50 Shades of Truth Live Series: Episode 4 with Amanda Bond

Lexi D'Angelo



0:40 Briefly explain what it is you do and who you help.
1:44 What were you before and why did you blow it up?
7:50 How did you get more clarity on this and then figure out what action to take?
17:30 What does your business model look like moving forward?
21:00 What is the biggest mistake you see people doing?
31:05 How do you balance your long term vision with short term taking actions etc?
36: 57 What’s one big dream you have and one small action step you can do to make that happen?
38:40 What’s a truth of yours that you’ve been afraid/nervous/unsure about sharing? Why are you ready to share now?
42:20 Where can people find you?

Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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