Make Your Mess Your Medicine

Lexi D'Angelo



There’s a quote in Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell that has always shaken me:

“More often our weaknesses are the exact things that are masking our unique gifts. Our unique gifts aren’t meant to fit perfectly into the linear world. That’s why they’re unique. Think of the parts of you that you’ve tried to fit into a box. The times you’ve been accused of being too much of something – too sensitive, too emotional, too sexual…This too much is just a way of saying, ‘Your uniqueness is different and makes me feel uncomfortable.’”

But your uniqueness, your mess, is *not* something to shut down.

Your “weaknesses” CAN become your message or your medicine…your special gift to the people you serve.

Say people have told you you’re too emotional. Ever since you were little girl, this trait has shadowed you. You’d cry easily, you’d get upset a lot, and you’d want to scream when other kids killed bugs for fun.

You were made fun of for this, made to feel ashamed, learning that this wasn’t a good quality or something to be proud of. So you tried to shut that part of you off.

But reeeeally?

It just made you even more angry and hurt that people just assumed you were this emo girl with a hot temper. That people couldn’t see your emotions the same way you did.

But you can ALWAYS take control of the message.

What if instead of feeling shame around it, you turned this mess into your medicine?

Both the medicine YOU need to feel fulfilled and lit up, as well as the medicine you can help heal the rest of the world with.

For example, instead of viewing crying as a sign of being emotional, what if you looked at it as an experience of emotional release. It’s just how you process and let go. That re-frames things, right?

Personally, people have told me I’m too much of a dreamer…that I don’t live in the “real world,” that I let passion rule over logic, and that I’m too all over the place. Maybe I am, but that’s NOT a bad thing, it’s a beautiful one!

I now view these “weaknesses” as my greatest gifts.

These qualities are what led me to the coaching world, to helping other women, in the first place.

And now that I’m inside this space, my love for dreamtime and creative thinking helps me think outside the box, be creative and innovative in my approach, and make magic out of seemingly mundane things.

Because you know what?

I’ve decided I don’t WANT to live in the “real world!!”

I envision a much more loving and beautiful space, have accepted that, and have committed to welcoming more and more people into that world. By continuing to follow my own passions and desires, I’ve ensured that I live a truly meaningful and turned on life.

And thank God for that!

Another “weakness” I’ve struggled with is consistency. Buuuut now I’ve realized…

I’m just not meant to follow a linear path. That’s fine! 😀

Now that I’ve accepted my more cyclical nature and live in harmony with those cycles (instead of fighting them), true magic is happening in both my life and business.

I’ve embraced my “mess” and alchemized it into powerful medicine. Not just to heal myself and make my own life better, but then to gift this back to the world…to help other women who are “suffering” from these quirks.

Think about what you’ve viewed as your weaknesses in the past.

What have people said you’re too much of?

What parts of you have you tried to dim down or turn off in a desire to fit in?

Now, think about if you were to view that weakness as your greatest gift. How could you share it with the world? How could you use it as medicine to heal both yourself and others?

How can you live your life in harmony with your medicine, instead of fighting it or turning it off?



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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