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Are you crystal (ball) clear on who you want to serve, what your unique positioning is and what the experience is that you’re offering?   If that’s a “Hellz yes!!”… Amazeballs! Now it’s time to nail your messaging and start attracting your next level clients. (Psst, if you haven’t done your positioning and offer yet, […]

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Messaging Magic

I’ll make this short and sweet 😉 I just created a training about High Converting Sales Strategies where I walked peeps step-by-step through… How to make the sale on your first call (without being a sleazeball). How to guide someone off the fence and make a decision. And how to offer powerful incentives that make ’em say […]

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High Converting Sales Strategies to Sell with Soul—NOT Sleaze

I’m back to share the rest of my story and how I went from being on a morphine drip (a really low place in my life and biz) to finally creating a business that I LOVE—on my terms. If you haven’t read the first part of this story, head on over HERE. In order to […]

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I Burned My Biz Blueprint To The Ground

Get access to the               that has helped my clients 2-10x their income and work 1/2 the hours.

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