1 Surefire Way To Infuse More Truth Into Your Biz

Lexi D'Angelo



We’re all alwayyys looking to infuse more truth into our businesses, right? **Hellllllllz yes!** Now, I bet you didn’t guess the secret to this is by making a new BFF.

I’m talking about your Inner Wise Woman.

Who the hell is she?

Your Inner Wise Woman is a powerful and potent aspect of yourself! She’s YOU! And that means you get to tap into her archetypal energy 24/7! 

Buuuut there’s a little problem.

Most women have dimmed their Inner Wise Woman, maybe even shut her down completely, or feel shame, embarrassment or fear around her.

So, naturally, she hides away.

She’s not about to hang around where she’s not wanted. That’s just awkward…

But WHY are we so awkward with her in the first place?!

Your IWW represents things you’re scared of (but shouldn’t be!)

Your Inner Wise Woman represents the dark, the winter, aging, and loss of fertility. YIKES.

It may not seem sexy at first glance, but there is SO much magical and mysterious energy *just waiting* to be tapped into.

At her finest, she allows for internal reflection, slowing down, transition, and deep knowing.

A chance to pause and take a breath.

A moment to think, or hell, simply BE.

As entrepreneurs, slowing down and pausing can be scary and uncomfortable AF.

“The rules” say slowing down is bad. It’s drilled into women in the coaching and marketing spaces that we need to go, go, go and do, do, do. The introspective energy that your IWW represents is in opposition to that.

But it’s sooo necessary to do, in order to turn out the outside noise and tune into our inner wisdom.

Your Inner Wise Woman guides you to your truth

When we tap into the energy of this archetype, we connect with parts of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed and reaaally uncover our core truths and desires.

The things we’re afraid to confront on our own, she helps use through.

Your Inner Wise Woman doesn’t give two shits about what other people or society say.

She doesn’t look to any other gurus to the lead the way. She doesn’t get caught up in the hot new thing or “OMG must try.”

She writes her own rules, trusting her own internal compass’ True North with her whole heart.

Her raw, real and brazen attitude magnetizes others because it’s something that most people seek, long for, yet have *no idea* how to access.

When you embody your Inner Wise Woman’s archetypal energy, that’s when you get to toss out the cookie cutters, screw the rules, and create success on your own terms. She sounds like a total BAMF, right? She IS.

The problem with the industry is that most people don’t know how to trust, let alone even awaken, their Inner Wise Woman. Hell, some don’t even know she exists!

That disconnect is why I love teaching my clients exactly how to find her and seek her counsel.

Because when you’re able to do so, that’s when you can stop trying to emulate other thought leaders and become your own Truth Leader with your own unique methodology.

Unlock your Inner Wise Woman to find your unique methodology

One of the tools that makes up *my* own unique methodology is tapping into the elements, archetypes, cycles, and esoteric realms and bringing these woo-woo concepts down to earth, making them fun, relevant, and approachable.

For ANYONE. Yep, anyone! Even the woo-shy 😉

Because let’s be real, sometimes these concepts can get super woo, super fast.

Most peeps get lost and don’t want to touch ‘em with a 10 foot pole.

And I get it, which is why my approach is different, and I’d love for you to experience it!

You’re invited to join me for a 5-part magical experience called “Unlock Your Methodology,” where I’ll show you EXACTLY how to tap into your powerful Inner Wise Woman.

Because finding her will jump start profound transformation inside your programs, and your Unicorn Clients will come trotting. GIDDY UP.

We’ll be covering:

  • Knowing your Unicorn Clients and going beyond those boring “client avatars” (hello, totally not helpful to begin with!)
  • Choosing the best journey to bring your clients on (PEACE OUT, cookie cutter frameworks!)
  • Uncovering your own magical methodology and using your multi-passionate heart to your advantage
  • Invoking the elements (earth, air, fire, and water) to achieve crazy big shifts that make your Unicorn Clients yell “Hell, yes!”
  • Swirling all your newfound knowledge together and unapologetically sharing your magic with the world

If you’re as excited to plunge below the surface and create an experience unlike anything anyone has seen before as I am to show you how, you can head here to join the fun now!



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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