How to Stand Out in a Saturated Coaching Niche

Lexi D'Angelo



“The coaching industry is oversaturated.”

Hands up if you’ve heard this one before?! Orrrrr maybe it’s a belief that you have as your own?

I’m here to tell you that this statement is totally hocus pocus. And believing it will only prevent you from calling in your unicorn dream clients, who need YOU. 

Yes, the coaching industry is growing suuuuper fast. Everywhere you go you seem to meet more coaches doing ‘exactly’ what you’re doing (even though they’re not… we’ll get to that part). It seems like every woman, man and their self-development obsessed dog wants to become the next Tony Robbins or Gabrielle Bernstein. Am I right?!

At times it can feel like there’s so much competition. When I first started as a coach I had a LOT of shadow work to do around accepting that competitive side of myself. It can often feel like that coach who is crushing it in the same niche as you, means that you yourself… can’t crush it too.

You are NOT alone. On my recent episode of the Tabwoo Podcast, I talked to my client and friend Caroline Van Natta. One of the things we talked about was how as a new coach starting out, you don’t hear people talking about the struggles of being NEW. The coaching industry is soooo focused on those ‘6-figure’ success stories, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by comparison. 

(P.S. You can listen to the full 4x Your Income as a New Coach episode here!) 

Now, before you build up this story in your head and create excuses for why you won’t be able to find your soulmate clients, make six figures, live your dream life… 

And take that made up story as a reason to give up on coaching altogether and go back to hustling away at your corporate job that drives you crazy… 

Let me tell you some potent and magical (plus very REAL) truths. This is for all of you out there who have ever thought; “There are so many ______ coaches out there… why in the world would anyone work with ME?”

Here’s why.

There Are Plenty of Unicorns in the Sea

We live in an infinite and abundant Universe. 

I know you know that, because you’re here reading this, which means you’re one of my people. And my peeps are quantum creators who know they’re co-jamming with the big U.

Since you know this, you also know there are more than enough clients to go around (even if your brain tricks you into thinking otherwise sometimes). In fact, there is an infinite amount of clients for everyone. 

There’s absolutely no reason to get jealous, competitive or disheartened when your coaching industry crush is making magic and enjoying all kinds of success. Their success doesn’t cancel out the possibility for yours. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Simply by knowing who you’re meant to serve and trusting those magical unicorns are going to find you, no matter how ‘saturated’ the industry is, is exactly how you’ll attract your dream clients.

Because when you have this belief ^^ you show up as the version of yourself who already has the clients. Read as: Consistent, authentic, and powerful.

And the truth is, your unicorn clients need YOU. Not someone else. It isn’t just your ‘resume’ or ‘modalities’ that will really be the platform for their transformation…

It’s also your unique story, your personality, your voice, your specific traits, interests and flava-flav. 

All those juicy, magical things make you – well, you – and also make you relatable to the people you’re here to serve. Have you ever read a concept again and again, then one day, you read a caption by your fave influencer and *BAM* it just clicked?

This is what I mean. People don’t just need to hear what you’re teaching… they need it through the filter of your unique youness.

It’s also super important to accept that while your unicorn clients are definitely going to be #TotallyObsessed with you, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be everyone’s cauldron of tea. 

Let go of the need to jam those who aren’t your ideal client into your one-size-fits-all strategy. Instead, focus on boiling down who IS your dream unicorn client, what they need from you, and WHY they need you specifically. 

Your Unicorn Clients Are Attracted To Your Unicorn Positioning 

When it comes to attracting your dream clients, it’s important that you’re able to articulate your Unicorn Positioning

What the heck is Unicorn Positioning you might ask?

This potent spell will help you get crystal clear on who your people are and why they need you over anyone else in the industry. This is the brew that will set YOU apart to the people who need you, so you can stop the comparison game and forge your own path to #Legendary.

Let’s break it down…

  1. Your Unicorn Clients

Ask yourself these Q’s:

  • Who do you have a burning passion to serve? Be specific. If you could conjure your perfect, soul client..
    • What do they look like? 
    • How old are they? 
    • Where are they at in their life? Their biz?
    • What are their hobbies and interests?
    • Where do they hang out online? 

The more detailed you can be, the more potency this practice will have. It can even help to give them a name or write about them as if you were writing a personal profile.

Do whatever it takes to get you in a state of understanding, closeness, and deep relatability with who you’re here to serve.

2.Their Surface Desire and Deep Desire

Oooh yes, we’re cooking up potions now. Let’s take this a level deeper…

What do your Unicorn Clients desire on the surface? 

(This is usually what they THINK they want) 

What do they think that their surface desire will ultimately make possible for them? 

(This is their deep desire and is what they usually NEED) 

Ever heard, “Sell them what they want, give them what they need”? The way you market your programs is going to be different than what’s actually inside

For instance, your clients may think they want to find their soulmate… But they really need to cultivate a deep love for themselves to become a vibrational match for their ideal partner.

3. Their Fears/Objections 

Now, there are gonna be some reasons they don’t have everything they want yet. To unearth them, ask:

  • What are the fears holding them back from taking action? 
  • What are the biggest objections they have about why it might not work? 

