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Soul-Aligned Business

Recently I came full circle and accomplished something I’ve been dreaming about for over one year. I hosted the first live Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioners Certification event. *Pause for applause* lolz Ohhhh, stop it, you’re too kind. But in all seriousness, I’ve been waiting for a very long time to be able to hold this event. […]

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The Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From Running the Certification Live Event

Do you ever get frustrated AF because you you see other coaches, visionaries, creatives, and healers doing nearly the SAME work that you’re doing in the world—YET their business is THRIVING. They’re selling out their programs. They’re hitting 6 figures and beyond. And they’re living the life of their dreams. You can’t help but wonder, […]

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005 :: Raise Your Vibration and Capacity to Receive Abundance

If you’ve ever struggled with how much you unconsciously or consciously consume social media and how it negatively effects your life + business, you’re gonna loooove this episode. I’ll be sharing 6 ways you can be more intentional with social media so you can make sure it’s raising your vibe and having a positive impact, […]

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004 :: 6 Ways to Be More Intentional with Social Media Copy

We’re getting all sorts of woo-woo weird today as I share my 2019 Business Predictions with the help of a tarot spread I made up. And let me just add that many of my dreams and prophecies come true, so you might as well call me the Oracle of Delphi and listen up 😉   […]

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002 :: 2019 Business Predictions Copy

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