Create a Content Cauldron That Brews Cash Money

Lexi D'Angelo



This week I’m sharing one of my fave magical potions for turning words into dolla bills in the bank.

I’ve got a potent way of turning one piece of content into many like witchcraft. Every single week, with no extra effort, nooo wasted time, and nooooo worrying about coming up with anything new!

Best part? I’ve used this method to hit six figures in my biz organically — on near autopilot — and YOU can do the same (say wwwhhhhaaaaa)!

Gather ‘round, unicorns.  We’re about to explore a level of witchery so revolutionary, you’ll wonder why alllll the bigwigs aren’t doing it!

Then you’ll realize they kinda are. They just never told you. (total party foul!)  


Let’s talk about a little thing I like to call …my Content Cauldron. WTF is a content cauldron, you ask?  

It’s my magic go-to resource for getting content out there effortlessly in multiple formats across multiple platforms, that’s what!  

Just put ONE piece of content in the pot, and get at least 10 times as much right back out. This baby multiplies better than a freaking box of pasta!  

And while employees aren’t required (‘specially if you’re just starting out), the cauldron’s designed to get you the PURRRFECT level of support from your team when you’ve got ’em. 


Okay, here’s how you build your OWN Content Cauldron and begin brewing cash in yo’ biz like clockwork.


Step 1 – Identify What Your Main Cauldron Content Pillars Are  

These are the topics/themes you wanna be known for in your biz — we’re talkin shiz you’re passionate about and actually like discussing.


Keep your ears perked now because it’s VITAL to choose pillars that you really enjoy and understand well — they’ll be the ENTIRE foundation of errything you do. 


For instance, MY pillars include:

  • Certification Modalities (Integrative Alchemy, NLP, Life & Success Coaching, etc.)
  • Business Strategies & Money (tips/tricks for making SHIZ loads of money – like THIS post)
  • Spirituality & Manifestation (woo woo fun, tapping into the infinite, communicating with your guides, etc.)
  • Personal Development (health, wellness, journaling, morning rituals – ALL that juicy goodness!)
  • Personal Shares & Lifestyle (keeping it realzzzz, sharing what’s going on with my life, the fun things I’m up to with my hubs + fluffballs, etc.) 

It’s that simple, and now that you know what they are, you’ll spot at least one of them in ALLLLL of my content.   

Step 2 – Narrow Everything Down to 4-6 Content Pillars 

Pick those TOP things you know and care about — topics you can dive into whenevvvvva you need ‘em — with very little effort.  

Notice how mine overlap, which helps me pull from any combination whenever I want! I’ve chosen these verrrry strategically (and so should you, boo).  

Best part — since I’m using the same familiar group of topics over and over, people know what to expect from me AND what they can count on me for — which positions me even better as a leader for each thing (can I get a hallelujah!!).

Oh, and HELLLL yes — people DO need to hear your message again and again. 

From a business standpoint, it reinforces your connection to the message and content.

And from the standpoint of serving your peeps, it helps them internalize everything way better since you neeeever know what they may have already missed OR where they’re at each time they hear it.  


That’s why you don’t have to always worry about thinking up something new. In fact, my GOLDEN RULE of the Content Cauldron is: do NOT put out ONLY new content!!

Making everything brand-new each time actually dilutes your message. It’s not good for your iced tea, and it certainly ain’t good for your biz.

Really, the BEST way of doing things is running the majority of your content on repeat (say whaaaaattttttt).  

That’s right, the EASIER way of doing this is actually also the SMARTER way that serves your audience WAY BETTER! Win-win-win!

So make this easy peesy on yourself, unicorns. Pull from last year’s stuff for your next batch of content. Or even last month’s. It’s how the bigwigs play.


Step 3 – Brainstorm 10 Pieces of Content Ideas for EACH of your 4-6 Pillars

This’ll be easy breezy since you’re choosing topics you already know and love (riiiiight???). 

And just like that, you’ll have yourself 40-60 pieces of content to pull from whenever you’re feeling stuck!! And I mean whenevvvvvver, wherever (Shakira, Shakira, anyone?)!

