Living Life + Biz To The Fullest (and pics + vids from my bachelorette)

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Holy shiiiiizballs.

This weekend was my bachelorette party in Charleston, SC and it was insanely fun. I don’t think I’ve drank, danced or laughed that much in a long time! My friends made me feel so loved and celebrated, and I am truly blessed to have such incredible women in my life.

{ With my 17 #unicornsparkletribe ladies before dinner! }

The weekend was filled with brunches, breweries, beach trips — aaaaaand even a male stripper. (Unfortunately, he wasn’t anything like Magic Mike and was more of a turn-off than a turn-on.) And no, we did NOT take him up on his offer to lick a trail of whipped cream from his ankle to his you-know-what!! #thanksbutnothanks

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting an incredible band, the David Higgins Band, who we became besties with. (Fun fact: the drummer, Craig, played with THE Rachel Platten who sings “Fight Song.”) We were up until about 6 am each morning hanging with the band at our after party! I noticed Craig’s tattoo, and he shared it symbolized coming into alignment. I was like, “Whoa! That’s the exact thing I help my clients to do in their businesses and lives!” We dove into some juicy convo from there.

At the end of the weekend, my friends and I left feeling hungover and exhausted, but also completely fulfilled and high on life. The band’s passion for what they do was undeniable and inspired each of us to dive deeper into our dreams and desires. We were so inspired to the point of us wanting to join a band, or at the very least, travel around and be groupies, haha! 

{ Me with Craig and David, the drummer and singer, at the after party! }

It’s actually been realllllly difficult for me to integrate back into “work life” after having such a blast. But I left completely inspired to get even more committed to having a life all about deep connection, love, passion, and fun.

In the past, I was a total workaholic. Even in the beginning of this year, I had week after week where I was working 12-16 hour days. I’ve come to realize that what’s in alignment for me isn’t being behind a computer for hours on end. Instead, it’s about having the freedom, space and time to simply ENJOY life. As a result, I’ve made shifts inside of my business that allow it to be more fluid and open, rather than structured and constraining.

{ our newly formed band is called “Unicorn Sparkle Tribe” …duhhh }

In my lifestyle now, I can…

Travel all over the world

:: Heading to London next week and Bermuda shortly after!

Have adventures

:: Sacred ritual retreats, romantic weekend getaways, and rock band raves

Spend evenings laughing with friends

:: From hilarious middle school moments, to embarrassing stories with co-workers, to scandalous sexcapades

Enjoy a 3-hour sex date

:: I’ll be sharing more about this in an email next week 😉

Workout like a MOFO

:: On Tuesday I went on a long walk, went for a run, attended a boxing class, and then a barre class. It sounds crazy, but it felt SO damn good. Especially after a wild weekend of partying!

As I continue to allow myself to indulge in the pleasures and magic of life, it becomes increasingly obvious what’s NOT in alignment—to the point of it being PAINFUL because it’s so in contrast to everything else that I desire. This is my reminder to you that feeling completely lit up in your business AND your life is 100% possible. I’m a walking example of what can happen when you have the courage to get fully aligned with YOUR truth and build your entire business and life around that.

{ beach + sun fun }

I’d love to know where you are in this process. Are you completely lit up for your business, your message? Are you living the lifestyle you desire — with fun, romance, adventure? Or are you stuck somewhere in the process? Maybe even wondering if it’s possible?

Leave a comment below and share what’s coming up for you!

Oh, and here’s a video compilation of some of the shenanigans we got up to this weekend:



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