Walking Your Talk (Even if it Means Turning Down 10K)

Lexi D'Angelo



Sometimes as coaches, masters of our craft, and magical beings, the hardest part of our job can be…

Walking our talk.

What do I mean by that? Well, yesterday I turned down $10,000 (or possibly more). Are you staring at your computer screen thinking “Umm…LEXI, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

I had a seemingly ideal client apply for one of my programs. She checked off all the boxes. She wrote ALL the right things on her application, including why she was really excited about joining:

“I would love to start using some newer methods with my clients to help them work through things/emotions. I also want to be better at helping them work through blocks (like 1 session and the block is gone type thing). I love the idea of hypnosis but don’t even know where to start. I’ve been eyeing this program for a while. I found it when you sent your first email about it, and I decided I wanted to apply because I’m ready to level up and live the life I want while running the biz I want and getting paid my worth.”

She didn’t have any money objections.

She said she knew this was the program for her.

She didn’t need time to think about it, she was ready.

And yet, I reached out to her and sent her a few voice notes sharing that I was not going to extend her an invitation into the program.

Say whaaaaa Lexi?! You’re not clearing things up here…

HOLD UP. We’ll get there in a second—But first, let’s dig into what it means to truly walk your talk in your business AND how it can help you get more radical results in your business.

The Void/Vortex Infinity Loop

Lemme explain the concept of the Void/Vortex Infinity Loop and how it comes into play when we’re seriously up-leveling to bring in our true desires.

One of the elements I talk about inside of the Void/Vortex Infinity Loop is “Tests + Teases.” Without going tooooo far down the rabbit hole, when you’re juuuust on the brink of the “Vortex” (the place where your manifestations are appearing in the 3D realm and errrrything is flowing like magic), there will be a sprinkling of Tests + Teases for you to pass.

Basically, the big U is like, “YOU SURE YOU WANT WHAT YOU SAY YOU DO? Prooooove it!”

It’s like this gate-keeper effect saying, “THOU SHALL NOT PASS! Unless this is reeeeally what you want”…

And the key to getting through those golden gates is to WALK YOUR TALK and have total faith and certainty that thing you’re desiring is already yours. AND to only be available for the vibration you said you were.

For example, let’s talk about when I tried being a branding strategist + web designer for a hot sec and then decided to move back into the coaching realm. I was tested and teased like whooooa. 

As soon as I made the commitment to ONLY work with coaching clients, the most dreaaaaaaammmmy branding clients came my way. And not only were they incredible humans, but they were BEGGING to pay me the BIG BUCKS. It was so hard to turn them down, because it was such an honor…and not gonna lie, at the time it was pretty hard to turn the multi-5 figures down.

But I knew those were tests and teases. And while they wore a cloak of shininess (SHIINNNAYYYY—Moana anyone?!), what lied beneath was purely a distraction and a lie. Because it wasn’t my TRUE path.

I always tell my clients when they’re going through a series of Tests + Teases to RESIST THAT SHININESS LIKE A MOFO (even tho it’s sooooo pretty and attractive).

And it’s hard. It’s ohhhh so hard, I know! #SpeakingFromExperience

Buuuut there’s something even better on the other side. So you need to release the things that are no longer a vibrational match and that are no longer serving you and make space for the higher vibrational and truly aligned thangs to come on through.

In my current sitch, I have been committed to calling in only the most aligned and amazing witches inside of all my transcendental containers I’m putting out into the world, including the Tabwoo Practitioner Certification and Quantum $hift. People who are committed to mastering their craft, who are ready to take radical responsibility for their results, who show up—even when it gets hard and the road is rocky…etc. etc.

And as I was talking about this concept of the Void/Vortex Infinity Loop the other day I had a thought flash through my mind about walking my talk. Because there was a situation—a certain person—where I hadn’t totalllly done this with in the past. And in that moment I promised myself that no matter how shiny, if I was presented with the decision to work with this person again, I would FINALLY say no.

Walking Your Talk in Practice (#PersonalShare)

OF COURSE, I was presented with the decision to stick to my promise sooner than I thought (haha Uni, you’re so funny sometimes, lolz).

I’m going to share the details with you because I think it’s important to see the not-so-shiny behind the scenes. And even though I “knew better”, I didn’t always “do better.”