You’ll never need to stress over what to come up with again—whoop whoop. Instead, let inspiration take the wheel and create what truly feels right in that moment!  

You can even batch stuff in advance over time now that you’ve got such a robust list of topics to choose from!  


Step 4 – Get Brewing! 

 Here’s where the fun reallllllly begins. Even though you’ve got 40-60 ideas to draw from, you ONLY need to actually create ONE original piece of content per week! (You read that right! – ONE-DIDDLY-UN!)

Every other piece you put out around then will actually be that SAME content, only repurposed in different ways, from different angles, on different platforms.  

For examps, the one piece of content I personally create each week is my podcast.

You might prefer something different like an Instagram Live, newsletter, YouTube video, or blog post.  

If you’re wondering what to pick, choose the easiest one you can think of – one that’s most natural for you and that you absolutely KNOW you can STICK TO creating eeeeeevery single week, rain or shine.  


I love talking things out, so my one big piece of content for the week is my podcast. 

I record it, and then I give myself a lil’ pat on the back.

What happens then? My team happens, that’s what! 

THEY take the recording and use it to piece together other types of content for publishing soon after – but it’s ALL still based on that one episode, so they never have to worry about coming up with anything new!

THIS blog post is here because my team re-worked what my podcast said into the consumable words you’re reading at this very moment. They fit differently on a blog, but they’re still the same words and ideas. How awesomesauce is that?! 

I’ll edit this to make sure it matches my energy before handing it back to the team … who will THEN break it down into EVEN MORE content! #magic

They’ll take what you’re reading and make a week’s worth of short engagement social media posts (quick ones to get people engaged and commenting), long-form value posts (to help readers experience a shift and get a desired outcome), and even a newsletter that I send to my list each week.  


Most of the content will ask questions inviting readers to answer and get in on the fun.  


This not only helps make my posts look better to the algorithms on each platform (which will help extend their reach to more new people), but it also reinforces me as a leader in all of the topics I cover. 


And if THAT’S not enough, it drives further engagement and participation so that my audience can enjoy the learning process. #yesplease 

Some of the posts might even link readers to my new Certification experience! 


Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen it (wink-wink!), you’ll find all the deets right here (the orientation materials alone have helped people 2-5x their income, 1/2 their work hours, and experience alllll sorts of next-level Quantum $hifts!).


Any-hoo – When all is said and done, I’ve established a daily presence on Instagram, a satisfied email list, AND a healthy dose of audience engagement — all off that one podcast episode!


If that’s not enough, eventually, my team will know me well enough that I won’t even need to edit annnnything before it goes out.


And with amazeballs apps like AirTable, Planoly, and Recur, I’ve got muhself wonderful options for organizing and scheduling EVERYthing.  


Remember, the more you can automate, the more time you’ll have to dive into a juicy Young Adult novel, sip on some luxury tea, adventure in nature, or hang with the peeps you love … while your ONE (yes, one) weekly piece of content does allllll the heavy lifting! Mmm yes, that’s the life!


Again, if you don’t have a team yet, repurposing your content like this will still be WAY easier than having to think up 20 new things every single week.


So what’s this all add up to??? 


  • Endless content.
  • Minimal effort.
  • Multi-platform presence.


Do you now see that this was specifically built for a proper QUEEN like yourself?  

Well, I do, too, my boo!


So do yourself a favor. Use what you just learned to get yourself off that content creation treadmill once and for all, and start creating your own Content Cauldron!!!


Repurpose the shit out of it. Make it work for YOU and YOUR BIZ, my unicorns! 


Oh, and quick sidebar — this is one of the MANY amazeballs things that I go into inside of the Integrative Alchemy™ Practitioner Certification (#BTW #JustSayin), so if you think it might be a good fit, waste no more time…


Hit that enrollment page, and get yourself in on this now while you still can. More than half the spots are already filled, and I’m only taking about 12 more people before closing the books.


If you’re still on the fence and you have any q’s at all, hit me up in the DMs over on IG or shoot me an email at 


Until next time!


Love + Magic,







Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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