The Real Secret to Mastery

Lexi D'Angelo



You know you’re destined for success. And beyond that you know, in the depths of that beautiful soul, that you’re infinite, cosmic, and unstoppable.

But some days, the human experience makes it a little hard to feel that way. Such as days when…

  • The money doesn’t come in
  • Somebody ghosts you
  • You feel uninspired to write content
  • Your partner forgets to do the dishes (again)

Am-I-right?! Lolz. 

On those days, it can feel like you’re being tested. They’re gonna happen, but here’s the thing witches… You get to choose to shift fast AF back into your magic. Outta the funk, back into your potent spells and money making witchcraft.

What’s the big secret? It all begins with a quick and easy shift in your mindset that you can make NOW. Literally. No years of therapy, years of learning, yada yada.

This, my peeps, is the reeeeal secret to mastery AND your final answer of whether it can actually be done overnight.

First, let’s get real for a hot second. Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You buy a course. You’re so excited. You get started, then overanalyze what you’ve done so far, get overwhelmed by all the stuff there is to do… and just kinda… stop showing up.

Or maybe you actually implement things from the course, but none of it really seems to work?? Everyone else gets amazing results, so then you’re all up in your head like, “Omg what’s wrong with ME?”

(Yikes… too real? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Including me.)

Which is why I can totally relate… and see exactly the ol’ trap you just fell into.

You know – the one that leaves you thinking that the coach selling the course lied to you this whole time. Or sold you something that doesn’t even work.

#NewsFlash – It all DOES work! YES. You heard me… aaaaaall of it works!

The tips on Instagram stories, tactics for making sales, strategies behind crafting a compelling funnel, and methods for writing copy that converts – it all works!

I can hear you now like, “But Lexi, if it works, why didn’t it work for ME?”

Here’s the thing. The reason these strategies work like a potent spell for some and work like throwing spaghetti at a wall for others is this:

These courses alllllso assume you’re already a master of your craft (whuuuuuuuuut).  

So unless you find a program out there that goes even deeper and teaches you HOW to be a truly sought-after master practitioner and leader in your industry …

You end up putting massive “tactics” bricks on a house of cards. But you’ve got no confidence you can actually #dothething (cue self-sabotage central, anyone?).

You want a foundation where you have the competence AND confidence to facilitate TRULY miracle-style results for annnyone hiring you. 

Results so dramatic that clients scream from the rooftops in praise of your amazeballs awesomeness! Guess what?! That’s what’s truly going to allow you to show up in your power, like the badass you are, and sell the shiz out of your programs.

That confident witchy energy is magnetic AF.

So I gotta ask…are you ready to take back your power and be at CAUSE for your experience RATHER than effect?

If yes, I have good news! 

It can allllll be done in just 2 steps! (that’s right – TWO!) and *spoiler alert* imma bout to explain it right here for you.

Step 1: Take Radical Responsibility 

The first step toward getting epic results that position you as the go-to leader in your field (with a looooong line of clients waiting to work with you)…is to stop blaming the courses, coaches, tactics, or anything else outside of you. 

Yup, you need to take radical responsibility. Not fault, not blame, not guilt… Responsibility and accountability. So you can take back your power!

It’s time to realize those courses actually had value, release all of your resentment and blame, and take control of YOUR path to mastery. 

OR you could just keep blaming other people and stay stuck in a pattern of buying more courses for the next ten years.

Not a fan of that last option? Perfect, then read on.

In other words, it’s time for you to realize that everything is okay, and the only thing that’s really off here is the ORDER you’ve been doing things in.

See, you need to become masterful at your craft FIRST, and THEN you’ll be able to go back and use everything those courses taught to get epic amazeballs results.

Which, so conveniently, brings us to the next topic (see what I did there?)… 


Step 2: The Mindset Shift That’ll Change Everything 

Bring the power back in your own hands by realizing that nothing outside of yourself is going to make a difference. The difference can only come from YOU, boo.

This means no more shortcuts, no more bright shiny objects, no more depending on annnnnything other than yourself to make this happen. 

Look, I totally get that you’d rather use a shortcut, not take so much time, and have everything happen in the blink of an eye. I felt the same way back in the day.  

But that didn’t work for me, just like it hasn’t been working for you.

I tried taking shortcuts on everything for YEARS. I even got relatively good results some of the time. I hit six figures. I attracted loads of clients. I sold a bunch of courses. 

But it all always felt a bit…off. And none of it was ever going to be sustainable. (P.S. this landed me on the path to burnout and 6 months M.I.A. from my biz after a hospital visit hooked up to a morphine drip… so take it from a gal who’s been there).