For instance, they might be worried that the dating game is scary, or they’re too old to start now, maybe they don’t have enough money…

4. Your Title 

This parts all about your expertise, your magic, your mojo.

What are you? Who are you? A coach, consultant, designer, creative…? 

5. Your Captivating Hook

This provocative piece’s goal is to pump your peeps TF up. Get them excited and interested in what you have to say, speak to your credibility, start building a relationship.

For instance:

“I am a dating coach who helps *previously* terminally single women break through their BS relationship patterns and find their happily ever after.”

6. Your Results-Based Promise

What’s in it for them if they decide to take a leap of faith and tango with you? This is your results-based promise of the inevitable transformation they’ll experience if they show up 100% to do the work.

7. Your Unicorn Positioning Phrase 

Summarize what you do and who you serve in a short paragraph. This is sometimes talked about in biz lingo as the “elevator pitch”. It includes:

  • The pain points you address
  • The surface desires of the unicorns 
  • The deep level desires of the unicorns
  • Specific, tangible results you get your clients
  • Surface goals they wanna achieve
  • Deep level goals that ignite their soul

You wanna aim to create that “OMG they’re reading my freaking mind!” feeling. Something that your Unicorn client will be nodding their pretty lil’ mane along with as they are reading it. 

Something like:

“I’m a Pleasure + Wellness Coach for women in their 20’s and 30’s who have tried EVERYTHING when it comes to weight loss, but have never been successful—not to mention, have dreaded each step of the way. I support them in ditching crazy diets and body shame once and for all so they can lose weight in a way that feels pleasurable and fun—think more spontaneous dance parties and lovin’ between the sheets and less calorie counting and trudging on treadmills. And I help them do this in just 4 months or less! I’ve personally supported over 100 women in losing a total of 789 lbs, and more importantly, finally experiencing freedom when it comes to food and falling in love with their bodies and life for the very first time.”

You now have a spellbook of:

  1. The basic deets of who exactly it is that you serve
  2. How you position yourself in a way that stands out from the rest
  3. The magical results your peeps can look forward to that only you can give them

You’ve now defined your own lane and your own Unique Magic Zone. It’s untouchable. It’s unfuckwithable. Because it’s all YOU.

Have you had an A-HA moment yet?! Le duh, of course you have! DM us on IG, we want to know the witchy ways you’re changing the world 😉

The next step is to create your unicorn’s transcendental container that’ll get them epic, shout-it-to-the-world worthy results.

Your Unicorn Client Journey

It’s time to map out from A to Z how you’re going to serve your clients during their transformation.

It’s not just thinking about an ‘offer’ or a ‘program’…

It’s about starting to figure out where this sits within the spectrum of your other offers or products, how you communicate with your Unicorns on different parts of their journey, and the systems you have in place to take people from “I have a problem” to “I’m ready, take my money!”

  1. Create a Bite-Sized Experience to Facilitate Transformation 

First, get really clear on what objectives and outcomes you have for your clients. Ask yourself:

  • Where will they be when they start the course? 
  • What do they want to achieve? 

Then, break this down into points covering:

  • Their current reality
  • Their pain points
  • Their key desires

For instance, let’s say you help women practice radical self love and overhaul their health to feel sexy, fab, and free. Starting your program, they could be:

  • Self-conscious
  • Dispassionate about sex with their partner
  • Feeling uncomfortable in their body

You then want to define where they will be at the end of their time working under your witchy wing.

For instance, at the end of your program they will:

  • Have lost their first 20lbs in a way that’s fun
  • Have developed a greater appreciation and love for the person they see in the mirror
  • Have deepened their communication and trust with their partner, which has led to more intimacy in and out of the bedroom
  • Feel more turned on and are having amazeballs sex

2. Create an Offer for the “Next Level”

THEN, you get to ask “What would be next for them?”

Cus let’s get real… When people come to you, they might not be ready to take a full-ass leap into a 5-figure investment of working with you one-on-one.

Buuuuut, after taking your course (aka the bite-sized transformation from the step before), they’d be ready for your mastermind…

And after your mastermind… maybe they’d be ready for your one-on-one.

(Le duh, cus they’ve been getting AMAZETITS results!)

This is how you not only empower TF out of your people to create everlasting change. It’s also how you scale your business like a badass witch by keeping clients #4life (again, as long as you’re empowering them on the next step of their journey…this is NOT about creating co-dependency 😉


If you’ve got your witchin’ offers all laid out, and now you’re ready to put a $$$ sign next to them, check out these hot tips on Overcoming Mindset Blocks to Price Your Offers.


Next Steps to Embodying Your Quantum Next-Level Self

Boom, witches. 

You should now be crystal (ball) clear on who you serve, what their client experience looks like and therefore why they need YOU and not someone else you used to compare yourself to.

*Remember Your Unique Magic*

Your industry isn’t oversaturated… because no one has cloned you 1,000 times. And YOU are the only person your magical unicorns need to lead them.

This business strategy brewed with the most potent alignment practices are what my witches in the Tabwoo™ Practitioner Certification are not only practicing for themselves…

It’s also what they’re learning to use to radically change their clients lives. 

Have #FOMO? Well, you’re in luck, witches. 

We’re now taking applications for the next round, and spots are already filling up. Get your application in before we sell out (again!)…

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