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These are the 8 purchases I’ve made in the past week to support my life and biz: ⋆ Essential oils ⋆ Home decor ⋆ Ukulele ⋆ Art supplies ⋆ Crystals ⋆ Glass dildos ⋆ Black Mage trilogy ⋆ Manicure + eyelash extensions   “Sayyyyyy whaaaa? How do these things support your life…especially your biz?” Sooo […]

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8 Key Purchases That Support My Life + Biz

We’re all alwayyys looking to infuse more truth into our businesses, right? **Hellllllllz yes!** Now, I bet you didn’t guess the secret to this is by making a new BFF. I’m talking about your Inner Wise Woman. Who the hell is she? Your Inner Wise Woman is a powerful and potent aspect of yourself! She’s […]

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1 Surefire Way To Infuse More Truth Into Your Biz

I’m not gonna lie—comparisonitis (you know, comparing yourself to everyone inside of your industry and feeling totally inadequate as a result) has infected me more times than I even want to admit. I wish I could say that I only felt this in the beginning of my business journey, buuut it’s come up for me […]

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How To Go From Follower To Leader In Your Biz/Industry

Okay, so I know a lot of peeps who are in my circle are health conscious (and hell, most of you have even gone to IIN. #coachinggatewaydrug). You know how when you go to a doctor and you’re like…   “I’m in a funk and just not feeling like myself…” “I have severe anxiety and […]

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I Used to Prescribe a DANGEROUS Solution to Success…

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