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If you haven’t seen it on Facebook or Instagram yet…



I was at my Grandfather’s 90th birthday in New Orleans and as I sat in the airport, waiting for my flight back to Bermuda, scrolling the ol’ FB – BAM – there was a booty.

And not just any booty… MY BOOTY!! Whaaaa!?

Umm Lexi, how did your a$$ end up on the internet without you knowing?!

So, I’ve been working with a supa star kickass content repurposing queen named Dayna Lisa. And I gave her access to my branding folder with aaaaaall my images from a recent photoshoot…

But didn’t tell her some of the pics were off limits. *whoopsie* And so, she grabbed that pic of my booty and popped it onto one of my FB posts without even giving it a second thought. 

So here I am, sitting in the airport, thinking things like:

“Weeeooo weeeooo *fire alarm sounds* I gotta take this down RIGHT NOW! Does my butt look big, how’s Jake gonna feel, is this too sexual, have I crossed a line?… and… and…”

Now, thankfully, I’ve become a master thought catcher and I take radical responsibility for my thoughts. The true me knows she is of the infinite, can quantum shift, and her beliefs/perceptions/thoughts are totally hers to choose in any moment.

So I paused… went deeper…

And reminded myself of my truth. 

Which is this: I am not here to please people. I am here to provoke. To make people think, to make people question the reality they’re living in and if it’s what they desire. 


I’m here to help people move past the layers of subconscious programming and be 100% unapologetic about their authentic truth

SO Let’s do some of that today.


There were defs a message or two that rolled in from concerned family members. “Um, Lexi… what’s your BUTT doing on social media for the world to see?!”

And my heart raced a bit. And I felt that butterfly flutter in my stomach. 

But there were also LOOOOVE messages. One of the first ones read:

  • I love that butt pic! Not just cuz it’s a nice butt. But because it made me think, damn, if she can be that confident, then I can be that confident too. It totally made me see a next level.

What I initially viewed as a mistake… was a next level activation for me AND my peeps. It allowed me to lean into my messaging and what I’m here to do even further.

And my people were so inspired, they started posting edgy content inspired by the butt pic. 

So tell me…


Message me on Instagram here or post in The Coven with Lexi D’Angelo Facebook group and tell me:

What do YOU stand for in your messaging?

Here’s the spell I used to turn my butt pic whomp whomp into a provoking social media ooh la la.


Every day, we think the same thoughts. Over, and over, and over again.

And if we let that shiz roll out on autopilot… they control our actions and in turn our reality. Buuuut when we use the spell of Thought Catching, which I’m about to break down for you, we can stop letting these thoughts rule our lives and start using them to create our desired reality.

1. Raise Awareness of the Thoughts

Start to take a lil peek under the hood at what’s going on in your noggin’. Be observational and take yourself out of the moment from time to time to ask yourself: “What am I thinking right now about this person/this situation/myself?”

2. Record the Predominant Thoughts through the Day

Before you hit send on that email, publish a post, record a podcast, go out on the date, connect with an ideal client, or anything that feels a liiiiittle bit like an edge…stop, drop in, and notice what you’re thinking…

Then write. It. Down.

3. Ask If the Thought is Moving You Closer to Your Desired Reality

You know where you wanna go. What you want your life to look like.

So ask yourself when you’ve observed a thought; “Is this helping me become the person who is living the life I want to live…or is it moving me away from my desired identity and reality?”

4. If Not, Use This…

If the answer to number three is NO… then it’s time to change that.

Tell yourself: “In the past, I used to believe ____________, now I’m currently learning how to ___________”

For example, let’s say you currently catch yourself thinking “I don’t know enough.”

You could shift this to: “You know what, the truth is I’ve been immersing myself in self-help books for years and I know a lot. I’m currently learning how to re-wire my brain to create the results I desire.”

In order for this to work… you gotta do this part. I know it might feel silly, but it WORKS like a charm. 

5. Put Tally Marks Next to the Recurring Thoughts

The ones that are reeeeal sticky, the ones that keep coming up again and again, are the ones really ruling your subconscious programming.

Awareness around them allows the realz dealz reprogramming to take place so you stop letting old shiz rule your reality…

And you start designing your dream destiny. 

Next Steps to Reprogram Your Braaaainz (Quantum Style)

If you’ve been wanting to create your reality fast AF for a while now…

But you find yourself in a repetitive roller coaster cycle…

And you not only want to quantum leap YOUR reality, but you want to help your clients next-level the shiz outta life and biz fast too…

Lucky for you, I got this one-of-a-kind and highly transformational opportunity for you (your life and biz will never be the same—you’re welcome)

It’s called The Integrative Alchemy Practitioner Certification. You can check out all the deets via that link, but I’d LOVE to chat with you even more about it (there’s only so much I can include on the invitation page).o send me a DM right now on IG with any q’s or additional deets you want and I’ll give ‘em alllll to you!

Get ready to walk away with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity. And of course, be sure to share your big takeaways with me over on Instagram (



Lexi D'Angelo

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