The 5 Levels of Change

Lexi D'Angelo



What does it mean for you to live your best life?

For me, I’ve always wanted to experience true magic, dive into the depths of potent transformation, spend time with epic humans who streeeetch me, and explore the world—all while creating a deeper connection with my Quantum Co-Creatrix. Why? So I can continue to change womxn’s lives all over the globe while living an every day life that sets my soul on fire. (Le duh! Lolz.)

Aaaand guess what? I’m doing the damn thing.

The past few weeks I’ve been having so much fun. I attended an intense and immersive 3-week Trainer’s Training where I dug deeper into the modalities that I use to transform my own life and my clients’ lives. I flew through London to Tenerife, Spain to attend a Tony Robbins event with my husband… and ended up taking the time to relax, work, and reconnect instead (#alwaysmakeyourownrules). And then we went to NYC for a night to hang with Jake’s fam and my sister and had the BEST sushi dinner. Nom nom.

Juicy, am-I-right? And I did all of this while launching my latest transcendental container, the Integrative Alchemy Practitioner Certification.

Speaking of that epic shiz, part of my recent adventures included a trip to L.A. to master NLP on an even deeper level. I had to study my BUTT off, witches. After eight years out of the school scene, it took me a hot second to get back in the flow of what studying to pass intensive tests was all about.

Buuut my inner nerd came out and I actually ended up having a shiz ton of fun deepening my learnings of all things potent magic. And I’m excited and suppa proud to say I’m officially a certified Trainer of all things NLP, Hypnosis, T.I.M.E Techniques, EFT, and Life and Success Coaching. 

These are the modalities that have completely changed my life. I went from being burnt the hellz out from working 16+ hour days and stresssssing about money coming in…

To having a thriving multi 6-figure business that allows me to travel all over the world, live my best life, AAAND radically change people’s lives.

(What is this epic witchery? It’s everything I teach inside of the Integrative Alchemy Practitioners Certification… and I still have a few seats left before the doors close next week! If you’re feeling called, do the thing now by applying here.)

As I’ve been coming back to #NormalLife in Bermuda (which is only semi “normal”, since we’re also moving this week… eek!), the thing that I’ve been dyyying to share with you all is this:

The Logical Levels of Change

What the hell is that? I bet you wanna know, don’t you? Trust me, you do *wink, wink*… Lemme tell you why.

Have you ever had a client you were trying so hard to help but nothing seemed to be working, no matter how hard you tried?

^^ this was me ^^

When I first started my coaching biz, I had a client who was so freakin’ frustrated that she couldn’t motivate herself to do all the things on her to-do list. Every session was focused on things like:

“Lexi! I just don’t know what to do. No matter how much homework or suggestions you give me, I just can’t seem to motivate myself to take action. I haven’t done any of the work from last week and I dunno what to do!”

I suggested taking different actions.

Trying things in the morning, mid-afternoon, or at night.

Switching up her environment. 

All. The. Things.

And, naturally, I started to question my coaching capabilities. I knew telling her to ‘just do it’ was not going to be helpful… but I didn’t know where to start to reaaaally serve her. 

Until I discovered the Five Levels of Change by Robert Dilts.


I now know that part of the reason my client wasn’t seeing the results she wanted is because I wasn’t helping her recode new beliefs on a core identity level—I was only able to help her skim the surface—aka on the environmental and behavioral levels…and clearly from her lack of results, I wasn’t helping her all that much after all!


Imagine you believe you’re a healthy, fit person. It’s your identity and who you are. 

When you pick up a menu at a restaurant, what do you think your actions will look like?

You guessed it! You’ll naturally look for the healthier choices and make decisions that are in alignment with this identity. And if the scale shows a number that’s a bit higher than normal, it won’t mean anything about how you feel about who you are as a person… you’ll feel empowered to know exactly what to do to get back to your ideal weight.

On the flipside, if you don’t identify as someone who is healthy and fit, when you see those few extra pounds on the scale, you’ll be completely shooketh. It will be evidence, in your mind, that nothing you do is working.

