8 Key Purchases That Support My Life + Biz

Lexi D'Angelo



These are the 8 purchases I’ve made in the past week to support my life and biz:

⋆ Essential oils

⋆ Home decor

⋆ Ukulele

⋆ Art supplies

⋆ Crystals

⋆ Glass dildos

⋆ Black Mage trilogy

⋆ Manicure + eyelash extensions


“Sayyyyyy whaaaa? How do these things support your life…especially your biz?”

Sooo glad you asked!


:: Essential oils :: I’ve been diffusing a blend of peppermint, lavender, and lemon to to uplift my energy and help me focus, while also keep me calm. It’s been amazing. AND I had a stomach ache the other night and took two drops of DigestZen in 8oz of water and POOF! My stomach ache subsided substantially. #winning

:: Home decor :: I’m in the midst of redoing my office so ordered a statement bench, a rug, and some super cute decor elements. My environment has a HUGE effect on me, so it’s important that I’m feeling high vibe and inspired in my office on the reg.

:: Ukulele + art supplies :: Creative expression is sooo important and I find that when I take time to immerse myself in art and music, I’m far more inspired in my work. Not to mention less stressed! It’s an added bonus that the art I’m making will be hung up in my office to add to the high vibe feel!

:: Crystals :: Crystals vibrate at various frequencies and emit different energies. Right now, I’m loving citrine for enhancing my clarity, creativity, and manifesting skills.

:: Glass dildos :: These are for the 12-month Love, Sex, and Relationship Certification I’m in. Definitely not your average course shopping list! I truly believe that exploring our sexuality is key to feeling empowered in ALL areas of our life. Not to mention the 1,943,046 benefits to orgasming! 😉

:: Black Mage trilogy :: There’s nothing like getting lost in some good YA fiction! It’s so important for me to take time to read books outside of my business because it allows me to recharge and also reignites my creative juices!

:: Manicure + eyelash extensions :: I looove treating myself to luxury treatments, not to mention I always feel more put together when my nails are did! And eyelash extensions make it soooo easy to get ready (or not). These are both self-care and confidence boosters!


What about you? What purchases do you make or what experiences do you immerse yourself in that support your life and business?



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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