Intuiting The Akasha Field For Yourself And Your Clients

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Intuiting The Akasha Field

If you’re here right now, reading a blog post about intuiting the Akasha Field, then it’s safe to assume that you know about the 7 Chakra System, or Energy Centers of the body. 

But did you know that we have an 8th Energy Center, the “Akasha Point,” that we believe acts as a gateway to all the higher frequency information that is available in the Quantum Field, including the Akasha Field?

The energetic information that you receive and perceive via this access point is what we as Tabwoo Practitioners define as Akasha Energy, and it carries information about past, present, and possible future realities. 

Think of being able to receive answers to any of your questions and resolutions to any current or future circumstance that you desire to gain insight into.

From discovering your soul’s mission and purpose in this lifetime to uncovering your spiritual gifts to cultivating inner peace and joy and making that your daily experience, the Akasha Field has what you’re seeking. 

But what exactly is the Akasha Field and how can we tap into this source of energetic information for ourselves and our clients?

We share all of that with you and more in this blog post.

Get ready. Things are about to get super metaphysical! 😉🔮


What Is The Akasha Field?

There’s a lot of information out there about the Akasha Field, also commonly called the “Akashic Records,” so let’s demystify it in true Tabwoo fashion.

Akasha Energy is a powerful source of energetic information and creative substance that helps us develop at all levels of consciousness so that we might be able to gracefully and successfully navigate our desired human experience as the creative beings we are.

Essentially, the Akasha Field is the part of the Quantum Field, which means it has no physical or material form, only fifth-dimensional pure potential energy.

There is no “library,” so to speak, no “hall of records,” or “soul history books,” per se. 

However, these (and many other) metaphorical concepts have been utilized throughout history to help people make sense of such phenomena that exist beyond time and space.

When intuiting the Akasha Field, we are able to receive infinite energetic information, including:

  • A person’s personal history + potential future realities
  • Each Soul’s history (throughout and in between incarnations—past, parallel, + future)
  • Even the shared history of individuals, specific cultures, major events, environments, and geographical or other locations throughout the Cosmos in time and space

The coolest part about it is that EVERY being has access to Akasha Energy. So how do we access it? 


Attuning To The Akasha Field

There are many teachers and methods that help you to attune to the Akasha Field and even more ways to “read” the information that can be discovered within it. 

By tuning into Akasha Energy, we can sense the energetic “footprint” that remains in a place long after an event has occurred and after any sentient being has interacted with someone or something else (even if it’s an inanimate object).

This is because everything that exists has a specific frequency. Every single frequency is accessible to us as Akasha Energy. 

This means we can even learn about a specific place and moment in history (or the future) if that is our intention! 

The frequencies are continuously creating information that we can translate for any purpose—whether that is to gain knowledge, clarity, or creative solutions and ideas, to heal or harmonize, to self-discover, or to self-actualize.

The Tabwoo Approach

When it comes to attuning to Akasha Energy, the Tabwoo approach has an innovative and energetic (even Quantum) point of view (we teach this method inside of our Akasha Field Guidance Certification Course).

It begins with establishing heart coherence and expanding one’s awareness beyond the body, followed by bringing one’s conscious awareness to the activation of their 8th, 9th, and 10th Energy Centers (what we refer to as the Akasha, Soul, and Earth Points—see image below for a visual representation of energy anatomy we’re referencing).


Intuiting The Akasha Field


And because we believe that each of us are tapped into the Akasha Field simply because we ARE the consciousness that IS the Akasha Field, not much more needs to be done to become “attuned,” per se.

The fact that each and every one of us is the consciousness that is the Akasha Field—and that Akasha Energy exists within every atom of everything—makes it highly possible for every human being to receive the energetic information that exists there (whether it be from the past, present, and/or potential future planes of existence). 


Why Would You Intuit The Akasha Field For Yourself And Your Clients?

There are numerous reasons why you may want to intuit the Akasha Field for yourself and on behalf of others. 

Because the Akasha Field is a dynamic and forever evolving source of energetic information, always shifting from possibility (or potential) to the realization, anything that you wish to know the answer to exists here.

Many Akashic Record Practitioners specialize in past-life investigation for the purpose of understanding and healing karmic patterning.

What is often overlooked is how helpful it is to intuit the Akasha Field with the intention to more easily understand the issues you or your client is dealing with now, in the present. 

Here are some reasons why you may want to intuit the Akasha Field for yourself and your clients:

Areas Of Life

Referring to The Areas Of Life Graphic below, you might immediately get a sense of what options you feel more drawn to specializing in as an Akasha Field Guide.


Intuiting The Akasha Field


Let’s briefly point out some obvious reasons why you or your clients might want to hone in on a specific area of life when intuiting the Akasha Field. 

There can be incredible transformations to be had in each of them when the intentions of both parties are respectful, helpful, relevant, appropriate, loving, clear, potent, and purposeful.


