008 :: Empower Potential Clients to Get off the Fence

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 I created the Inner Compass Exercise to help potential clients get off the fence and make the most powerful and aligned decision possible for them. Inside of this download, I share the exact PDF I send potential clients and include a bonus audio to walk you through each step!


We’ve all heard it or said it before…

>>> I’m going to meditate on it!

>>> I’m going to journal around it.

>>> I’m going to wait until the eclipse is over to get clear…


While your intentions behind saying these things may be well and good, 99% of the time you’re actually just blocking yourself from your next quantum leap. *GASP.*

I know, the horror! Let’s talk about why this is and what can actually be more supportive for you instead.

And of course, if you’re hearing potential or currently clients saying these things, this episode will help you lovingly navigate a conscious conversation around it. Yay!


What we chat about in this episode…

  • What’s reallllly going on when someone says they need to meditate, journal or think on it
  • How to respect your potential client’s process while lovingly standing for their next level of possibility
  • The difference between force and friction
  • The exact steps I walk prospects through who need more time to feel into a decision

Pssssst—Don’t forget to download the exact PDF I send clients who need time to think about it and bonus audio training!


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empower potential clients to get off the fence



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