You’ll also want to get crystal clear and concise with the big transformation your program helps people experience.


Ask yourself:

    • What is the #1 result your program/product/experience makes possible?

This is what you’ll lead with.



And remember: Naming the result is only part of the equation. Confidently CLAIMING it seals the deal. 

Your people need to see that you 1111% believe in what you’re putting out there. Being hesitant or mehhhh in your delivery = not sexy or reassuring.

Ask yourself:

    • What are 2-3 supplementary results that your program/product/experience makes possible?
    • What are some unexpected but highly celebrated ripple effects that take place in other areas of their life?

Just because your program solves one big specific problem that your unicorn client has, it doesn’t mean all the other juicy goodness and flow-on effects they’ll get from it are irrelevant.



Think about all of the outcomes, results, and shifts that are possible through your program.


For instance, you might be a business coach and help your clients to hit $10k months…

But as a supplementary result, the inner work they’ll do in the process of getting there is also gonna make them feel sexy, lit up, excited and in control. So, they might lose weight, attract their soulmate, and feel aligned AF in the process.

Or maybe your program focuses on helping clients go from couch potato to running 5ks, but a ripple effect of that is that they then fit into all their pre-baby clothes, show up more confidently in their business, make the time for more intimacy with their partner, etc. 

**SIDE NOTE** While you get super excited and amped about the potential results your clients can achieve, making PROMISES of these results can lead to disappointment. 

You can’t actually guarantee everyone will achieve everything in your container – there’s no such thing as a magic pill. 

Buuut, it is possible or has happened in the past when people follow the coaching and take action. Reiterate this. Empower your people to be accountable to show up and do the work if they want to change their lives in a radical way.


Embody the Results

It’s not enough to preach your message. You must fully embody it.


Your Unicorn Clients are going to have a really hard time believing that you’re the person to show them how to level the F up in their business if you don’t embody the person who has a super successful, aligned business. 

Not only is this so vital to YOU and your success, fulfillment, passion, #allthethings…

But your clients want to learn and co-create with people who are embodying and living what they are speaking and preaching. They want integrity. 

They can FEEL if you’re truly in alignment and embodying your message or if your energy around it is all wonky and messed up. You’ve felt this way before in the buyer’s seat… Remember that time you could tell someone was using weird sales tactics to sell you something they didn’t believe in? And even though the words coming out of their mouth made sense, something just felt *off*?


Thought so. Ask yourself: 

    • How are you currently embodying your message and craft? 
    • How can you embody it further, on a deeper level?
    • How can you demonstrate that you embody your message and craft?

This is all about walking your talk and BEING the person that exemplifies the kinds of juicy results that you promise. Guess what, witches, doing this embodiment work also means that you’ll effortlessly attract your unicorn clients to you. You’ll be operating from a space of your Quantum Co-Creatrix who already has the clients, the impact or the income they crave… and take action from a belief system that everything you desire is already yours.

This energy is what allows you to show up with consistency and confidence, two of the main ingredients to a successful marketing and messaging strategy.

Next Steps to Create Messaging Magic

You don’t have to feel awkward or overwhelmed when you talk to your dreamy, unicorn potential clients.

If you follow this process, and wholeheartedly keep your vibe behind it, you’ll start to easefully master the art of showing up with confidence in your messaging.


Remember to:

    • Empower your potential clients to see that staying still is actually going to cost them a whoooole lot more than the investment of your program/experience/offer
    • Know the results you claim and confidently scream ‘em from the rooftops
    • Show them that you are an exemplification of these results

If in doubt, come back to the intention of the transformations your client will undergo by working with you. The potent magic is in knowing you’re actually doing your client a disservice by not letting them in on your juicy, magical, life-changing container.


Are you just getting started with your next level messaging?


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Love + Potent Magic,




Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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