I Burned My Biz Blueprint To The Ground

Lexi D'Angelo



I’m back to share the rest of my story and how I went from being on a morphine drip (a really low place in my life and biz) to finally creating a business that I LOVE—on my terms. If you haven’t read the first part of this story, head on over HERE.

In order to get clarity on what I really desired (NOT what other people’s goals were that I had previously been chasing like a mad woman), I realized that I had to tune out in order to tune in.

This meant completely detaching myself from allllll the peeps and shenanigans in the coaching industry.

So as painstaking as it was, I took 3 months off inside of my business and granted myself the time to get connected with my true self and what lit me up.

Let’s be clear—this was NOT easy. It was actually pure torture at first.

My inner bitch had all sorts of things to say about this hiatus like,

“You stupid, stupid girl. While you’re taking alllll this time off, all your colleagues are launching, traveling, and hitting their next income goals. But here you are, sitting around crying and doing jackshit. Niiiiiice work.”


“You can’t just disappear for 3 months and expect your list to grow and people to remember who you are. Everyone else is growing their community and you’re losing followers and leads by the minute. Good luck starting from scratch.”

Yeah. I wasn’t so nice to myself.

But I knew that pushing and trying to keep up with the coaching Kardashians was NOT the answer.

So I promised myself I would try to trust the process. Whatever clues I was given, I would follow.

My first clue lead me to dive into my sun sign (#sagittariusindahouse), which in turn, led to me fall down a black hole of astrology magic. As I dove deep into the signs, planets, and houses, I found myself losing track of time—and re-discovering myself and my purpose.

Ahh. So this is what it’s like to be turned on by your business. Niiiiice.

I continued to explore the spiritual realm in even more detail and ultimately I not only desired, but needed the “woo” to be part of my business. But I was also scared to pop out of the spiritual closet, and say, “Hey, now I’m into woo-woo shit, come hang with me!”

I feared that people wouldn’t take me seriously anymore and trust that I could powerfully guide them towards the success they were seeking. To add the cherry on top, coaches I trusted told me NOT to lead with woo because people wouldn’t whip out their credit cards for that. This really screwed with my internal compass and my calibration was totally thrown off.

So I kept spiraling and feeling more and more lost until one day, I said, “FUCK IT. I’m taking a stand for woo AND business and doing both.” And that’s when I knew the Biz Woo concept had to be birthed into the world, once and for all.

Guess what? It WORKED.

My favorite clients were attracted to the messaging and even more dream clients were flocking to me. And I wasn’t having to launch programs in the “typical” way… In fact, the more I veered from standard internet marketing tactics, the more “success” I experienced.

I finally realized that you totally CAN integrate and swirl all of your passions, desires, and quirks together to make your own unique magic. AND you can create a business model that feels fun and fabulous for YOU (not what everyone else in the industry says you have to follow!).

For me, it took a whole lot of burnout, time and money to reach this realization.

I want to save you the frustration, time, money, and energy and help you get exactly what you desire, right here, right now.

I’m taking a select group of women on an upcoming intimate coaching experience with me. This is my invitation for you to create your own path, recalibrate your compass, and become the leader you know you are meant to be.

Are you ready?? Shoot me an email at lexi@lexidangelo.com find out more.



Lexi D'Angelo

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