010:: Lessons Learned from my ER Health Scare Copy

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Health scares suuure do have a way of waking you the hell up and calling you back to your purpose…I’ve been in the ER going on 18 hours now and let’s just say this experience has been enlightening and awakening.

Quick summary: I had been experiencing numbness in the left side of my face, my left arm, and my left leg and it had been progressing over days and was then starting to go to my right side. I was supposed to fly to Boston today anyway, but decided to move my flight up a day. While I still don’t know exaaactly what’s going on, I am so so grateful to say that the concerns of it being signs of MS or something neurological have now been ruled out.

Before finding this out, I was in a really scary limbo state of, “I’m totally okay and healthy, obviously I’m fine and this is just something weird that will go away,” and, “Fuckkkk. I’m scared…what IF, I’m not ok?”. But I didn’t let myself stay there. I’ve equipped myself with some seriously magical physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic tools over the years, and you bet your booty I was whipping them all out of my toolbox. 

Instead of allowing myself to go down that suuuper negative road, or defaulting to working on rando tasks in my biz to numb out, I got super present with how I was feeling and invited the utmost clarity and commitment to my true purpose in this world.

Like I said, I’m so grateful that the MRI came back with glowing results. I know I’m lucky. And I’m also extremely aware that not everyone walks away with the knowing that they are healthy and their life and the lives of their loved ones doesn’t have to drastically change in some way, shape, or form. My love goes out to everyone who has received news that wasn’t what they wanted for themselves or their loved ones and who have been forced to face an undesired and undeserved reality.


What we chat about in this episode

  • PERSONAL, PRIORITIES, PURPOSE. How can I do something each day for these categories? 
  • Looking at challenges and set backs as an opportunity for a reset
  • Using your magical tools to steer you off of a super negative path and back to your true self

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