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Recently I came full circle and accomplished something I’ve been dreaming about for over one year. I hosted the first live Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioners Certification event. *Pause for applause* lolz Ohhhh, stop it, you’re too kind. But in all seriousness, I’ve been waiting for a very long time to be able to hold this event. […]

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The Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From Running the Certification Live Event

Are you crystal (ball) clear on who you want to serve, what your unique positioning is and what the experience is that you’re offering?   If that’s a “Hellz yes!!”… Amazeballs! Now it’s time to nail your messaging and start attracting your next level clients. (Psst, if you haven’t done your positioning and offer yet, […]

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Messaging Magic

“The coaching industry is oversaturated.” Hands up if you’ve heard this one before?! Orrrrr maybe it’s a belief that you have as your own? I’m here to tell you that this statement is totally hocus pocus. And believing it will only prevent you from calling in your unicorn dream clients, who need YOU.  Yes, the […]

Biz Shiz

How to Stand Out in a Saturated Coaching Niche

These are the 8 purchases I’ve made in the past week to support my life and biz: ⋆ Essential oils ⋆ Home decor ⋆ Ukulele ⋆ Art supplies ⋆ Crystals ⋆ Glass dildos ⋆ Black Mage trilogy ⋆ Manicure + eyelash extensions   “Sayyyyyy whaaaa? How do these things support your life…especially your biz?” Sooo […]

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8 Key Purchases That Support My Life + Biz

We’re all alwayyys looking to infuse more truth into our businesses, right? **Hellllllllz yes!** Now, I bet you didn’t guess the secret to this is by making a new BFF. I’m talking about your Inner Wise Woman. Who the hell is she? Your Inner Wise Woman is a powerful and potent aspect of yourself! She’s […]

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1 Surefire Way To Infuse More Truth Into Your Biz

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