Do you see the self-fulfilling prophecy theme, here?

In Quantum Physics, this is called the Observer Effect. This means we observe what we believe to be true.

Using the Observer Effect to Change Your Reality

Way back in the day, people who had never seen a ship’s sails before mistook them for clouds. They had no other visual reference for white things in the sky, and it wasn’t until the ships came closer that they were able to realize these were new objects.

What can this teach us?

Well, witches, this means you get to identify what beliefs you have that aren’t serving you to creating the life you want to have shifts like:

“I’m awkward and that makes me bad at sales” to “People love my quirky personality and it helps abundance flow to me easily.”

Or, “No matter what I do, I can’t lose weight so what’s the point…” to “I make healthy choices easily because it’s what I want to do and I’m working on my fitness consistently because I love my body.”

How much more empowering are those shifts? (*Spoiler Alert* – A lot more!)

This NLP model shows us that our internal reality is what becomes reflected in our external reality so we have to choose wisely.

Step One: Creating Your New Identity

Ask yourself:

Who is the version of myself that has [insert your desires here]?

I had to ask myself: “Who is the Lexi that has a thriving coaching certification, a pleasure-filled lifestyle, and all the abundance she could ever ask for?”

Make sure to think about the qualities, characteristics, and attributes the version of you who already has the things they want possesses, so you can start to embody them now.

Step Two: Your Beliefs and Values

Now think about this next level version of you’s belief system. Ask yourself:

  • What do they value above all else?
  • How do they view and perceive themselves?
  • How do they reframe perceived failures into lessons? Or feedback?
  • What are the predominant thoughts this person is thinking?

Take a look at the next level version of yourself and their belief system. Now look at the current belief system. 

What’s the gap in between?

Step Three: Capabilities

Let’s say you’ve subscribed to the identity of a $20k per month earner. Ask yourself:

  • What skills or knowledge does this next level identity have?
  • What skills do you already have that fit this identity?

For example, the $20k per month earner would know how to confidently show up on sales calls, market themselves, and manage their team.

What new skills do you feel like you can focus on strengthening and cultivating to serve you in becoming this new identity?

Step Four: Behaviors

This is all about the daily actions and habits that someone with this identity has. Ask yourself:

  • What habits do you need to release, upgrade, or create to reach your goals?
  • If something doesn’t go according to plan, how does the next level version of yourself handle it?

For example, maybe a launch doesn’t go according to plan and you don’t have the number of sign ups you were expecting in the first month.

Old you might’ve given up because you weren’t seeing immediate results.

But the new (let’s say $20k per month earner you) would know that this doesn’t mean failure and keep on showing the eff up to serve.

Step Five: Environment

This is about the external factors that support you in achieving your outcome goal. Ask yourself:

  • What does the next level version of yourself have for a work environment? Home environment?
  • What does she wear?
  • What’s the overall vibe of the places she hangs out?
  • Who does this version of you choose to spend their time with? What type of relationships is she available for?

When you integrate immediate and lasting change, it happens on aaaaaall of these levels. This is about the subconscious level as well… not just our external environment or behaviors.

What’s Next

I know you want to be able to get crazy epic, forever lasting results for both yourself and your clients.

Obvi, Lexi!

If you’re not yet feeling confident about your magic to do exactly that, I designed the Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification for you, unicorn.

It’s a massive culmination of over 10 years of work, combining my most powerful practices, processes, modalities, principles, techniques, and exercises so that you annnnd your clients can enjoy a level of potency you’ve never experienced before. 

You’re gonna be blown away by all of it!

The program is technically already full, buuuuut I opened up a few more spots because I know there are still some witches meant to be making potent AF magic inside. So, if you think you’re finally ready to take your life AND biz to the next level, check it out and apply today.

Got a Q? Hit me up right here in the DMs over on IG and let’s talk about it!



Lexi D'Angelo

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