Plus, I wasn’t known for anything special. Nobody was raving about how they just HAD to work with me in order to become a true master practitioner …or 10x their income …or get insane results. 

And all I did was jump from thing to thing, desperately hoping that ‘THIS TIME’ would be the magic pill that changed everything.

But I wasn’t standing in my own power, and it was only when I committed to TRUE mastery and wholeheartedly devoted the time, energy, money and focus into being the best at the CRAFT itself…that everything shifted. And it shifted FAST. 

It didn’t happen overnight (#UnsexyTruth – Mastery takes time!), but it didn’t take years either. And because I was genuinely committed to cultivating a genuine skillset, I even enjoyed the process.  

And when all was said and done, I was competent and confident AF about my craft!

Plus people were raaaaving about the magic we were creating together. Which sent even more amazing AF unicorns knocking on my proverbial internet door.

So take it from someone who’s created sustainable success (*cough* multiple $50k+ months and $200k in sales this past month alone, while working less than I ever have *cough*)  and has finally found fulfillment and confidence through mastery — you can get there, too! And #AWordOfAdvice… if you don’t feel you’re a true master at your craft right now — then your money, energy, and time are going to be best spent becoming one.

And in case it’s not clear yet, you can’t achieve mastery through some surface level 8-week self-study course. Anyone who tells you otherwise is flat out lyyyyyyying.

Luckily, there ARE still ways to collapse the timeline and shave years off the process.

That’s actually why I created The Integrative Alchemy Practitioner Certification, and why this highly-intensive experience runs for 6 full months rather than 6 short weeks.

That’s also why it goes waaaaaay past the surface-level mental learning and pushes you deeper to achieve genuine transformation (on both the conscious and subconscious levels) for a more multidimensional experience.

You see, whether it’s through this certification or any other experience you choose, if you really want to achieve true mastery, you need to put yourself into something that’s FULLY immersive.

In fact, this full immersion is the exact reason why so many coaches have chosen to enroll in my program. 

They understand that this integrative approach to learning is what they truuuly need to create sustainable and lasting change in their biz – to the point where facilitating epic results with any and every client that comes aboard is just another day at the office.

Again, I get that it’s ‘sexier’ if something can be done in only 6 weeks. But be honest, boo — what do you really expect to achieve in such a short timeframe?  

Is complete mastery really possible if you’re only passively watching videos, reading pre-planned scripts, and completing one-dimensional open-book tests? Will that reeeeeeally be enough to instill the confidence and competence you need to become a master of your craft? Will that show you how to create miracle-style results on demand?

We both know the answer.

I tell you all of this because I didn’t even get close to experiencing true fulfillment until I immersed myself in what I needed to learn and really began embodying errrry last bit of it.

Because at the end of the day, HOW you embody your craft is WHY your clients really seek you out to begin with.

Bottom line — Nobody gives a shit about a piece of paper you can easily get from only a few weeks of watching videos. They won’t be looking for that when it’s time to walk your talk and give your clients a world-class experience they’ll never forget and be telling EVERYONE and their mom about.

And since I really like to walk MY talk, I want to offer you a transformational experience right now!

Just the other day, I hosted a value-packed free training called “Break Through Your Next Level Income Ceiling.” And I’m putting the replay of it up for a limited time. 

The content was taken straight from one of the lessons inside The Integrative Alchemy Practitioner Certification, so you just KNOW it’s gonna be super juicy and amazeballs valuable (but for reals, my inbox has never blown up with so much praise and excitement because this free training alone created such dramatic shifts and results for people, and I know it will for you too!).

You can check it out right HERE.

And for any of you who are finally ready for the kind of super-immersive experience you can only get through the full certification, I highly recommend you apply ASAP. 

We actually already completely SOLD OUT —40 days before the cart closed—say whaaaa?!

THAT’S how juicy + epic this experience is. 😉

And we’ve decided to open up a select few spots for juuuust the right unicorns. 

So if this is calling you, I highly encourage you to follow your heart and apply ASAP before these spots go *POOF* too!

And if you’ve got any questions about it, hit me with a DM on IG right now, and we’ll get ‘em alllll sorted out for you.

Remember, witches — the surface level will only take you so far. 

But when it comes to creating a biz that can truuuuuly impact the world, only by taking radical responsibility and committing to true mastery will you finally be able to be confident AF about your craft and facilitate miracle-style results

Go get ‘em.

Love + Magic




Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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