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Lexi D'Angelo



“Once I have $5k in the bank, THEN I’ll hire that coach and be super successful.”

“Once I have a fit and bangin’ beach bod, THEN I’ll go on dates and find love.”

“Once I have clients, THEN I’ll start doing live streams because I’ll be more confident.”

Have you ever told yourself one of these lies? (Ruh roh, #calledout)


Don’t worry if you have… Truth be told, I used to tell myself shiz like this aaaaall the time. I was operating on the ol’ Have, Do, Be model rather than the Be, Do, Have model that truly leads to success. 

I can hear you now asking, “Lexi, magical unicorn goddess, what’s the difference? Tell us your wizard-y ways…” (Verbatim, am-I-right?)


Here’s the thing. MOST people are operating on the outdated model of Have, Do, Be because it’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe is the best way to do things. We’re taught that you’re as good as your body, education, superficial beauty, experience, blah blah blah.

But ew, you’re way more than all of those things.

When you think this way, what you’re essentially saying is if the money doesn’t come in, then you won’t be successful or pursue your dreams. Or if you don’t have the smokin’ hot bod, then you won’t allow happiness or love into your life. Or if you don’t get the clients, then you’re going to stop showing up for the people who need you.

WTF?! Naaaaah, witches.

This is living at effect and being a victim to your external reality. And that takes aaaaall your witchy power away and is very limiting to your infinite potential.

So what’s the alternative? Well, let’s talk about the sorcery of the new age, Quantum Co-Creatrix approved Be, Do, Have model. 

The Be, Do, Have Model

I invite you to approach your goals from a new way of thinking (and being!) that’s faaar more potent and powerful. In fact, it’s proven effective and guaranteed to get results when implemented.

I know because I’ve used it for myself and my clients again and again. From this place, my clients inside Quantum $hift 1.0 + 2.0 have experienced results like…


Biz $hifts

  • Going from $0 to $4k dollars a month in one giant quantum leap (this was with no list, no paid ads, no sales calls, no opt-ins…simply showing up and sharing on Instagram)
  • Having their BEST month ever in business
  • Hitting 5 figure months
  • Getting pay-in-full dream clients for the first time
  • Quitting their 9-5 and are now working full-time in their biz


Life $hifts

  • Prioritizing themselves and taking the best care of their mind, body, soul
  • Working waaaay less and having way more time for fun
  • Raising their vibration and leaning into edges to grow
  • Transforming their body and their relationship to food
  • Clearing years of sexual shame
  • Upping the romance and sexual chemistry in their partnership
  • Moving past limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck and experiencing the possibilities that now exist



Aaaah, the magic of collapsing time is real. 

In truth, my clients repeatedly get results like 2x, 5x, and 10xing their income and healing negative patterns, habits, and beliefs in a matter of DAYS when they thought it would take them yeeeeears to experience these kinda results. 


Pssst – You can access this magic too. Quantum $hift is now open for enrollment. Apply here, unicorns.


So, back to the model that can help get you #allthethingsmagical. 

When you use the Be, Do, Have model, you start with asking yourself:

“Who is the person who already has all the things I desire?”

Whoa, right? Juicy question. Let’s break it down. Go deeper by asking:

  • What are her thoughts?
  • What are her beliefs?
  • What are their predominant feelings?
  • Who do they BE?

From here, you can start to fully embody this version of you who knows exactly what aligned action to take, is fully capable of finding Proof of Magic, which then allows you to show the eff up like the total boss you are under all that scarcity conditioning.

Trying On the Be, Do, Have Model for Size

Let’s use the example of “Once I have $5k in the bank, THEN I’ll hire the biz coach and be successful.”


From this place, I even turned down $10k recently. You might think I’m crazy, but I was so embodied in the next-level version of me that I had total faith it was the right thing to do (even tho it was admittedly hard lol). You can read about that whole experience here in Walking Your Talk (Even if it Means Turning Down $10k).


In the new model, you would ask:

  • “As this person who already has $5k in the bank, what would I be doing? What would I be thinking?”

When you be and then do while embodying that being, you end up having what it is you desire. (See where this model’s name comes from? *wink wink*)


Workshopping Through

I want you to stop, drop, and journal this shiz out.


  1. What is the thing you desire to have?

This could be the money goal. The sold out one on one offer. The hot bod. Whatever it is, get clear on one specific desire you want to invite in right now.


  1. Who is the person who already has that thing?

Think about a day in the life of the person who already has exactly what you’re inviting in right now. Who are they BEing throughout their day? What is their identity? What qualities or characteristics does someone with this identity possess?

For example, let’s use the identity of someone who creates $20k/months.

  • Perhaps they are committed, focused, and inspired. 
    • If that’s the case since they are committed, they will continuously follow through on what they say they will do. 
    • They will stay focused on the task. 
    • They will be inspired and enjoy what they’re doing.
  1. What are their thoughts and beliefs?

This is soooo important because it’s about the foundations of where this level of yourself operates from. Think about their core values and beliefs… the things they’re adhering to when they’re in integrity that drive all of their actions.


  1. What are their predominant feelings?

Ask yourself how this level of yourself feels every single day as you interact with others and when you’re on your own.

For example—Confident. Sexy. Powerful—in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Dressed up or dressed down. On stage in front of a crowd of people and when journaling at home.


  1. What actions do they take on the reg?

Think about how this person is showing up in the world. Identify their day to day activities, language, outfits, business model, toe nail polish… 

Ok, you can leave out the pedicure but you get the idea.

Maybe they’re taking client calls, have a morning routine, hit the gym… Whatever it is, map it out here.


Can you see how this differs from the way you’re currently doing things? (Like, srsly, I wanna know! Come drop us a DM over here on IG and tell us your a-ha moments)


Next Steps for More Quantum $hifting Magic

If you’re still reading this, I can bet you are a magical witch of a high-achiever who has created epic success in your biz.

Buuuut, you find yourself:

  • Bumping up against an income ceiling that you can’t seem to break through—and are getting super frustrated as your peers and other industry leaders seem to be doing it with ease—you can’t help but compare yourself to them and ask WTF is wrong with me? 


  • You’re experiencing rapid financial growth in your business but the more you up-level, the more shit seems to be hitting the fan—everything from team drama to weight-gain (you thought UberEats was a smart outsource move, but now you’re rethinking that strategy). 

I can also bet you’ve tried things like working double or triple the hours to automate and scale your biz… rationalizing that sooooon you’ll be able to “work smarter, not harder” (even though you’re totally missing out on life.

And you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating programs to serve more people but you don’t have the impact or $$$ in the bank to show for it.

Aaaand you’ve implemented new structures, strategies, yada yada yada but you’ve been handed tech glitches and slowed down processes rather than efficiency.

You’ve invested in coaches, hired team members, done all the things you should be doing to take this epic heavy pressure off of you.

BUUUUT – *Spoiler Alert* – You’ve been pouring countless time, energy, and money into things outside of you, when all you have to do is tune inwards and re-code a few things inside of you to unlock everything you desire.


Inside Quantum $hift, that’s exactly what we do. Using the potent practices of the Tabwoo Method to bust through the bullshit beliefs, limiting programming, and self-sabotaging tendencies that have been holding you back from your next big income leap, and instead, re-code to collapse timelines and experience Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even minutes (instead of years). 

Enroll here now.



Lexi D'Angelo

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