Top Tips for Selling Out Your Shiz through Manifestation

Lexi D'Angelo



I know that YOU know you’re a magical creature capable of potent witchcraft. 

(Because you’re here reading this which means you’re one of my people lolz)

And one of the ways you wanna use that potency is to sell out all your shiz. Cus you’re here to leave a legacy and people need the amazing work you’re doing…

Plus let’s get real, you wanna make a shiz ton of money so you can change the world on an even larger scale.

But when it comes to manifestation magic and being sold the fuck out, some serious self-mastery is the key to collapsing time and getting fast results.

There are some things I see, again and again, that are the fundamental keys to selling out through manifestation.

I’ve learned them from fully embodying them time and time again. And every time, I get way witchier at doing just that. #FunFact, I used these tools to create my first $200k sales month and my very first $54k month! (Hot damn, am-I-right? You can read about it here)

I’ve also watched these tools work, again and again (and again) for my clients to 2x, 5x, and 10x their income in ridiculously short time frames. 

Today, I wanna share these money-making manifestation fundamentals with you. So read on honey boo-boo child.

1. Keep the Faith

I recently had one of my Tabwoo Certification students tell me her fear story. She’d had one sign up for her program, was low-key freaking out cus she hadn’t seen any additional people sign up, and she still had two months til the program started running.

I see this aaaaaaall the time. 

The big void of the ‘in-between’… where the intention has been set, the aligned program created, and now it’s launch time. But you’re waiting for it to become reality. 

Time to have faith.

And this is when my peeps start to let doubts creep in…

“What if nobody else signs up?”

“Only 10 people liked that post… maybe I shouldn’t do that free training…”

“I didn’t get the engagement I thought I would on my sales post, maybe nobody wants this.”

Where people TRULY get stuck in the manifestation process is right here… when the 3D manifestation hasn’t happened yet. And the work we have to do, even though we can’t currently see the vision with our human eyeballs, is to believe.

You’ve already created the manifestation on the 5D plane and this *gap* you’re in right now as it assimilates into your current reality is exactly where you’re supposed to be.

2. Take Aligned Action

Here’s the second key ingredient to the magical spell of bringing in your vision from the 5D to the 3D plane. Aligned action.

Where so many of you unicorns start to shy away from your potent manifestation magic is when you don’t see results right away, so you stop showing up. 

The real wizard shiz happens when you keep the faith but also take action from that place of faith.

For example, take ma girl who was freaking out about her one sign up. The first thing she needed to do was to embody the faith that what she had created was perfect, and all was coming her way in divine timing.

But the second thing, the real time-collapser, is then continuing to show up as if it’s already done. 

Doing the live training.

Writing the posts.

Sending the emails.

Even if you don’t get the response you *thought* in your mind was gonna happen, if the action feels aligned, you still need to show the eff up for it.

Psssst—time and time again I have clients share with me that it’s in the process of taking the aligned actions again and again and again—even when they’re not experiencing the tangible results—that things shift for them. They tell me they deepen their connection to themselves and to something greater than themselves. Eventually, a calm knowing takes over, and a radical shift occurs inside of them. And before they know it, they exceed their goals. And even if they don’t hit or exceed their goals, they are sooo much closer to them than they would’ve been had they not committed to taking the aligned actions.

So ask yourself, who do you get to become in the process of going after your goals and committing to taking aligned action? How much closer to your desired reality will you be if you show up consistently again and again and again?

3. Find Proof of Magic

The above might sound fine and dandy, but I know (from personal experience #realness) how hard it can be.

So this last piece is about training your brain to be your numero uno supporter in the times where you’re making magic happen.

AKA all the time, le duh!

I want you, my sparkly magical little bug, to find evidence of the magical creature you really are.

And if you’re struggling with doing that and find disempowering thoughts coming over you, I want you to:

  1. Catch that thought and be kind to yourself for thinking it
  2. Shift it to a constructive thought that’s aligned with where you’re going

For example, in those moments when you think something like; “Only one person has signed up for my program! Eeek! Maybe it’s not going to work…”

Take a second to breathe…

And reframe it to something like, “I already signed up a client for my program and still have two months til it launches! This proves people in the world need my work.”

Build a case FOR YOURSELF! Where else can you find evidence your people need you and all the ways you serve?

That time someone messaged you in the DMs to tell you how amazing you are…

The time your client got amazetits results the first week they worked with you…

That time someone told you that you changed their life…

Find the magic. Use it as your evidence to invite you back into faith and your potent witchery so you can breakthrough your next-level income ceiling. 

Next Steps to Manifesting More Magic

There are so many more spellbinding techniques you can use to amp up your money-making manifestation game. 

I put all the potency I’ve used to build my multi-6-figure empire inside the most transcendental program I’ve ever created. Because I know, from experience, true wealth comes from self-mastery magic.

The Tabwoo™ Practitioner Certification is where YOU can master your magic, too. And then use your magic to get yourself incredible results AND transform your clients’ lives.

For those of you who are finally ready for the kind of super-immersive experience you can only get through the full certification, I highly recommend you apply ASAP. 

And if you’ve got any questions about it, hit us up with a DM on IG right now, and we’ll get ‘em alllll sorted out for you.



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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