Lessons Learned From My Period

Lexi D'Angelo



The other day, while many ran outside to chase the magic of the eclipse, I sat inside—soaking in my tub—and allowing myself to turn inwards. What happened as a result was absolutely beautiful.

Buuuut let me hit the rewind button for a hot second.

My period greeted me earlier this morning and I was pretty pleased to find that I wasn’t experiencing my usual cramps. I thought, “Saweeeeeet! I can go about my day as usual. I’ve got loooots to do.”

So I sat down for a client call and as I was on the call, what do ya know, my cramps started acting up. But I pushed through.

After my call, I had a solid few hours of work to do for Unlock Your Methodology, so I dove in head first. The cramp pain worsened to the point that I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I knewww that this should be a day of rest, introspection, etc., but I also had shit to do. I was frustrated…but also in serious pain.

I decided to approach things differently and consulted my Inner Wise Woman for some advice.


Ok, ok, ok.

I closed down my computer drew a bath, put a kettle on the stove and ordered some yummy food.

As soon as my body plunged into the steamy water I could feel a huuuuge release. I closed my eyes and surrendered to all the feelings and thoughts swirling inside.

After my bath, I applied some heavenly body oil and got into bed with the book “Wild Power.” Very fitting for my current sitch! I realized that my pain had subsided considerably and I could comfortably relax and enjoy myself.

My sushi arrived and I savored each bite before climbing back into bed for a much needed nap.

When I woke up, I found myself feeling a bit rundown, but overall, pretty pain free.

I figured I was good to get on my afternoon call. Just 5 minutes in, I felt my energy totallllly drain.

After the call, I sat down in my bed to work for a bit, and what do you know?! My cramps returned.

Clearly my body knows what she wants and when I listened to her, she responded back with love. But in the moments where I went against her desires, she let me know exactly how she felt about that—not so thrilled 😂

Today has been such incredible confirmation that yes, our body truly holds the wisdom we seek and when we can honor her and align with her cycles, so much magic can be experienced. And on the flip side, when we numb or disregard her desires, shit is bound to hit the fan!

So where are you ignoring your body’s wisdom? How can you tap back into your feminine power? It doesn’t have to be major (although it could be!), but I’d love to hear you share some commitments and declarations in the comments! 🙌🏻💃🏻🔥💕

Oh, and Jake, being the amazing man he is, knew my period was coming and surprised me with some heating pads the other day. #truelove 😍



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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