Business + Career

⭐ Discover one’s mission + purpose

⭐ Solve problems, brainstorm ideas, and create

⭐ Investigate misalignments in all areas of business

⭐ Envision future possibilities and probabilities for better or worse

⭐ Identify money draining activities or systems/structures/strategies

⭐ Rewrite one’s story and relationship with success 


Health + Wellness

🧘🏿‍♀️ Discover limiting thought forms and beliefs that would benefit from transmuting

🧘🏻‍♀️ Gain insight into what may be beneficial for body equilibrium

🧘🏽‍♀️ Restore human energy field from energetic compromise

🧘🏾‍♀️ Understand one’s relationship to food and movement in order to thrive

🧘🏽‍♀️ Getting the Conscious, Subconscious, + Superconscious Minds on board

🧘🏼‍♀️ Rewrite one’s story and relationship with the mind and body


Personal Development

✨ Self-awareness that comes from the process and information received

✨ Self-realization as one becomes aware of power, purpose, + potential 

✨ Learning about different worldviews, cultures, and time periods

✨ Understanding deeper meaning and motivations for learning certain things

✨ Explore creative and authentic self-expression

✨ Rewrite one’s story and relationship with self



🔮 Intuitive development – learning to trust all intuitive faculties

🔮 Connecting with external sources of energetic information (both tangible + intangible)

🔮 Self-transcendence that comes from dedicated healing and self-realization

🔮 Soul liberation that comes from reclaiming spiritual autonomy and harnessing one’s gifts

🔮 Identify how and why one may be manifesting undesired results

🔮 Rewrite one’s story and relationship with their own spirit, soul, + Source


Fun + Enjoyment

🥳 Understand why certain activities fuel one’s soul and others don’t

🥳 Liberation from guilt that may occur when one is happy and experiencing pleasure states

🥳 Uncovering Soul aligned passions and being certain about doing what you love

🥳 Healing shame from the past so that one can truly enjoy life

🥳 Cultivate inner peace so that deep relaxation and fun can be a daily experience

🥳 Rewrite one’s story and relationship with pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow



🌠 Genuinely learn to love who one sees in the mirror

🌠 Offer one’s self the gift of intimate and sexual pleasure without constraint

🌠 Discover and reclaim one’s natural sexual and creative forces

🌠 Come to love and accept one’s sexuality as a unique gift or self-expression

🌠 Heal negative past-life karma that may be inhibiting sexual liberation

🌠 Rewrite one’s story and relationship with sex and sexual identity/expression


Relationships – Partnership & Friends + Family

💕 Gain insight into communication breakdowns and patterns of conflict 

💕 Understand and respect the needs of all parties from a higher perspective

💕 Gain insight into what may restore harmony and peace in one’s relationships 

💕 Consciously develop positive Quantum entrainment and heart coherence

💕 Heal negative relationship karma that may have stemmed from past-lives

💕 Rewrite one’s story and relationship with intimacy and connection


Home Environment

🏡 Understand why certain environments + locations fuel one’s soul and others don’t

🏡 Learn what needs to be transmuted in order to restore a harmonious home environment

🏡 Identify negative influences that are compromising the wellbeing of the home

🏡 Energetically cleanse one’s home by optimizing its toroidal flow

🏡 Envision best future possibilities for where to relocate or make most of the current location

🏡 Rewrite one’s story and relationship with home and belonging



💰 Explore possibilities for increasing income through existing channels

💰 Identify probable income streams that have greater ROI

💰 Explore causes of repetitive financial issues with the purpose of transmuting them

💰 Understand why certain investments are going to tempt one’s self and set them back

💰 Heal negative money karma that may have stemmed from past-lives

💰 Rewrite one’s story and relationship with money and financial success


As you can see, the ways in which you and your clients may benefit from intuiting the Akasha Field are endless! 

How would you use this powerful technique with yourself and your clients? Share with us inside of The Tabwoo FB group or by sending us a DM on IG @tabwooinsitute. We’d love to know what is already brewing for you! 


Become Certified In Akasha Field Guidance™ 

Akasha Field Guidance

Our Akasha Field Guidance Certification Course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of how every Intuitive Faculty helps us to receive, perceive, and channel energetic information—including Akasha Energy—so that you are a more confident and competent coach and practitioner.

By learning how to recognize and communicate with both tangible and intangible sources of energetic information, along with trusting your intuitive intelligence in action and how it plays a role in human connectivity, you’ll discover how to consciously elevate and evolve your professional and personal relationships, so that you can be a more intuitive and powerful catalyst for positive change and transformation.

Rather than handing your spiritual autonomy over to an external guidance system, being, or collective of beings, the Tabwoo approach and this course encourage you and your clients to trust your Superconscious Minds (a.k.a. Higher Selves) when attuning to and intuiting the Akasha Field.

Qualifications + Title:

With the successful completion and certification in this course, you will be qualified to call yourself a/an…

  • Intuitive Development Level 1 Practitioner
  • Intuitive Guide
  • Intuitive Coach
  • Spirit Guide Support Practitioner
  • Akasha Field Guide
  • Akashic Records Guide

Click here to learn more + enroll today at our “Early Witch Price.” 

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