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When I was checking in with my assistant towards the end of March, she noted how I was at $54k+ for the year. I was like, “You know what’s funny about that? It’s been so so easy. I mean, I literally feel like I don’t work at all. In fact, do you wanna know how […]

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014 :: How 5-Hour Work Weeks Created $54k

 I created the Inner Compass Exercise to help potential clients get off the fence and make the most powerful and aligned decision possible for them. Inside of this download, I share the exact PDF I send potential clients and include a bonus audio to walk you through each step! __________ We’ve all heard it or […]

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008 :: Empower Potential Clients to Get off the Fence

Inside of this episode, I’m joined by my personal brand photographer, Shannon Confair, to share our top secrets for a successful brand photoshoot. What we chat about in this episode… How to know when it’s time for a brand shoot How to choose your photographer Prepping for photoshoot Tricks for the day of your shoot […]

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007 :: Secrets to a Successful Brand Photoshoot with Shannon Confair

I’m in the midst of implementing one of the most coveted and high-level strategies to invite the most swoon-worthy, soul-mate clients into my mastermind. Interested in learning more about what I’m doing? I’ll give you a few hints…   >> No, it’s not through a 5-day challenge that leads to a “webinar that converts” >> […]

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006 :: How I Plan to Sell Out My Mastermind

Do you ever get frustrated AF because you you see other coaches, visionaries, creatives, and healers doing nearly the SAME work that you’re doing in the world—YET their business is THRIVING. They’re selling out their programs. They’re hitting 6 figures and beyond. And they’re living the life of their dreams. You can’t help but wonder, […]

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005 :: Raise Your Vibration and Capacity to Receive Abundance

Are you ready to get crystal clear on what your unique magic is that separates you from errrryone else and their mom in your industry? This epic workbook will help you zone in on your distinct messaging + positioning so you can clearly, concisely, and confidently communicate your potent message + expertise to your soulmate clients.