True Transformation and Doing the Work

Lexi D'Angelo



I want to talk to you about SUCH a common mistake I see women making in business. One that I’ve been guilty of myself!

What is it??

Wanting to get ahead in business so badly, having such huge dreams and being so excited to achieve them, that we focus too much on strategy.

We obsess over Facebook ads and sales funnels, audience research and five-step frameworks. We fixate on strategies, methods, and these masculine actions, thinking they’re what will move the needle in our business.

But I’ve got a ground-shaker for you: they’re not.

*Of course* we need strategies and systems goin’ on in our businesses!

However, we CANNOT be so reliant on strategy that we stop trusting our own intuition.

Have you ever felt like this?

Instead of getting in touch with what’s best for you and your business, you try to chase a magic bullet that will fix #allthethings.

Let’s be real though—You’re at the point where you’ve tried enough programs and frameworks to know that there’s no such thing as a quick fix.

But you, like SO many other women I connect with, keep pushing and pushing to find that special something that will change the game, and in the search for this holy grail of a thing, you are starting to burn out.

I’m gonna guess that you’re also relying on your business to be THE solution to your fulfillment.

And while, yes, you  can experience tremendous pleasure and fulfillment from working hard in your business, it’s still only one facet of your life.

When you rely too much on your business for pleasure, the high that you experience when you succeed and meet goals wears off quickly. Then you’re left feeling empty in a way that doesn’t even make sense on paper.

It can feel frustrating as hell, I know!

That’s because you’ve deactivated all these other parts of you.

So your business CANNOT be the only thing fueling and fulfilling you.

*This* is why I’m so passionate about helping women reactivate all the different aspects of themselves!

We’ve spent our entire lives being taught that pushing, working hard, and following a patriarchal, linear system, is the path to success.

Because of this conditioning, we don’t even know how to become fulfilled.

In the process of trying to adapt to that linear path, we teach ourselves to ignore our cyclical nature as women, to disregard our intuition and desires.

We shut down the very aspects of ourselves that are the keys to our fulfillment.

But we need ALL of these parts and we need to know them intimately.

And beyond knowing, we need to know how to integrate them and claim them. Because once we own our magic, we can unleash our potent power.

Success is not about having a 6-figure, or even 7-figure, business.

Success is not whatever income goal the influencers, the gurus, their best friends, and their mothers are going after. It’s not about any ONE business goal.

It’s about a **life** where:

  • You feel aligned and ignited by the work you’re doing in the world
  • You’re sharing your message with the masses and being recognized as a leader in your industry
  • You’re magnetizing all the wealth you desire
  • You have a true soul mate who adores and admires every unique part of you
  • You’re in love with your body and you honor her fierce feminine power
  • You have a steamy, passionate sex life and connection to your *own* sexuality
  • Your connection to the Universe is on a level you’ve never experienced before
  • You live in harmony with nature, the seasons, and life’s cycles
  • You have girlfriends and best friends you’re OBSESSED with, and love you right back
  • Your health and wellness fuels and energizes you to achieve your dreams
  • You get to spend your time immersing yourself in hobbies, playing, and enjoying life to the fullest 😍

All of this is available to you – and so much more – when you tap into the 12 archetypes that make up a Fully Activated Woman.

This is why I commit to developing all parts of myself.

I don’t only invest in a business coach. Because I’m activating all parts of myself, I’ve committed to investing in personal development in EVERY area of my life.

I work with a business coach for high-level strategy.

I’m also part of a Priestess Path program to tap into the Divine Feminine. I’m in a coaching program that focuses on facilitation, ritual, and ceremony. I’m in another that focuses on sacred transformation as a coach. I’m doing Shadow Work training. I’m starting a sex, love, and relationship 600-hour certification, too.

Oh, and did you know I have my holistic health certification and degree in Applied Psychology & Human Development?

And there’s SO MUCH MORE.

This shows you, I’m not just focusing on business, but on all areas of my life. I activate and explore every aspect and do the work necessary to transform.

All of this isn’t *just* for me, either.

I do this so I have the skills necessary to facilitate lasting transformation with my own clients.

This is what we’ll be working on together inside of the Fully Activated Woman experience.

The transformative work that moves the needle in your business AND creates fulfillment in your life. When you do both the inner and outer work to tap into *all* of the archetypes that make up your true self, you become limitless.



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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