  • In late 2018 this person had signed up for a program of mine, and I gave her access to the materials before her payment came through (silly thing to do). She then decided she wanted out and never paid. Shiz happens, but that was a total red flag and my assistant at the time was like, “I wouldn’t let her into any of your programs in the future, just sayin’…”
  • Then January 2019 comes around and she reaches out about how she wants to join my Mastermind. I figure, sure why not, I’ll give her another chance. And I voice my concern about her backing out and being unresponsive to my assistant and let her know that if she wants to join she has to be a total HELL yes and be excited to fully commit. She apologizes but doesn’t sign up.
  • She reaches out in February about joining the Mastermind again but I tell her it’s underway.
  • She reaches out in March about doing an intensive with me and I take time to share the deets. But she doesn’t sign up.
  • She reaches out in April about Quantum $hift and I send deets and follow up…Nothing.
  • In May she applies for Quantum $hift 2.0 and I spend time telling her how important it is to me that the people who are inside are committed and ready, etc. etc. She says, “Yes I definitely am!” We have convo via messenger about the options and I send her the links to join…she doesn’t enroll.

I know you’re probably sitting there like, “LEXIIIII, C’MON…When is this gonna end?” …soon…soon…

  • In June she responds to my emails about the Tabwoo™ Practitioner Certification saying she’s super interested and wants more info. I send her the link to the payment page…she doesn’t sign up.
  • Andddd then 2 days ago I receive her application for the Certification. And while she wrote alllll the “right” things and on paper is an “ideal client”…I just couldn’t.

I spend A LOT of time and energy speaking to prospective clients and students. I hold the vision for what’s possible for them. I send them love and positive vibes and #allthethings. When her application came through I realized…


I’ve been giving away a lot of this energy to her and even IF this is the time she says yes, this is not the standard for how I want to show up and operate. I cannot want this more than the person on the other end—even if I know it has the power to change their life, and holy shiz balls! I want that SO badly—for people to experience the magic of this work. But again, their desire HAS to be stronger than mine.

My time and energy are valuable and important and I want to make sure that I’m channeling those to my DREAM clients. The ones who are ready to do the work. Who are ready to show up for themselves. Who value me and my time as well.

So I sent her voice messages about where I stood and shared that I wouldn’t be extending an invitation for her to join the program. (I can hear you now, “OH THANK GOD, FINALLY!“) I tried my best to voice my love and respect for her as a person, because I DO feel that way. I see the best and the potential in everyone. But at the end of the day, I just couldn’t continue with this cycle.

In total transparency—it was really scary. Even when I knew it was the best decision for me and for the Students inside of the Certification…it still felt uncomfortable. To tell her no. To state my boundaries. And to turn down a significant payment.

But I am SOOOO happy that I did. I know that space has opened up for the “even better” and I am so damn available for that. 

And guess what? Since saying no, I’ve had two INCREDIBLE peeps sign up for Quantum $hift 3.0 (which is my signature program that has helped people 2x, 5x, and 10x their income in days or weeks while working way less hours… yes, for realz. You want in? Apply here before the seats sell out).

Weeeeeee!!! How magical is all o’ dat?!

Next Steps for Integrating Your Next Level You Into Reality

As easy as it can be to talk about the Universe and all the magic it has…

And as much as we know that we’re abundant, limitless vessels of potential…

Really embodying that shiz is next-level commitment to collabing with your Quantum Co-Creatrix. And that’s exactly what I wanna help you do in Quantum $hift 3.0. 

It’s a potent blend of neuroscience, energetics, psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom. AKA get ready to say, “Abracadabra, bitches!” and *POOF*!

And I’m really not being snarky. My dream of wishing magic was real has come true. By utilizing the Tabwoo Method™, I’ve been able to help my clients ditch the bullshit beliefs, limiting programming, and self-sabotaging tendencies that have been holding them back for years (or even decades) and instead, upgrade their Co-Creatrix Coding so they’ve collapsed timelines and experienced Quantum $hifts in days, hours, or even MINUTES. 

Before Quantum $hift, I had only shared the magic of the Tabwoo Method™ with my 1:1 and mastermind clients. Buuut with the results my clients got, I knew this work couldn’t remain a secret—nor did I want it to. 

Leaders in the industry were reaching out to me left and right, sharing that they would love to experience a taste of the Tabwoo™ in an accelerated format that is totally unique to them, their struggles, and their goals. AND that they would love to do so in a high-level group of business owners who are on a similar path and can relate to the highs and lows of being a six to seven-figure business owner.

Well, their wish was my command…That’s when I decided, Quantum $hift had to be birthed into the world. We’ve been running it more frequently this year and each round has been more magical and powerful than the last. So you know this version is going to be the most potent of all! 

You ready to tap into that Vortex and experience Quantum $hifts like whoa? Apply here, unicorns. See you inside!



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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